Friday, February 22, 2013

 I'm back from our "girls" trip south to see # 3 daughter and granddaughter Renee.   What a nice trip it was.  #2 daughter Stephani, and two sisters-in-laws Loretta and Sue went with.  We drove my SUV and we were lucky enough to have great roads!  No rain or snow storms to worry about.  Just cool and somewhat grey days, but we were all so thankful for good traveling weather.  Sue and Stephani were both getting over flu and bad coughs, so they weren't feeling 100% for most of the trip.  But that didn't stop us from having a great time.  

We went to a Mardi Gras parade in Youngville and two parades in Huoma on Fat Tuesday.  Did the tour on Avery Island in the gardens and the Tabasco Plant; enjoyed their gift shops.  One evening we did Paint With A Twist, and all of us took home picture!   Enjoyed the Chinese New Year celebration at Jessica's in-laws, enjoying all the good food and company.  Went to the Flea Market at Lafayette one day.  I didn't find anything that I couldn't live without.  Kind of unusual for me not to get something!    Stephani had to go to the doctor one day as she just wasn't getting better.  She got a shot and medicine and now is finally feeling pretty good.  Says she is still coughing a little - that cough just hangs on so long.

We did so many things, I had to come home to sit and relax!!!  Our time went by so fast.
At the Youngville Parade - Jess had shirts made up for us
" Mardi Gras - Minnesota Outlaws - 2013 " 

Painting our pictures!   Jessica's sister in law came with us.
What fun!

With our finished product!  All so unique!

At the Huoma Parade 
Renee's cousin nickname Turtle is on my lap.  We ended
up with so many beads!!!!   Loretta and Sue took home
lots of nice beads to their grandchildren!

Jessica was such a good hostess.  Floyd was working off shore while we were there, so it did end up to be a truely "girls week"!  Loretta and Sue and Stephani enjoyed a lot of "firsts" in the food they tried and things we did.  Jessica had a "big" itineray made up, and due to rain there were only two things we didn't get done. 

Thank you Jessica and Renee for a creating such a great memory for us.  Can't wait to come back south!   Missing you already, Gma Jo

Have a great weekend everyone, JoLynn