Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What? ! ? !

I've been so busy, that I haven't made time to blog.  Sorry.  But when I came in to start, I looked at my last post,  (I just fixed the title!)  I couldn't believe that I misspelled the word Beware  - Beward  and of to if.  It is now correct - Beware of Attack Frogs.   I really (and I mean it) think that spell check comes in and changes things after I enter something.  I've had that feeling at other times too.  And if that really isn't what is happening, I think I'm loosing it - my ability to proof read decently!   Oh well.
Hope all is well with you all.  We've had some rain here again today.  I wanted to get out and take some pictures, but that didn't happen.  Finally got the kitchen cleaned up and the bathroom.  Now need to get at the bedrooms.  I need to get back outside to transplant some flowers too, but just haven't felt like doing that.

Bell practice started again for fall, and I practiced at our church yesterday evening and tonight at the Catholic church.  I substitute for that church when they're short of players.  So the weekend of Sept 26th, I'll be playing at both churches.  My feet are sore from standing so long.  Need to remember to wear comfy shoes.  After practice tonight, I stopped over at my sisters and cut my brother in laws hair.  He really needed it.  We buzz it very short.  Easy to do.

Oh, I've gotten email from Ginny Diezel and I've won a give away.  Can't wait to get that mail.

Have a Happy Fall Day tomorrow!   Love this cooler weather.  The leaves are turning color here, and I'm going to be out and about taking pictures.  more later, jo


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo, The colorful leaves must be so pretty. Hope you'll share some pictures with us. We are having cool mornings but it really warms up in the afternoons (90's). Any chance you will video the bell presentation - I know that will be beautiful.
Hope you have a great day tomorrow.

Country Whispers said...

I didn't even notice your typo.
I just went back into today's post to fix an error on mine. We know what it is supposed to say so I think we just skim back over them to quickly and miss them. Oh well! We all know what the other one is trying to say.
The weather is perfect here too, though we could use a bit of rain. We haven't had to cut the grass lately, it's now turning brown from the dry weather.
Hope you get lots of good pics to share!


I didn't notice either, and yes we all know what we mean so it doesn't matter lol I my self will be in the middle of typing and all of a sudden I forget how to spell things, stop and think to myself daaaa ! and then laugh and hope that I am not loosing it lol . Looking forward to your photos. Have a great day!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Everyone misspells something sooner or later..not a big deal. I think the trees are going to turn fast when it gets into that 30 degree mark in the next couple of days..I guess I will need to wear socks all the time:(

Sybil said...

I am always making spelling can be well seen !! as I rarely notice till too late..I have just realised that I can go back and edit !! how long has that taken me !!!
I am sure I am half known by my mistakes, ah well, it is proven that we actually don't always notice mistakes so long as first and last letters are in correct order.. Thanks for your great blog. looking forward to seeing your fall pictures. The leaves are begining to turn here as well the days are getting shorter for sure and quite chilly in the morning they say we might even have a ground frost !!!!yuck,,by weekend...I do not like the winter so not looking forward to that,
Love Sybil

misslynda said...

Our brain knows what we intended to write so that is what our eyes think they see. I have found that the format has to change for me to catch a mistake, e.g., the document needs to be in print as a hard copy or in the case of my blog, I have to see a preview before publishing - - - and then I still miss some stuff!