Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Renee!

Mommy and Renee

Leah and I arrived in New Iberia about 5 pm on Wednesday, meeting Jessica at Enterprise car rental. Turned in the rental car and home we went. Visited and started supper, but none of us were really hungry, so instead of eating, off to went to the hospital we went to see baby Renee.

Arrived at Women's and Children's Hospital, went up to second floor NICU. Only two can go in to see baby; and Jess or Floyd have to be one of the two. I gave them my drivers license and they gave me a badge. Then you go scrub your arms and hands, and if you are going to hold baby, you put on a gown. Jess and Floyd don't get to hold her that often, so they need to. I was happy to stand by and take a couple of pictures and talk to her. When Jessica talked to her, she would smile. So cute - could see dimples! She would open her eyes a little too. Can't believe how little she is. The nurse had her all dressed up for us! Her weight now is 3# 14 oz, so she is gaining.

There are 3 levels, and Renee is in level 3 and will move to level 2 when she is on her own bottle and her high flow is down to 1 liter or less. The nurse told me there are 35 babies in the NIC unit.

Renee holding Mom's finger

When I went out to the waiting room, then Floyd went in and changed spots with Jessica, and then Leah went in to see baby Renee. In the waiting room last night there were two other families there. One little boy that needs surgery soon, as his esophagus wasn't joined to the stomach; and another young family that has a little boy 2 months early weighing 2 lbs 6 oz.

Didn't get this published last night, so will add tonight's (Thursday evening) picture of Floyd and Renee.

Daddy and Renee

I went in with Floyd and Leah with Jessica this time. Then afterward, Jess and Floyd went to be with her together for a short time. Her weight tonight was 3 # 14.4 oz. Their evening routine of going to the hospital will go on for quite some time. She has some growing to do!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Great update! It is good to see Jess holding that very precious bundle! Renee Arvilla is beautiful!! She knows her Mommy's voice!!! She will be out of there before you know it:)

g said...

Love the pics. Little girl with sooo many fans. I like the pic of daddy and bR. Renee looks very content with mommy holding her too...g

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope the Baby Shower was a great success today! I was thinking what fun you all were having today..hope you played some fun games! It got a little warmer..and a little sun..almost 70 degrees today! Hope Renee is doing great, and Jess too! :)