Friday, December 31, 2010

White Photo Challange

Frost on our bottom window of the screen door this morning.
Frost on the top window.  Kind of pretty!  It looks blue, but is white.

I've submitted the top picture in this Community Photo Challenge where the picture is supposed to be 95% white!  Thought I'd give it a try with so much white around me!  Please go to the Blogger's Community Photo Challenge Main Page and visit all the contributor's or enter in the fun, too.  I would love to see you there.  This month's photo needs to be entered by January 7th.
A New Years Eve day snowed in, however, the snowplow did go by, so if when we get our drive plowed out I could go to the grocery store before the next storm hits! 
Happy New Year everyone.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Give a Kid a Box!

Boxes can entertain a child for hours.  That plus a dog and some cereal treats can go a long way!

One for You~

And One for Me~

This is how Renee, Hooch and I spent part of the afternoon when  Mommy and Daddy went to town.

Kids are now gone, and we are getting snow.  Had rain or drizzle this early morning when the temp was over 32 degrees.  The temp has been falling all morning and now at just after 2 PM it is 17 degrees F and we're getting the start of the predicted snow storm.  Here is a picture of Odda.  She doesn't mind the snow and cool temperatures.
I had wanted the picture taken with her a snuggled up tight sleeping, but she heard me walk down the hallway, and perked her head up to look at the window.  I took this from inside, and she perked up to look at me!  Then she got up - shook off the snow and walked over to the window!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Many Faces of Christmas!

Happy Renee playing with Nanni Leah (Leah is her Godmother, and in Louisiana she is called Nanni Leah).
Doesn't Renee look so grown up?  Cutting her bangs turns her from baby to little girl.  She is 17 months old now and weighs 22 lbs.

Sister Georgia and Vern came with their character hats!  So cute.  We all had to try them on and get our pictures taken~
Here Renee is trying out her new baby dolls little pacifier!!!

Then tries to get it back in baby dolls mouth!

March, march to my drumming - she actually did very well.  Fun to have a noisey drum!

All dressed up and ready to go to Christmas Eve church service.

Renee, Jessica and Floyd on a sled ride.  The day was nice with the temperature in the low 20's

Amanda and Renee!

Odda got in the picture!
Renee sitting on Stephani's lap.  Such a cutie!

Hooch, Spotty, Renee and Stephani looking out the window at the snow and the other big dogs playing.
Stepahni brought their 4 dogs, (2 terriers, Spotty and Jack, and 2 big dogs)
Both granddaughters.
A busy week we've had, and now soon over.  Most of the mess is picked up, but the tree and decorations will be coming down soon.  I'll probably start tomorrow after Leah and I get back from the airport.  If we get back in late afternoon, it'll probably wait until Thursday morning.  I'm ready to take a day off to just sit and relax!  We're suppose to be getting more company on Friday for New Years.  Steve's brother and wife Sue are suppose to come for the weekend, from Wisconsin; but maybe bad weather will change these plans.  We are suppose to get more snow and rain in two storm fronts coming through, starting tomorrow night.  Hooch is more than happy to be able to re-claim the sofa as his, and sit snuggled up to me at the end.  His nose really gets out of joint when there are four people sitting on the couch and he can't claim is favorite spot!   It's actually pretty funny to see - but I feel bad for him because you can see how upset he gets.  He is getting older, and just a little more grumpy.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas in a Child's View!

The wonder of all the pretty ornaments on a tree!  Renee and I were alone with a beautiful Christmas tree.  We explored!   She got to hold some pretty presents; find kitty Boo hiding and sleeping under the tree away from her busy hands!  This was a fun afternoon being with a small child.  Having forgotten how the wonderful beautiful colors, ornaments could messmorize a small child. 
Kitty "Boo" all snuggled down - out of reach of little hands!  
The area for me to sit with Renee by the tree wasn't very large, but tried to get the best angle for pictures that I could.  Wish we could do this every day!

Leah and I had a great day at the craft show yesterday.  Actually we both sold more than at the other sale, so for a small group of crafters, it was a good day.  Of course it is so easy to spend money at the other booths.  I ordered myself a personalized necklace that will be made this next week, and bought some Chai Tea (Oh so good-doesn't taste like tea).  It is -3 below right now here, but the sun is shinning bright.  We did not get any of the snow that southern MN got yesterday.  I know the snowmobilers would love more, but that will come in time.  Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Thanksgiving trip to Louisiana!

A few pictures of Renee and some with Grandpa.  It was so great to play with her, as she is now learning so fast and starting to talk. She likes to put the wooden puzzles together with a little help, but it won't be long until she really does it all by herself.

A package came from Auntie Georgia to Jessica and lots of popit sheets inside the box.  Renee wasn't strong enough to make them pop, bu had to have Grandpa to it.
She loves balls!   Of any kind!  The making of perhaps a Volleyball player or Basketball player?
Picture of great grand "papa" and Renee.  He is 101 years old, and his birthday is the same day as Renee's.  He always puts his gold cross on her when she sits with him .  She can't sit on his lap too long, but long enough for a picture.  He can't speak any English, but sure loves Renee!
Very interesting their history of coming to the US early during the VietNam conflict.  A fishing family that had all they owned in a little boat, then the camps they had to live in.  I need to hear the story again before I could tell it correctly.  A very brave family.  Floyd's stepdad was a boy when they came. 

Steve and Jessica went on a tour of a sugar cane mill.  Only two could go, so I stayed home and watched Renee.  A highlight of Steve's visit!  He always is interested in other ag businesses! 


While Steve and Jess were gone, Renee showed me that she could turn this on, and dance to the music.  
Oh so heavy!  lol


Outfit I made her is a little big, but she'll grow into it.  The pants a little long.

It's nice and warm, and will be good for her to wear all winter down there.

More pictures tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Home and Still Busy!!!!!!!!!

Daughter Steph, working in Sioux Falls SD just called to ask why I hadn't posted any pictures from our trip to see granddaughter Renee, and post other pictures of what I've been doing for craft shows, etc., etc.  Had to explain that I'm still so busy, as have another craft sale this weekend, and some orders for crocheted hats and pedestal plates that need to get completed and in mail.   She hadn't seen any of those pictures either, so I did tell her I had a picture of the set up of last craft show, and getting plates done (recycling old glassware).  So that is my post today.  She also hadn't seen the garage done, so a couple of pictures of that too, and the "pea" building that replaced an old sow pen.  Our trip was so great - traveled home in terrible snow storm, but made it safe and sound.  Have over 500 pictures to go through for next blog!

These pedestal plates can be used for lots of things; candy, to hold candles, cakes, cup cakes and wonderful for a buffet.

The red sign says "New Life for Refused Glassware"
For the base, I've used flower vases, candle holders, drinking glasses, bud vases, etc. A great way to deliver a plate of cookies to neighbors for the holidays.   Sure has been fun making them.  The hunt for the glassware is great fun!

Hats and headbands were good sellers too!

Sold a few tea cup pin cushions also.

We didn't have enough room to put all the hats up, so had to keep refilling up that space as they sold.  That was a fun day.  Leah and I hadn't done a craft show for quite a few years.  We'll see how this coming Saturday goes.   

Here is a picture of our completed garage - now no one knows if we're home or not, because the vehicles are inside!!!!!   Nice and warm!!!!

The building that houses the peas Steve planted to mix in with pig feed.  A good source of protein, and is replacing soy.  The protein is about half of what soy beans are.  The pigs are loving it, and it is working out great.  Didn't have to get different equipment to do peas.  Would have had to to grow soy beans.

Hope you all have a great day!