Saturday, September 4, 2010

Needed a Gift Bag

Went to a wedding shower yesterday, and I didn't have any wrapping paper that was for a wedding shower, nor any gift bags.  Decided to make one up quick out of the left overs of the polka dot material that I used to make outdoor cushion covers and picnic table covers.   Didn't use a pattern, just a portion of left over that I thought would make a good size tote for Nikki to use after the party.  It worked slick and she loved it.
I put in a 3 inch wide side/bottom all in one piece, sewed the handle and interfacing and was done.  So easy.
Think I need to make some more up to have on hand, as I have plenty of scraps that I could do this with.
Wish I would have had some lime green tissue paper.  But the other looked okey too.
Made the strap long enough so she can use as a shoulder strap.  A good tote for gym clothes or groceries, or whatever else she wants to use it for.   A nice visit with friends and then after the party a couple of younger girls came over, as I'm selling off my stamping stuff.  Sold several things and also a teacup pincushion. 
Tomorrow = Saturday = I'll be busy trying to sell some things at a little festival in Snellman.  A one day little town celebration and flee market.  Have been busy crocheting hats and headbands, with big flowers on.   Last night Amy's daughter tried them on for me, as I wanted to make sure they'd fit little girls.  She is about 7 years old.  They looked so cute on her, and I gave her a lavendar fuzzy headband.  She loved it.  When they left it was raining out, and she took it off and tucked it under her shirt by her belly, saying she didn't want to get it wet.  I wish I'd taken some pictures of her with different hats on.  She was so cute.  I'll take some pictures tomorrow  of our flee market.  Leah (daughter) and Connie will be there too.


"B" said...

Necessity is the "mother of invention"... great idea.

shannon i olson said...

What a great idea. I sold almost all my stamp stuff a few years ago, kept enough to make a quick invite or something. Have fun at the market!

Sybil said...

You are so clever. I think the idea of the tote bag was great... Hope you have fun at the sale in the morning.
love Sybil x


Wonderful idea, looks great . I love your windmill pic beautiful !

misslynda said...

I love packaging that has a function later and doesn't have to be discarded! Great idea!

Country Whispers said...

What a great reusable gift bag/tote bag or whatever else she may use it for. Good luck with your sale.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

A really great idea....Loved reading your blog...Have a great holiday weekend.
I have a GREAT HOLIDAY ORNAMENT GIVEAWAY on my blog...drawing on Mon.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great idea! It is much better than the swanky wrapping I use sometimes =plastic bags:)

Cyndi said...

I really like your idea of making a "gift" tote...think I'm going to have to borrow that idea as I have lots of scraps, too. They're much better for the environment as well, as they are less likely to end up in a landfill!

Hope you did well at the craft fair/flea market!