Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A busy Wednesday!

A great end of year give away at  Melissa's  Creating From the Heart blog.  Check it out.  I would love to win, as part of the giveaway is a great gift card for Michael's.  Who doesn't like to shop at Michaels and get all you need for the next craft you're going to work on!

The giveaway is Jan 1st!  So be sure to visit her blog!

A little warmer here today in northern Minnesota!  We need snow badly to cover our cold cold ground! 
I'd sure like a white Christmas again this year.  Our Louisiana kids will be home for Christmas, and daughter and hubby and dogs from southern Minnesota will be here too.  With Leah and her family and their kids home, we'll have great fun.  I'm now feeling better (but still can't hear out of my right ear!).  Hope no one else gets sick for the holidays.  Little Renee is just getting over a bug too.  She threw up last night, so Jess stayed home today with her.  Our neighbors have been sick too, and I visited with Connie tonight on the phone.  They've had a lot going on too.  So we got caught up on each others doings, and hope we're all on the mend and stay well the rest of winter.

I'm not ready with my gifts yet either.  Still sewing some and have more to do.  I've been making Chai Tea Mix for gifts.  Love that mix, it is so good.    Kind of expensive to make, but once you have the supplies, it is fun to make.  Leah and I have our last craft show on Saturday.  Then maybe I can get our tree up and get the house ready for company and Christmas!

Hope you're all well ~ take care, Jo