Sunday, July 26, 2009

People watching!

On Saturday there was an auction of one of my husbands friends of many years. Steve has bought most of his farm equipment from this man, and had always gotten a good deal. Harold has passed away and his collection of his many years of a salesbarn business was auctioned off to the highest bidder. I love auctions, and usually come away with something that will work for me in my garden or just because I think I really need it!!!!! But the best thing about going to auctions is the "people watching". You see old friends and neighbors that you haven't visited with for ages, and you meet new people, and watch to see what items others are interested in. I try to figure out who I am bidding against, because if it someone I know, I'll drop out of bidding for that item.

At this sale there were quiet a few of our neighboring towns Amish folks, as there were alot of horse related items. Harnesses, horse drawn farm equipment, and odds and ends of broken down equipment that when you work with your hands, can be brought back to life and good working condition. Alot of those items auctioned off at a very resonable dollar amount.

Of course I had my eye on the coal bucket so that I can plant flowers in it next summer. I got it for $10.00. Then there was an old steel wheel barrow with a steel front wheel and wooden handles. I got that for $20.00. For it to have gone so cheap, the wood probably isn't very good, which I knew, but don't care, as I'm going to plant flowers in this too! There were several other wheel barrows that when for alot more money! Then there were 19 old wagon wheels and all were in pretty good shape. I did not get any, but my girlfriend Lori bought 2. I thought they'd sell over the $200.00 range, but they didn't. The first bigger ones were $180.00 and less, and then the 13 other smaller wheels sold in the $80.00 - $100.00 range. I have seen these sell for over $300.00 at other auctions, but then there were only 2 to 4 at those sales. Maybe the fact that there were so many here kept the price down. Pictured below is our friend Randy - he bought his wife a large wood barrel that he is going to cut in half for her to plant flowers in them. He is such a goof ball! You can see the little wheel barrow was too small for that job!

We of course ate lunch from the lunch wagon. BBQ, hot dogs, pork sandwiches, chips, pop or water or coffee, and chips. The food wagon was busy all day.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Odda's visit to the Vet

Our pets love going to see their vet. The treats are real tasty after getting a shot! Friday Odda went for the last of her puppy shots. She is such a lover, and Patty and Doctor Paul don't mind that at all! She weighed in at 46 lbs and 2 oz. She is growing good.

After getting her shots we took a walk uptown to check out "crazy days" items. I think Odda was getting more attention than the items on tables that the store owners had. Odda sure didn't mind all the attention. She was such a good girl. I was so caught up in answering questions about her and the breed, that I forgot to take more pictures.

Odda behaved very well, and had remembered some of the obedience training we've started. It is so good to get her out, and she was a tired puppy by the time we got home. Later we visited our neighbors and their dog Chance. Hooch and Chance chased the ball and Odda lumbered after them! She is in that clumsy puppy stage. That was an experience for Odda. Lots of new smells to check out, and even was invited inside. She was afraid of their stairs, so stayed right by the door. It wasn't long and she was asleep. She and Hooch slept by the door until we were ready to go home!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Beautiful Jeanerette Louisiana

A couple of evenings when Leah and I were left alone, we drove around New Iberia and Jeanerette looking at the scenery. This home in Jeanerette is being restored. I don't know what needs to be done to finish it, but I think these old homes have so much more character than new homes. I think it is beautiful.

Jessica's husband Floyd grew up in Jeanerette and his family still lives there. The town got its name from John W. Jeanerette, a native of South Carolina, who came to the area in 1830. He purchased Pine Grove Plantation, known as Beau Pre, and worked as a tutor on the plantation, opened a store and saloon. He offered a portion of his house to be used as a mail depository for the local inhabitants. Officially the John W. was dropped and John Jeanerette became the first postmaster and the name Jeanerette stuck.

The town of Jeanerette was charted in 1878 and grew from the cypress lumber and sugar industries. Today antebellum homes can be seen in the city and through out the area standing witness to that era.

Sugarcane is a key factor in the community’s economy with 3 active sugar mills, one of which is located within the city. Jeanerette is the home of manufacturers of equipment for the cultivation, harvesting and processing of sugarcane. Today, additional sources of income include oil and gas, salt, carbon black, a garment distribution center, and fishing.

I am fasinated with the old oak trees and the growth of vines, etc. that hang from these majestic trees. We were told that the growth that hangs down is what early settlers used to make their bed mattresses with.

We drove past several planations, but stopped to take a few pictures of this one that didn't have a big fence to block the view. It was getting dark out, so the picture didn't turn out very good. I would have loved to toured some of these old homes, but don't suppose the people living in them would approve!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Was Teary Eyed!

Grandma Jo and Renee!

I got to hold baby Renee today! Of course you know me - I welled up with tears! Can't help it. She is such a little sweet pea! Held her for a few minutes. She knew someone different had her. Got a tiny smile, but other wise, she just had her little lips all tensed up into a little "o". She was getting hungry, and I passed her to Jessica for that. By the next time I get to hold her she will be so much bigger! Leah went back to see her after I held her. Only 2 people can be there at a time.

Pretty in Yellow!

Her feeding tube was moved from her mouth to her nose, so she can practice nursing and sucking on the bottle better. Of course, she doesn't get enough on her own, so the feeding tube still necessary for awhile. Jessica and Floyd just back and said they are going to move her into an open air bed either tonight or tomorrow. Then Jessica and Floyd will be giving her baths, changing her diaper, etc., every time they go to the hospital. She only had one episode where she forgot to breathe today when we were there - so that is improving. She comes out of it herself, and just moving her or rubbing her does the trick too.

Leah and I are on our way home tomorrow - see you later baby Renee! Lotsa love, G Jo

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bittersweet - Happiness & Sadness

Monday evening, the 20th: Leah and I will be getting ready tomorrow to head back home to Minnesota, leaving Wednesday morning early, driving to New Orleans for an afternoon flight north bound. Our trip has been one of laughter and tears. Tears of Joy as we have watched Baby Renee grow right before our eyes. She is so alert (when she is awake) and smiles and responds to both Jessica and Floyd. She has a really cute little smile, and the corner of her mouth turns up just so. Of course it could just be gas, but it is funny how she turns her head and opens her eyes when Jess and Floyd talk, coaxing her to wake up and look at them. She does like to sleep. But that's ok - that's what baby's do best! We've all teared up at news of her improvements. Today when we got to the hospital the air hose was gone from her nose, and Jessica got to feed her. Renee has some learning to do, but I'm sure it won't take long. It was so special to see my daughter hold her baby and both she and baby bonding with each other during a feeding. Today after we left, they moved her from level 3 to the level 2 area. That is so exciting!

My heart aches that I won't be able to be able to hold her and cuddle her in these next couple of months - darn all those miles apart that we live! Steve, I and Stephani do plan on driving down in late Sept., and then I'll be able to hold her and rock her some. Can't wait!!! I'll have to share her with her Grandpa Steve and Auntie Steph, but that's okey. By the end of September she will have been home for awhile, and I'm sure Jessica will have a good routine established. Wonder what will happen when the Grandmas come and try to spoil her!

The baby shower on Saturday was fun. Baby Renee got a lot of nice clothes, a jogging stroller, and a clothes hamper. She will be the best dressed little girl in New Iberia! We laughed and had a good time visiting with Jessica's friends, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law. A few of the husbands came with (with their own presents of baby diapers) and Floyd and the guys had a few hot games of dominos out under the car port. They later grilled burgers, boudin, and beef and chicken shishkabobs.

Our trip has been wonderful - getting to meet our new grand daughter! Even the hot weather hasn't been so bad! (can't believe I just printed that!)

Sad that I'm now planning the trip home, but there will be another one soon enough!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Renee!

Mommy and Renee

Leah and I arrived in New Iberia about 5 pm on Wednesday, meeting Jessica at Enterprise car rental. Turned in the rental car and home we went. Visited and started supper, but none of us were really hungry, so instead of eating, off to went to the hospital we went to see baby Renee.

Arrived at Women's and Children's Hospital, went up to second floor NICU. Only two can go in to see baby; and Jess or Floyd have to be one of the two. I gave them my drivers license and they gave me a badge. Then you go scrub your arms and hands, and if you are going to hold baby, you put on a gown. Jess and Floyd don't get to hold her that often, so they need to. I was happy to stand by and take a couple of pictures and talk to her. When Jessica talked to her, she would smile. So cute - could see dimples! She would open her eyes a little too. Can't believe how little she is. The nurse had her all dressed up for us! Her weight now is 3# 14 oz, so she is gaining.

There are 3 levels, and Renee is in level 3 and will move to level 2 when she is on her own bottle and her high flow is down to 1 liter or less. The nurse told me there are 35 babies in the NIC unit.

Renee holding Mom's finger

When I went out to the waiting room, then Floyd went in and changed spots with Jessica, and then Leah went in to see baby Renee. In the waiting room last night there were two other families there. One little boy that needs surgery soon, as his esophagus wasn't joined to the stomach; and another young family that has a little boy 2 months early weighing 2 lbs 6 oz.

Didn't get this published last night, so will add tonight's (Thursday evening) picture of Floyd and Renee.

Daddy and Renee

I went in with Floyd and Leah with Jessica this time. Then afterward, Jess and Floyd went to be with her together for a short time. Her weight tonight was 3 # 14.4 oz. Their evening routine of going to the hospital will go on for quite some time. She has some growing to do!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Odda's Night Out!

Our new pup, Odda, has started obedience schooling! I have been excited to take her, and tonight was sign up and 1st hour of working with nine other dogs. Five of the ten were under a year old, so there was a lot of raw energy tugging - for the first twenty minutes. It had been raining, so I was ready in my mud boots and already dirty jeans, but I was pleasantly surprised, because Odda didn't even try jumping all over me. She had other things to do that were more important. She wanted to play with a shepard cross pup that was close to her size. They were the same age, but Odda was probably 8 - 10 lbs heavier. She is the largest pup there! There was a boxer that is being trained to be a service dog; a rat terrier cross; a yappy little poodle; a big poodle; a siberian husky pup; a lab cross pup; a purebred lab pup; and a Lhasa cross dog.

We all introduced ourselves and dogs, and our instructor told us about herself and her training style and what is expected of us during this time and what our outcome will be. I like her; have done this before with our Jack Russel "Hooch". Will need to get him on board with this too.

We walked and dogs practiced "heel" and "sit" and we did figure 8 exercise. By the end of the hour - she was sitting when I stopped walking, and started heeling on command. Odda was one tired puppy! And I was happy!
Now we need to practice - practice - practice!

I will miss the next class because I will be in Louisiana, but will get back on track as soon as I get home. The class size is suppose to have twelve in it, so there were a couple missing tonight. I'll need to take my camera next time.

My friend Connie and hubby Gene drove by, noticed the class going on, but didn't realize that we were there! She was on her way home from the hospital. I had tried calling her for two days, and had no idea she was there until I read her blog that her daughter wrote to fill in for her. Keep getting better Connie!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Renee's quilt

I've finally finished this baby quilt that I'd cut out and hauled the pieces back and forth from MN to Louisiana twice when I'd gone down to be with Jessica during her bed rest days.  When I was at Jessica's I just couldn't get into the mood of sewing so I needed to get on the ball and get it finished once we realized that our grand daughter was going to come early.  I just finished it Friday.  It is now rolled in tissue and ready to fly back south with me.  Leah and I are having a baby shower for Jessica on Sat. the 18th.  It should be a fun time - except baby Renee still won't be home.  It will be good for Jessica to have her girl friends over for a visit.
Renee is still in the hospital, and I'm sure will be for several weeks yet.  This would have been the start of her 34th week in the womb.   Jessica is healing and is moving around more, able to do dishes and pick up the house a little.  She said that feels so good to do normal things again - but still no heavy lifting or vacumming.

I have a matching baby bag cut out and started, but it won't be done by Tuesday evening, so will have to mail it when I'm done.

Pattern is from "Anka's Treasures-ANK 270"

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Showy Lady's Slipper!

My good friend called me the other afternoon saying she knew where there were some more Showy Lady Slipper flowers that needed their pictures taken! Of course, it didn't take long to get ready, and off we went. Our excursion didn't take over an hour, but sure was fun. Hardest part is to find good parking along the road that doesn't have much for a shoulder for parking. We found several spots and off we go into the ditch! Some cars passing turned around - think they were double checking to see if we were digging up any plants. No way - illegal to do so!

In checking out history of the Minnesota State Flower, I found some controversary about this plant that was adopted as a state flower. Minn. Stat. 1.142 History stated that in 1893 the adopted resolution mistakenly designated the wild lady slipper or moccasin flower, Cypripedium calceolus, which does not actually grow in Minnesota. In 1902 the State flower was called a fake, and a resolution corrected part of the previous misnomer, replacing Cypripedium calceolus with Cypripedium reginae, but neglected to remove the term moccasin flower, which designates a different, though related flower. It looks like things were fixed in 1967 Minn. Laws Chap 291 Sec 1.

I find it interesting that this plant takes from 4 to 16 years before producing it's first flower. The plant can live for 50 plus years. That is amazing when you think of all the road work that has been done and we still have these wonderful flowers to watch bloom every year at the end of June and first weeks of July.

This picture below is a white Lady's Slipper! What happened to this plant root to cause this white flower? My friend is the plant expert, and she said the actual white flower is different. So here we have an albino Cypripedium reginae! I bet my friend is doing some more research on this little flower.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 5 for Baby Renee

Jessica and FLoyd report that Renee is doing good. She has a tight grip on Jessica's finger.

Sunday afternoon Jessica went home and goes back to the hospital daily. She is unable to drive for 2 weeks, so has to have someone take her. I'm sure she will be glad when she will be able to drive herself. Tomorrow her mother-in-law will be taking her over and they will be doing some paper work; birth certificate, etc.

Leah and I will be there July 15 = 1 week! Not long and we'll get to see baby Renee, Jessica and Floyd. Can't wait!

Thank you all for all your good wishes and prayers.

Monday, July 6, 2009

On the Roof!

Our Jack Russell "Hooch" is as smart as can be, and has energy that just doesn't quit. He is 7 years old, and still loves his frisbee! We throw it for him every day, and if we miss or get late in the day, he'll remind us by bringing the frisbee to us to throw! One day this spring the frisby ended up on top of the old garage. It is grey/blue, so you can't see it very good on the photo, but Hooch could! He back up far enough to see it. Then he tries to get it down!

If he could have willed that frisbee down-it would have come off the roof! I'm sure he was saying to himself, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!"

Steve finally got the ladder and rake to get it off. Then we had a happy dog again.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Bed Is a Bed Where Ever It Is

Our niece Christin visits us at least once a year, and last summer she came with new baby Kayla, about 2 weeks old at the time. It's been a long time since a tiny baby had stayed at our home. We didn't have a crib, bassinet or play pen, so baby Kayla had the next best thing to sleep in.

I am hoping by the time our new grand daughter Renee comes to stay that we will have better accommodations for her; but in case we don't a drawer will always work if she isn't too big.

I often wish our daughter and niece Christin lived a little closer to each other. Throughout the years they have had alot of fun together, and it would be such fun to see their children play together like they used to.

Kayla turned one on June 29th, so she is just over a year older than grand daughter baby Renee. Happy belated Birthday to Kayla.

July 4 Celebrating!

This was the best weather we have had on the 4th for years! Nice day for a parade. The guys didn't want to go to the parade, so Leah and I went, met up with childhood friends that lived in the house next to me when we were kids. We sat and visited with them and had a great time at the parade.

Got pictures of some of the parade entries. Gene and Connie and Chance were in the yellow Mustang with a sign on the side to remind people of the "all class reunion" that will be held next summer.

Then after the parade we walked uptown to the candy store to get Leahs hubby some fresh taffy. Of course he shared with everyone, so that by the end of the fire work display, his candy bag was not so full!

Sat at the beach very early to get a choice spot. We ordered pizza (famous "Rockys" pizza) so it would be ready by 6:30 pm. They guys got there just before pizza came. Roger and Barb visited with us before they had to play with the Community Band, and later Gene and Connie joined us. Amanda (grand daughter) and her boyfriend Luke were with us awhile. Then left to go to the rodeo dance.

Took alot of pictures. Not all turned out. Some look like drawings like that of a small child; with colorful wiggles!

Now we'll wait for another year to go by, and hope that more family members can be with us next year at this time.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Beautiful Day in Minnesota!

We've had a wonderful week of nice weather, with temperatures in mid 70's. I took a break from quilting on the baby blanket for our new grand daughter to take pictures of some of the flowers in our yard. My flower beds have been neglected this summer, but I'm still enjoying the flowers and weeds!

As I sit here the noise of fire crackers makes our dogs nervous. The guests of our lakeside neighbors are making alot of noise. Some must be fire works, but the trees are too tall. Tomorrow on the 4th, we will be attending the fire works in Park Rapids. We have gone for so many years, I can't remember when we started. Kids were young. We go early, claim our spot, order pizza, play games and visit until the band concert starts, and eventually the fire works. Will have new pictures to share, if all goes well.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Excited Grandparents!!!!

Congratulations to Jessica and Floyd - Grandpa Steve and Grandma Jo are so happy for you. You will be great parents!

Baby Renee Arvilla was born this morning, July 2nd, at 9:30 am. Jessica was at 32 weeks. Baby weighed 3# 13.6 oz and is 16 3/4 inches long.
Looks perfect - even tho she is early. Her due date had been August 24th. Leah and I fly down on July 15, so can't wait to see baby and Jessica and Floyd. Spose baby Renee will still be in the hospital, and hopefully, Jessica will be able to be home by then. Time will tell. Don't want to rush things.

It sure is the pits to live so far away at times like this!
God Bless you both and baby Renee. I thank God for the wonderful doctors and hospital staff taking care of you. love Mom

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Waiting for Baby!

Floyd (Daddy) as a baby

Jessica (Momma) the day she came home from the hospital.

Day we brought Jessica home from hospital - Leah holding Jessica and Stephani and I looking on.

A call from the kids at the hospital in Lafayette, LA early this evening to let us know that Jessica was having trouble with her blood pressure getting very high. She is on week 32. Earlier in the day all was well, and some monitors were being taken off for awhile. Around supper time her blood pressure started spiking. The doctor on call happened to be one of several that Jessica has been seeing and likes. They talked about doing a C-section tonight; but did get her BP to come down, so they will be doing a C-section tomorrow. What time, you ask? Don't know. We'll be waiting for a call from Floyd to update us. We are just praying that all goes well. Baby Renee sure does want to come into this world a little early.

Keep praying with us for all to go well. Thanks, Jo