Monday, August 29, 2011

By Myself a Few Days!

A busy week last week as usual getting ready for hubby to go to the State Fair.  He was there on Friday for the 4-H livestock show, and now left again last night for the State Fair with some pigs to show in the open classes.  He'll be get home late Thursday.  So I have a few days to get some things done by myself.  Don't have to cook for anyone but me - so that means I can eat when and what I want!!!!!  

Every evening he has been letting those pigs out to walk (actually it is called "driving" your pigs).  He uses the small black pvc plastic  stick to tap them on the top of the shoulder to "drive" them where he wants them to go.  The idea is that you work with your pigs every day; he does it in the cooler of the evening, on the East side of the 70' barn in the shade.  The pig then learns to walk at a calm pace and you drive your pig back and forth in front of the judge.  You don't slap your pig on the back "ham" area, or the rib area - as you don't want to damage the good meat areas.  Another little spot you can tap your pig is in the area behind the front legs.  It actually is quite an art to "showing" a pig.  You see alot of kids just letting their pigs out and they RUN all over, with the kids Running after them.  That doesn't happen here. 

We have had many workshops on getting your pigs ready for the fair and "Showing"!  Our girls did an awesome job of showmanship throughout the years.  We have been very proud of them.  They learned from their DAD! 
Have had this on our wall in our back entryway/office.  Stephani, Leah and Jessica each won Showmanship Overall at our Becker County Fair many times throughout their 4-Y years.  The trophy Leah is holding was the "traveling" trophy they each won several times.   This picture was taken in 1997.  They learned well from their DAD!  Like him, they were always "cool ~ calm ~ and collected" out in the showring.  It was so fun watching them.  I really miss those days!  Now Leah and Steve are also at the end of their watching Blake and Amanda showing.  We figured it out one day this summer, that this was the "first" time in 50 years that we didn't have a "Nilson" showing a pig at our county fair.  That is really something.  It started with hubby and his brothers and sisters and through them and our kids, and his brother Don's kids showing right along side of our kids, that we had many years of hard work and enjoyed them all. 

Well, that took me on the wayside of what I'm going to get done this week.  Plans are to get the deck stained - hopefully without Odda getting paw prints all over.  Spose I'll have to tie her up for a few hours.  Also have more sewing to get done, and want to start painting the old pump house.  Brother in law is also coming out one day to help me cut out dead branches of some trees.  So I have another busy week ahead of me before the weekend when I'll be heading to Omaha for a family wedding.
Steve comes home Thursday night, but won't be going to the wedding, as he'll have too much to do when he gets home.  It will be just sister in law and I going. 
Have a great week everyone!  


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Old, but New for Someone!

Our daughter in Louisiana has mentioned that she wants to replace her glass dinning table with a wood one.  She has long admired my 5 legged table, and I found a 5 legged table for her!  We are driving to see them in September, and it fits in our SUV, so south it will be traveling.I am in the process of cleaning and polishing it all up. 
It measures 42" x 36" and there are three 12" leaves for it.  I had stopped at an antique shop and the owner refinishes furniture.  He said all I should do with this is use Howards  on it to clean and polish it up.  I also got 2 chairs for the kids, but they'll have to find other chairs down there.  I'm sure there are a lot of antique or used stores there too.  The antique store owner said an eighty year old fellow brought this table in, and said it had been his mothers table; so it is well over 100 years old.  I'm sure he hated to part with it, but a young family will enjoy it for many years.  
Here's the two chairs I bought.  They need a little cleaning too!  Very well built.
Here's my table: You have to excuse my sewing stuff on it, but I wanted to show you the legs.  I love them!  The sewing stuff on the table are the bean bags I'm making for my brother in law.  Sorry the picture is a little dark.
Here is the sunset almost done, as I was feeding Odda and putting her in her kennel tonight.
The sky looks like you had taken a brush and painted it.  Click on it to see it larger, and it looks like a painting! 
The evening is almost over, so I'll wish you a good day tomorrow!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Saturday Girls Day!

 Mothers, daughters, grandmothers!   We met at a local tourist shopping complex called Summerhill Farm, about 9 miles north of Park Rapids.  There are several buildings to shop in, from gardening and antiques, to another building with rugs, wind chimes, and other yard art, to a couple of clothing shops, one that has wonderful new ideas for the kitchen, with wines, accessories, cook books, ice cream bowls, scoops, etc.;  one of the buildings had many new roosters, and other collectibles; a gazebo area with seating for lunch, and indoor area for dining.  There was one with the best candles I've seen in a long time.  They smelled great.  They were made in New York state somewhere.  They were in beautiful glass and came inside a stylish black satin box.  Price wasn't bad either.  Might need one of those on another trip!
For lunch I had a wonderful spinach salad.  Always so much better when someone else makes it!  The others had sandwiches and soup, or salad.  It all looked so good. 
I had made a couple of autumn table runners, and gave to the two young daughters.  Looks like they like them!   The middle of the runner is patterned with dogs and pumpkins, fall colors.  Amanda on the left is my granddaughter, and Dena is my grandsons girlfriend. 
From top left, Amanda; Dena; Leah (Amanda's mom & my daughter); Edie (Leah's MIL); me and Jeri (Dena's mom).  A new outing that we will for certain do again!

I bought a few things, mostly for gifting, except I did buy a lightwight hoodie that was on sale.
These shops will be closing for the winter after Labor Day, and they have really good sales on Labor Day weekend.  I'll be out of town that weekend and will miss this years sales.  In past years I have bought some great gifts that I've given for Christmas.  Always love a good sale, ya know!

Sunday was a nice relaxing day.  I cleaned the inside of my SUV out really good.  Put the third seat up and got the car ready for Steve to take to the cities this week.  He and 5 others are going down for the 4-H swine livestock show on Friday.  I'm staying home!  Just don't want to go that far for the day.  However, I've been known to do just that~drive 200 miles one way for a short day outing and then drive another 200 miles home!  Later in the afternoon, we visited Steve's brother Don and wife Loretta; played Pinochle and ate supper with them.  Then when we got home, Steve did his farm chores, and we relaxed.    So another weekend done and gone!
Hope you all have a great week too!  Jo

Thursday, August 18, 2011

ANOTHER busy week!

Try as I might; I just don't seem to be getting it right and posting daily!   This has been another busy week; with after my yearly checkup earlier this month, all the hosp. testing was scheduled this week.  Monday I had a colonoscopy, so that shot that day, as after getting home I slept off and on the rest of the afternoon; Tuesday had a dental appointment and got my teeth cleaned and checked; and then yesterday had my titties pinched!  Mamogram done for another year; and today I'm off to town to sit with Connie's husband Gene at a booth for the historical society/museum at our town's opening of our new main street renovation.  We'll have a booth with pictures and stuff of what our town has looked like throughout the years.  Will be there all afternoon, and then this evening husband Steve will drive to town, and we'll visit with friends and listen to music.  There will be music all afternoon, and evening.  Should be another fun, interesting day.  I'll take pictures and post about it.  Then tomorrow, Friday, I go weigh in.  That's another story that I haven't told ya all.  Been on a good, good diet.  Losing good, and will need to write about that too.    The weather has been great here, cooling off a little, and feeling a lot like fall coming.  (Love this time of year!~except it doesn't last long enough!)
Picture of my father and his brother probably in the late 30's or early 40's before wartime, in the dry cleaning shop they owned on Park Rapids main street.  It was in bussiness from when their family came in early 1900's to 1966.  Sister and I grew up on main street, knowing all store owners.
Think we were called "main street brats"  (not really!)  I remember getting quarters for standing up on the counter and singing!   he he!

Gene just called, and picking me up in 20 minutes, so til later. Jo

Monday, August 15, 2011

A new Flower in My Bed!

Threw some seeds in the dirt this spring - and this is what grew!  Connie told me early on they were a "poppy", but when it flowered, I wasn't so sure!  But they are poppies!  So pretty I think!
They are little fluff balls!  So soft!
I love 'em!
Pink Feathers Papaver Poppies
The only pink in my August garden!
Says they're an annual, so I'll save some seed pods in case nothing comes up next spring.
When I looked on line, there are pink and white, and other varieties.  Think I'll have to do some seed ordering for next year.  These grew with no trouble!  I got the seed from a girlfriend, and after planting I wasn't sure what I'd planted where!  These grew, but the other seeds didn't.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Calf!

Another busy week over, and beginning another.  I was in southern Minnesota this last week visitng Stephani and Cullen.  Left Steve home to do field work - he is now done until the corn is ready.  Yesterday we had a new calf born.  They are so cute.  This little one likes to hide in the tall weeds - to keep away from the flys. 

Then as we were getting done watching the cow and calf, we heard the noise of the geese coming in to land for the evening.

The noise of the fall season beginning!   Cooler evenings (turned the air conditioner off finally) and shorter days!  I have one big pumpkin growing, and hope more develop!  Love the fall season best! 

Have a great Sunday! 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kitty Friends

Around the farm yard 041
Sophie and Cat keeping cool in the garden!
My rhubarb leaf bird bath is tucked away there in between the tall grasses.  Think I ‘ll need to move it out to the open.  I used a pvc pipe for the pedistal, rather than have it sit on the ground.
Keep smiling! 
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pumpkin Plants and Flowers!

Around the farm yard 068
I planted 4 pumpkin seeds at the end of my flower bed.  Knowing full well what could happen, and it is happening!  They’re taking over my yard area in the back.  Okey, so I don’t need to mow there!!  I hope I get a few pumpkins for decorating. We had so much rain, that I got the seeds in a little late.  In fact everything I planted was a little late.  If I don’t get any pumpkins, I’ll re-try next year.
Here’s more pictures of some flowers.
Around the farm yard 044
Around the farm yard 052
My header picture was taken the same day as these this week.  The lilies in my header were transplanted in the 1970’s from my mothers house.  So they’re very old!  They get really tall, and I almost have to be on the ground looking up to take a picture of them.
Around the farm yard 062
Around the farm yard 064
Around the farm yard 056
Around the farm yard 048
One lone sunflower seed grew!  Just getting ready to open up!
Around the farm yard 066
The day lilies will soon be done.  They’re so pretty too and easy keepers!
I’m going to be traveling a few days.  On my way to Minneapolis tomorrow Saturday morning to attend a wedding of a great nephew in the afternoon.  Minneapolis is a good 4 hour drive from here.  Steve is staying home because of farm work needing to be done.  Since he won’t be with, after the wedding I am going to drive to Stephani’s in SW Minnesota.  Spose that’s another 5 hours from where the wedding is.  I’m going to stay with her until Tuesday.  I’ve been bad, and haven’t been there all summer.  So really need to spend some time with her and Cullen.  Steph is taking Monday off work, so we’ll be in Sioux Falls SD most of the day.  Gotta shop you know!
Have a great day!  jo

Friday, August 5, 2011

Farm Photo Friday

Now that I’m able to post pictures again, I thought I’d join in on Fresh from the FARM ~ Farmchick’s Farm Photo Friday!   Boy, this old body/brain is learning new ways around the computer~after I was very comfortable doing it the other way!  But it will get easier I’m sure.  Now also trying to figure out how to change my header pictures and pics on the side. 
Our love of horses has been a love affair since we were married.  Have had quite a few horses on the place, but there are always “very special” ones that remain in your hearts forever.
jack jess renee - Copy
This is “Jack”.  He now belongs to our granddaughter Amanda, but Jessica grew up with Jack.  She bought him as a yearling colt when she was about 11 with her money she’d saved from 4-H winnings.  They had a special bond, and when Jessica comes home in the summer and rides him again, it’s like he remembers her.  It is so special that Jessica’s little girl Renee is able to ride him.  A wonderful horse friend to Amanda and Jessica.
Renee and wren
This new filly is at Stephani’s farm in southern Minnesota.  Her name is “Wren”.  Stephani breeds quarter horses, and started out riding a pony when she was 5.  Her first experience on a pony wasn’t a good one, and she started riding the big horses right away.
Renee & Steph Skoal
This is Skoal.  He has been around for a long time too.  Stephani’s first horse of her own has been gone for a long time now, and Skoal is now the “old guy”! 
Quilt show & Art in Park  Bemidji 032
Here is “Jack” and “Ace”.  Leah, Jessica and Renee had a good ride when Jessica was home.  Look at that smile on Renee’s face ~ she really likes to ride the “horseys”.
renee steph walking skoal
Isn’t this cute!!!!!!!!!
Amanda & Jack 2007
Amanda on Jack back in 2007 at a 4-H horse show.
Steph & TinkerBell
Here is Stephani on Leah’s first pony “Tinkerbell”.  The pony would stand there while Steph would take a running jump to get on!   It was so funny ~  we’d watch and laugh so hard, because her running jump came to a complete stop before she would jump!  I have an old movie of it somewhere.  Should get the old projector out some time to watch and get it copied.    Leah was given this pony when she was 5 years old as a Christmas present from her babysitters family.  That was the beginning of horses for the kids.
Steph and Leah
Leah’s first bigger horse, a POA named “CurleyJo”.  Here Leah is close by in case Steph needs help.
Leah & CurlyJo in field
I am so happy that our girls grew up with their best friends ~ their horses.  That love affair still goes on today as adults with their own families! 

To check out the other Friday Farm Photos, click on the Fresh from the Farm link in my first paragraph.  Please leave comments on all the links you check out.  You know we all love to hear from blogging friends!
Have a great Friday and weekend. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A walk around the farm!

The last several days we have had great weather, and last evening, Odda and I (and the camera) took a little walk.
Around the farm yard 009 
We walked west through what I call the machinery parking lot!   The cows are laying in the shade just watching us.  They don’t get up to check us out-it’s too hot!
Around the farm yard 003Here’s the old combine that is for sale.  We put it on Craig’s List and have had many calls on it.  A young man came today to buy it, and drove it back to his house taking all the back roads.  He had about 85 miles to go.  I don’t know how fast he could go, but it was going to take awhile.  His mom came with and then followed him home.  He refurbishes machinery, and was excited to get it home.  When Steve found out he redid tractors and machinery, he had him look at one of his tractors that he wants to get redone.
Around the farm yard 005This is the tractor that he wants to have repainted and all fixed up.  I guess Farmall didn’t make many of the 504’s.  As it is now, it works great, but not so pretty!  I think that Steve would like to show it at a tractor show someday when it’s all fixed up!
Around the farm yard 012                                  “Cat” and “Sophie” followed us on our walk too.  The little yellow one never was named, so just “Cat”!  They ran in and out checking for field mice!
              Around the farm yard 015               The peas were cut and swathed the other day.  I opened up a couple for you.
               Around the farm yard 017          Aren’t the little peas cute?  I put one in my mouth.  Hard as rocks!  They’re ready to be combined and stored.  Then mixed in when hubby grinds corn and peas together with other stuff for pig feed.
               Around the farm yard 018               The windrows are so big and fluffy.  There are vines and also weeds.  The weeds need to dry before he combines.  This afternoon he did make a couple of rounds with the newer combine.  It is a 1980’s model and it works like a charm.    He’s having fun ~ it has air conditioning, it’s quiet, and even has a radio!   A boy and his new TOY!  Now he can combine, and not even get dirty!
combine peas 052The combine lifts up the windrow and shakes the peas out.  They go up a wide belt into the hopper (middle of the combine) while the vines and weeds are chewed up and spit out the back.    Then when Steve fills up the hopper, he drives back into the yard and swings out the shoot and the peas are checked for dryness and put into the bin.  The dryness count was 13, and that is good.  He’ll still have a fan running in the bin in case some peas aren’t as dry.  combine peas 054
Around the farm yard 022Here’s Odda on our walk.  We didn’t use a leash, and she was just a little ahead of me.  If I called her came right back.
Around the farm yard 032By the time we were headed back to the house, her tongue was hanging out!  She got pretty warm ~ her black hair just soaks up the hot sun. 
Well, this is my first time using Windows Live Writer.  Connie had to talk me through starting.  I  going to have to use this, as I can’t post pictures anymore when I write in the blogger dashboard.  I even had paid for more storage, and couldn’t get it to work.
Another nice evening, so I better get outside to enjoy a little bit of it.   More soon, have a grat Friday tomorrow, Jo