Saturday, September 18, 2010

Colors are starting.

The colors are starting, and some red oak are already quite brilliant, yet others will be coming on in this next week or two.  The yellows of the birch and poplar are pretty next to the dark green of the pines.  I rode with daughter Leah to a nearby town this morning and we stopped for a few pictures.
I'll have to take another picture of this tree next week so we can see the difference on that tree, and surrounding trees.

This hillside just starting. 
We've had rain again almost every night is past week.  Last night a slight frost, and when we get a good hard frost, the colors change fast.  Hopefully the rain and wind won't ruin our colors this year. 

I bought myself a $50 bike today at a rummage sale.  Nothing fancy - no speeds etc.  Just a plain bike like I had as a kid.  It is a newer model, and the lady that sold it said she didn't ride it over 5 miles.  I believe that because the rubber little stubbies are still on the tires!  Now I will have to use the bike to prove to hubby that it just isn't going to sit in the garage!
These apples look so good.  Wish this tree was mine so I could try to make some apple butter. 
Wonder what kind of apples they are?


shannon i olson said...

The leaves are lovely, it sure was chilly here this morning, 34 when I got up, that usually really gets the leaves going. Have fun with your bike....hurry before it snows!!

misslynda said...

Our leaves are changing but they are turning BROWN because we had such a drought. There was finally a nice steady rain the other night. Our evenings have been cooler but no where near any frost yet.
We have an apple orchard about 20 minutes out of town that we plan to visit in a couple of weeks when my sister's family is here. They have some of the best apple pie that they make on the premises!

Mildred said...

It looks like you and your daughter had a good outing. What a beautiful drive and the trees are going to be so pretty in a week or so. Great deal you got on the bike - I wonder if I could still ride after all these years!
My nephew just announced to us that he is leaving MN after five years and has accepted a job in Jacksonville, FL ~ I guess one more winter was just too tough for him!!!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh how I wish we got color like that around here!!! Can't wait to see the ever changing colors through the nest few weeks!!

Country Whispers said...

The leaves are just bearly beginning to change here but it won't be long.
We've had cooler temps but not cold enough to frost yet. My Dad and I go for a bike ride every weekend and it is so much fun plus the exercise feels great. I want fall to kick in full swing but I will miss my bike rides as the weather turns colder.


Some trees here are fully changed and some aren't .Next weekend hubby and I are going on a hike to photograph the colors, cant wait we love to hike in the fall. Great shots and post, as for the bike if you dont end up using it make it into a garden orniment for next summer ! Have a great day !

Far Side of Fifty said...

Are you going to ride over? You and Amanda used to do that..the trees are getting prettier everyday:)

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