Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November almost gone!

At the gulf of the Mississippi!
I was excited to get a picture here, as in Minnesota, we live about 25 miles from the source of the Mississipi River.  It is within a Minnesota State Park visited by thousands every year. 

I think I've lost a month!  I've got loads of things to get done before Christmas, and the month of November is usally when I'm getting things all finished ~ in a normal year.  Not this year.  Since October I've been busy crocheting and doing some small crafting for a couple of little craft shows that Leah and I are a part of.  I should be done ~ but I'm not.
I was in Louisiana with Jessica from the 11th through the 15th to help take care of Renee during volleyball tournaments.  We were in New Orleans for a couple of days.  The team that Jessica coaches won the state tournament last year, and made it back again this year, but didn't get past their first game.  Jess had felt that they could do it again, but that particular day just didn't work for the girls.  You know so much pressure is put on kids, that we have to remember - they're still kids!  Even though they didn't move up in the state tournament, they still had a wonderful year!   Just to make it to be able to play at the state tournament is something great!  Great season girls! 
Jessica telling the server where to serve the ball.

Since our stay was cut short in New Orleans we went to the French Quarter one morning, planning on spending the whole day!  I was very impressed.  Nice and clean and so fresh.  People very friendly and not overly crowded.  So in my book, this would be a great time to visit there.  We went on a horse and buggy narrated tour of the French Quarter.  Very interesting.  Renee loved the ride, but then got a little tired of sitting still and played under the blanket covering our legs!

 Then we walked and toured the Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis Kind of France.  It was founded in 1718, established as a parish in 1720 and designated a Basilica in 1964.  It is beautiful inside and out!!!!  Went into some shops and bought a few things, and then started to enter the area of the Open Market.  I wanted to spend some time there to see everything.
Standing outside the Cathedral looking up!

It's hard to believe how this could have been built in 1718! 

 Stopped to run and play and eat an ice cream bar in the church garden.

I now wish I would have bought this cute hat!  We had fun trying them on!

Renee was getting tired by then, so we stopped to get some food and each of us girls, Jess, friend Molly and me, were going to get a drink.  They were so pretty!!!!  Well, I don't drink, and instead of ordering a non-alcohol drink, I was going all the way and ordered a Strawberry Marguarita.  It tasted very good.  I had taken 3 sipps!   (really should have a picture of this, but don't)  And then my elbow bumped the drink and it fell off the table - right on me!!!!!!    I had been helping Renee with her chili, and guess it wasn't meant for me to finish my drink!  I had hot pink ice and drink all over my shirt, down the front, and in my lap and both legs!   It was cold and  so wet!!!  I was very mad at myself, because this was going to cause our day trip to be cut off SHORT!!!!!   We wiped stuff up the best we could, and started to walk back to our car, that was parked quite a ways off.  Back to the area close to the Mississippi river walker area.  I looked pretty silly - all wet and still PINK!  When we got to the car, thank goodness we had luggage and extra clothes, so I could change.  I didn't care who saw, I stood inside the open door way and changed out of wet clothes to something dry.  The girls thought this was pretty funny!
So our day was cut short at the French Quarter.  I do want to go back, and see more.
I have more pictures and will share them later.  Since I've been home I was busy that first week back with crafting, making a mess and then I got sick on Tuesday the 21st!  Spent the first 3 days in bed, not getting up to lay on the couch or anything.  So that's sick for me!   Totally missed Thanksgiving
and still sick.  Went to the doctor yesterday and I am now taking meds for my bad ear ache (very bad ear infection) and a cough that I sometimes just can't catch my breath or stop.  So strong cough liquid med for that.  It started out as a sinus infection.  Throughout the years I would get this a couple of times a year as I was growing up and usually yearly as an adult, except I haven't been this bad for several years.  I think the plane ride may have contributed a little.  My ears gave me fits when I was flying.  Seems kind of bad for an old lady to have an ear infection!!!!  hee hee!
Anyway, I now hope I'm on the mend.  Have a craft show on Saturday and need to get some stuff finished! 

After we got back to New Iberia, we dropped Molly off at her home, and Renee got to meet her pet chicken.  She sure liked her.
A really trained chicken to put up with a little girl holding it!

Well, now back to the recliner for awhile.  I takes awhile to do this, and this old lady still not up to par, so think I'll go rest a little.  I'll write more again this week.  Hope you all STAY healthy during the holidays and enjoy yourself.  I'm not going to worry about what doesn't get done either.  We'll all be together for Christmas so will need to get a little baking done, but if it doesn't happen, oh well.
Talk to you all later.  Jo