Thursday, September 30, 2010

Afternoon Walk

Just got back from a late afternoon walk and have some pictures to share of the lakeshore that is just a short walk from our place.

Coming down the hill to the lake

Standing at the old beach area looking south

Looking across Straight Lake
So many leaves have fallen!

Leaves on the oaks as I'm walking back up the hill to our place.

I'm also not typing very well, because my left index finger has a chunk of skin & more cut out.  A yesterday sewing  or should I say rotary cutting accident.  My cutter jumped the plastic edge and took a gouge out of my finger.  Connie had to come over and help bandage me up!  Needless to say, it is kind of sore, and still bleeding  when I changed the bandage today.  It was stuck to the bandage today, so now next time I change it, I hope that it will be better.  I tried to put more goop (antibiotic ointment) on the pad.  I think this would be a good reason to get an AccuQuilt Go cutter, don't you?  I was cutting out material to make an apron.  Now I don't even feel like working on it.

This weekend we'll be driving to the north shore of Lake Superior and I hope to take many pictures.  Hope all the leaves haven't fallen there.  I've never been North of Duluth, so should be a fun weekend.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Won a giveaway and a good day - The Sun is Out!

I won a give away from Ginny Diesel at That Creative Place and received this in the mail this weekend!  Isn't it cute.  Canvas is painted and with a poly pumpkin.  How did she know that I like Halloween.  Even    
got some M & M's!  Thank you so much Ginny. 
I also finished my Halloween throw (or it can be a tablecloth) this past week.  I started it last year, but had not finished the binding or cutting and tieing all the threads.  At this time of the year, I miss having the girls around.  We used to decorate so much more - fall and Halloween yard stuff, etc.  So my new gift and quilt will be the extent of my Halloween decorating this year.  Until Oct 31, when I MAY put on my witch costume for the trick or treaters!

Took some pictures of Steve going out to the barn.  Odda always stands below the steps while he puts on his rubber boots over his boots.   Barks at him, telling him to hurry up!   Then she jumps all over - just like when someone comes to visit.  She is so happy to have company. 

Then you have to stop to pet and rub her back or she'll keep jumping.  Ya, I know I need to stop this habit.

Then she gets some lovin! 

Then she's ok to go! ! ! !

Today the sun is out.  Think if things dry up, I need to mow again or maybe go for another drive today!
I read my friends blog, and read that she is a bit cranky, so think we need to go for a ride by ourselves! 
Have a great Sunday! 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Colors!

Focus on the pine needle branch with muted bright colors. 

Connie and I took a short afternoon drive yesterday afternoon.  Some color starting, but still not in full color yet.  If the rain and wind doesn't ruin things, next week should be better.
Wonder what makes a branch grow so crooked?
Still a few patches of wild flowers - Wild Asters.   I love all the colors God has made.  Will have more pictures next week.  We're getting drizzle today - so no sun to filter through the leaves.
 In southern MN the rain has been coming down for a couple of days, and in the area where one of our daughters lives, they got over 4-5 inches yesterday!
I'm off to an auction today.  Won't stay long if everything is wet and soggy. 
Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Now 14 months old!

Renee looks like she is just the busiest little girl!  Sharing some pictures Jessica posted on her facebook page.  We last saw her in July, and will be going to Louisiana for Thanksgiving, so still several weeks before we get to hug and smooch our little grand daughter!
Beautiful new teeth that are giving her upset tummy and crankiness!  But when she's in a good mood, it's wonderful! 

Busy playing with her pony and learning to be a trick rider!  Not walking yet, but can do this! Glad I'm not there to see her fall.

Getting more brave!

Miss Smartee Pants! 

Daughter said here she was standing and then bent to pick up the box, and her expression says it all =
"Can't believe I'm standing here with this!"
I hear that she took four steps the other day, and I'm sure that be the time we get there in November that she'll be walking all over the place.  Once she takes off, there'll be no stopping her!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Colors are starting.

The colors are starting, and some red oak are already quite brilliant, yet others will be coming on in this next week or two.  The yellows of the birch and poplar are pretty next to the dark green of the pines.  I rode with daughter Leah to a nearby town this morning and we stopped for a few pictures.
I'll have to take another picture of this tree next week so we can see the difference on that tree, and surrounding trees.

This hillside just starting. 
We've had rain again almost every night is past week.  Last night a slight frost, and when we get a good hard frost, the colors change fast.  Hopefully the rain and wind won't ruin our colors this year. 

I bought myself a $50 bike today at a rummage sale.  Nothing fancy - no speeds etc.  Just a plain bike like I had as a kid.  It is a newer model, and the lady that sold it said she didn't ride it over 5 miles.  I believe that because the rubber little stubbies are still on the tires!  Now I will have to use the bike to prove to hubby that it just isn't going to sit in the garage!
These apples look so good.  Wish this tree was mine so I could try to make some apple butter. 
Wonder what kind of apples they are?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What? ! ? !

I've been so busy, that I haven't made time to blog.  Sorry.  But when I came in to start, I looked at my last post,  (I just fixed the title!)  I couldn't believe that I misspelled the word Beware  - Beward  and of to if.  It is now correct - Beware of Attack Frogs.   I really (and I mean it) think that spell check comes in and changes things after I enter something.  I've had that feeling at other times too.  And if that really isn't what is happening, I think I'm loosing it - my ability to proof read decently!   Oh well.
Hope all is well with you all.  We've had some rain here again today.  I wanted to get out and take some pictures, but that didn't happen.  Finally got the kitchen cleaned up and the bathroom.  Now need to get at the bedrooms.  I need to get back outside to transplant some flowers too, but just haven't felt like doing that.

Bell practice started again for fall, and I practiced at our church yesterday evening and tonight at the Catholic church.  I substitute for that church when they're short of players.  So the weekend of Sept 26th, I'll be playing at both churches.  My feet are sore from standing so long.  Need to remember to wear comfy shoes.  After practice tonight, I stopped over at my sisters and cut my brother in laws hair.  He really needed it.  We buzz it very short.  Easy to do.

Oh, I've gotten email from Ginny Diezel and I've won a give away.  Can't wait to get that mail.

Have a Happy Fall Day tomorrow!   Love this cooler weather.  The leaves are turning color here, and I'm going to be out and about taking pictures.  more later, jo

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beware of Attack Frogs!

A froggy Area!
I visited my brother in law's garden the other day, and set up a couple of surprises for him.  My sister doesn't garden or do yard work - she says it is Vern's hobby.   I finally got the leaf bird baths completed, and gave Vern a big rhubarb one and smaller hosta leaf.  I made these a little different than the pattern called for, and left more cement around the edges, making a bigger rounder bowl for the bird bath.  I think I like it better that way.
I placed the big one here in with the kitty and lady bugs in with the "Snow on the Mountain".  After I got done, I started to get itchy - forgot that I break out from those plants.  It didn't take long either.  You can't see it in the first picture, but the base is a 4" pvc pipe that fit into the bottom of the bird bath, and then just pushed into the ground.  Vern did pack a little more dirt around it to make it more firm.  It doesn't have water in it yet, but almost looks like it.  I used a shiny polyetherine to seal the whole thing.
You can see the base from this angle.  When the cement was wet, I pressed the pvc pipe into it so it could make an indentation so I could use it for a pedestal.  Pretty slick!  I was going to paint it, but the plants hide it pretty good.  Vern was worried that this bigger one will fall and break - no problem - they're easy to make.  I plan on making some more next summer.

I laid the small one on the ground - it looks like this flamingo is drinking out of it!  I should have taken more pictures of all of Vern's flowers.  Will do that next summer when they're really in bloom.  He has given me a lot of starter plants throughout the years.  You'll see that they even have some cherry tomatoes planted behind the flamingo by the fence.  They were really good.

It's fun to sit here and relax on hot days after they get home from work.  Our days need to warm up again so we can go visit and sit outside. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Memories of Bygone Years!

Lined up, ready to start the morning parade!
This was the 57th year of the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion at Rollag MN.  I can't believe that we've never gone before.  It was a wonderful day to attend.  Not too hot  (in the mid 60's) and with just enough breeze to move the air.  You'll see from my pictures that those steam engine of old really can pollute!  My pink sweatshirt had several streaks of soot on it by the end of the day.  No need to dress with good clothes  to go here.   It was so fun to see the big steam train engine pulling train cars  (we rode around the perimeter of the grounds in old cattle cars that had bleacher type seating for everyone). 
Then these big steam engines that were used to power the big belts when farmers would be threshing/combining the wheat in days of old. 

This event is on 200 acreas and the display now covers over 70 of those acreas and grows every year. Parking of our cars takes up a lot of space.  The volunteers helping did such a great job helping everyone find their way.  There are 6000 members that are from all over the US, and each year about 1500 help by volunteering during these busy 4 days.  Rollag here has the the largest display in the states, however, there is one in Iowa that has more attendance because they are closer to higher populated cities.    The gate fee was only $12.00 per person, with 15 and younger getting in free.  The only vendors there are church groups with food booths, and the association itself selling reunion gear, etc. to help raise money.  So once you get inside, it's free to ride the train and ride behind various tractors that pull wagons.  There is no cement streets, all dirt, so you don't get tired from walking on cement.  Each year a different tractor manufacturer is honored, with members bringing that brand of equipment to show.  My husband has International Harvester equipment, (red) and his equipment is old enough to be shown!  He still uses his two tractors even tho they are old.  His 504 IH diesel tractor is a 1971 model and he also has an IH 826 tractor, but I don't know the year on that one.  This year they were showing the Allis Chalmers  (they are orange).

Look at those back wheels.  Would hate to have them run over me!  They really dug into the ground.

There was a parade of these smaller tractors.  It was fun to see that this is a family affair - you saw both men and women driving.  I especially liked it when there were signs on the sides of the tractor stating the year made.   Not all exhibitors had signs.  Altho it looked like they were lined up by oldest to newest.

This is the gear system for turning the front wheel.  The gear controls two chains, one to each front wheel.  How someone figured out the engineering in building these big engines "blows" my mind!  Our ancestors were  resourceful people.  Tried until they succeeded. 

This one is from 1921.
There were coal burning, wood burning and then later models of gas and kerosene fired engines.  These big engines took two people to drive them.  One to steer, and the other to do the gears.

There was other farm equipment that was pulled by horses and tractors.  That equipment was in an area by itself that we walked through.  There were also other tractors in that area that had been refurbished. With new paint and looking spiffy new!  One fellow we talked too, had redone his fathers three old tractors, doing one each winter.  They were not for sale - when we asked.  He had done a wonderful job in redoing them.  Now he was going to rest this winter.  Bet he'll get another old one to redo.  He now has the "bug".  Just like any other hobby, like collecting old cars, etc.  It gets in your blood!
There were so many things to see.  An area that showed miniatures - with kids running them.  Love this picture!  His miniature was run with wood. 
There was a great area for kids, and there were a lot of families there.  I think before I'd bring kids for the day, I'd go without kids to see all the things that would probably bore little ones, then make another day to take kids. We then walked through several areas that had stationary engines.  Some had been used to pump water and others to huge belts for  industrial purposes.  There was even an old steam engine there to run generators, and one that powered a city years ago.  They were powered with coal, wood, diesel and kerosene.

Steve visiting with the ower of this Otto gas 16 HP engine.  This one was patented in 1886.  Just think, we have lawn mowers that have 16 hp engines, and they are not this big!  There was a building full of "Otto" engines.  I loved the rythematic sounds these engines made. 
We didn't see everything that was there, and likewise, I didn't show you all the different pictures of the big stationary engines and the parade of the big sooty coal fired engines.   If you ever get a chance to see an exhibit like this, I hope you'd go.  I just marval at the mechanical genius's that our forefathers were!  We'll be going back again next year, hopefully with Steve's brother and his wife. We didn't get to see the horse drawn exhibits or watch the threshing bee done with horses.  There is a village with a tolley car, and a saw mill.  I'm sure I don't even know everything that is there.
After our day there, we rested on Monday Labor Day.  Now we all have to get back into the routine of work, school, or me - whatever I want.  Just lovin retirement!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Twas a Busy Weekend! No Labor / Just Fun

Saturday started out with Leah, Connie and Gene and I attending and selling at a small flea market held at a little town's festival weekend.  I enjoyed my all day there on Saturday.  Visiting with a lot of neighbors that attended and new people that stopped there on their driving through.
Leah and I sold a lot of stamping items.  I'm getting rid of all of my stamping stuff, and Leah is down sizing!
I'd crocheted hats with big flowers on them, in sizes from adults to little ones.  Also winter head bands with flowers.  Sold several, and mostly for babies, except one customer bought all the headbands. I sold a bunch of paperback boods.  All of my Janet Evanovich series and most of the James Grisham one went too.  Decided I didn't need to keep them as  I don't read them again, and might as well get some money for them.
Gene and Connie sold some antique glassware and a few of their hand carvings.  They are so cute.

A lot of hours put into these little gnome houses!  
 Will do another post on Sunday's excursion!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Needed a Gift Bag

Went to a wedding shower yesterday, and I didn't have any wrapping paper that was for a wedding shower, nor any gift bags.  Decided to make one up quick out of the left overs of the polka dot material that I used to make outdoor cushion covers and picnic table covers.   Didn't use a pattern, just a portion of left over that I thought would make a good size tote for Nikki to use after the party.  It worked slick and she loved it.
I put in a 3 inch wide side/bottom all in one piece, sewed the handle and interfacing and was done.  So easy.
Think I need to make some more up to have on hand, as I have plenty of scraps that I could do this with.
Wish I would have had some lime green tissue paper.  But the other looked okey too.
Made the strap long enough so she can use as a shoulder strap.  A good tote for gym clothes or groceries, or whatever else she wants to use it for.   A nice visit with friends and then after the party a couple of younger girls came over, as I'm selling off my stamping stuff.  Sold several things and also a teacup pincushion. 
Tomorrow = Saturday = I'll be busy trying to sell some things at a little festival in Snellman.  A one day little town celebration and flee market.  Have been busy crocheting hats and headbands, with big flowers on.   Last night Amy's daughter tried them on for me, as I wanted to make sure they'd fit little girls.  She is about 7 years old.  They looked so cute on her, and I gave her a lavendar fuzzy headband.  She loved it.  When they left it was raining out, and she took it off and tucked it under her shirt by her belly, saying she didn't want to get it wet.  I wish I'd taken some pictures of her with different hats on.  She was so cute.  I'll take some pictures tomorrow  of our flee market.  Leah (daughter) and Connie will be there too.