Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Odda's Night Out!

Our new pup, Odda, has started obedience schooling! I have been excited to take her, and tonight was sign up and 1st hour of working with nine other dogs. Five of the ten were under a year old, so there was a lot of raw energy tugging - for the first twenty minutes. It had been raining, so I was ready in my mud boots and already dirty jeans, but I was pleasantly surprised, because Odda didn't even try jumping all over me. She had other things to do that were more important. She wanted to play with a shepard cross pup that was close to her size. They were the same age, but Odda was probably 8 - 10 lbs heavier. She is the largest pup there! There was a boxer that is being trained to be a service dog; a rat terrier cross; a yappy little poodle; a big poodle; a siberian husky pup; a lab cross pup; a purebred lab pup; and a Lhasa cross dog.

We all introduced ourselves and dogs, and our instructor told us about herself and her training style and what is expected of us during this time and what our outcome will be. I like her; have done this before with our Jack Russel "Hooch". Will need to get him on board with this too.

We walked and dogs practiced "heel" and "sit" and we did figure 8 exercise. By the end of the hour - she was sitting when I stopped walking, and started heeling on command. Odda was one tired puppy! And I was happy!
Now we need to practice - practice - practice!

I will miss the next class because I will be in Louisiana, but will get back on track as soon as I get home. The class size is suppose to have twelve in it, so there were a couple missing tonight. I'll need to take my camera next time.

My friend Connie and hubby Gene drove by, noticed the class going on, but didn't realize that we were there! She was on her way home from the hospital. I had tried calling her for two days, and had no idea she was there until I read her blog that her daughter wrote to fill in for her. Keep getting better Connie!


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Good Girl Odda --- you're such a great dog! I bet that yappy little poodle better be careful --one paw and you would squish her! You be good this coming week --

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey! I am better..thanks for the well wishes! Sounds like a great class for Odda! She will do great! Maybe you know who is practicing with her some?? Maybe ..not.
Now on with a baby update, you should have seen her by now..can't wait!
Hope your trip was uneventful and you have a wonderful visit! :)

g said...

Good Girl Odda...you little star pup.
So much work, so much sleep to catch up on.
Love ya, J...g