Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas --

Everywhere you go --

Love this frosty snowy weather!!!  Now we have a "little" snow cover, and the past couple of mornings and lasting throughout the day have been frosty and beautiful.  I did take some pictures, but somehow they don't do justice to the beauty around us.

Tomorrow  AM, getting up early to go shopping.  Taking camera with - may have slippery roads, and frosty snow laden trees.   We've had some mild weather, and now this weekend it is suppose to get cold.  Winter is now here!

Trying to get done with my shopping, and then need to finish up on baking!!! We're actually having kids home starting on the 27th, so get a couple of extra days than most of you to get ready. 

Hope you're all further along in your plans than I am!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Praying for all the broken hearts today!   What can we do to stop those with troubled hearts and minds  before more children and loved ones are killed? 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Another project done!

Just got done with oldest granddaughters gift.  She and TJ wanted a Christmas tree skirt, and I started it this past week.  Thought I'd better try it under our tree to see how it looked, so here we are sharing it with you!  Now I think I need to make our grandson one too, but maybe for next year.  Have some other projects that need to be finished first.   Boy Christmas is creeping up fast, and I won't be ready if I don't get some baking started, and house cleaning done!  Don't have any presents wrapped, and not sure if I'm all done with that either.   
Didn't use any pattern for this, other than it started out like some table toppers I've made in the past.  So when Amanda asked me to make one, she wanted to pick out the material.  I had no idea of how much to tell her to get.  So, after I started, I had to go buy more!  But I like how it turned out, and glad it's done.  I've always planned making some for my girls, but never did get that done.  I'll have to ask if they'd still like one too. 

We hardly got any snow out of the big storm that was suppose to hit.  It all went south of us, and we may have gotten just over an inch!  Now I'm sure we'll get the cold and wind that is to come.  I'm sure all the snowmobilers in the area are disappointed.  We really do need some more snow to insulate our homes and ground.

Now on to a new week - have a good one! 

Monday, December 3, 2012


Sunrise pictures!

These two pictures were two mornings a couple of weekends ago.   I stopped both mornings on my way to the craft show I was exhibiting in.


So it looks like this is going to work.  I finally found where I could change the size of the pictures, so did that manually to these two, and it's working!!!   
Thank you everyone for your help.     I did have a lot more written, but just don't feel like redoing that, so  here this is.  I got our Christmas tree up today, and ready to quilt Amanda's Christmas tree skirt.  I'll get a picture of that when done.  Lots of irons in the fire - and tomorrow and Thursday this week, I'll be at the elementary school volunteering time in getting ready for a Christmas shopping spree for the kids.  Will take pics, and explain it later.
Have a great evening!