Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Calf!

Another busy week over, and beginning another.  I was in southern Minnesota this last week visitng Stephani and Cullen.  Left Steve home to do field work - he is now done until the corn is ready.  Yesterday we had a new calf born.  They are so cute.  This little one likes to hide in the tall weeds - to keep away from the flys. 

Then as we were getting done watching the cow and calf, we heard the noise of the geese coming in to land for the evening.

The noise of the fall season beginning!   Cooler evenings (turned the air conditioner off finally) and shorter days!  I have one big pumpkin growing, and hope more develop!  Love the fall season best! 

Have a great Sunday! 


Lynda said...

I love the autumn season, too but we won't see it for at least another month or 6 weeks. When we were kids, we loved the baby calves on Grandpa's farm.

Country Gal said...

Sweet little calf ! Yup thats what I said to Papa the other day after the geese flew over head,nature is getting ready for the fall ! Have a wonderful evening !

Sweet Tea said...

I've never been up close to a calf, only seen them from the road. What is it about a baby of any kind that is so adorable? So sweet!

Buttercup said...

Jo, this city girl loves your pictures.