Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Many Faces of Christmas!

Happy Renee playing with Nanni Leah (Leah is her Godmother, and in Louisiana she is called Nanni Leah).
Doesn't Renee look so grown up?  Cutting her bangs turns her from baby to little girl.  She is 17 months old now and weighs 22 lbs.

Sister Georgia and Vern came with their character hats!  So cute.  We all had to try them on and get our pictures taken~
Here Renee is trying out her new baby dolls little pacifier!!!

Then tries to get it back in baby dolls mouth!

March, march to my drumming - she actually did very well.  Fun to have a noisey drum!

All dressed up and ready to go to Christmas Eve church service.

Renee, Jessica and Floyd on a sled ride.  The day was nice with the temperature in the low 20's

Amanda and Renee!

Odda got in the picture!
Renee sitting on Stephani's lap.  Such a cutie!

Hooch, Spotty, Renee and Stephani looking out the window at the snow and the other big dogs playing.
Stepahni brought their 4 dogs, (2 terriers, Spotty and Jack, and 2 big dogs)
Both granddaughters.
A busy week we've had, and now soon over.  Most of the mess is picked up, but the tree and decorations will be coming down soon.  I'll probably start tomorrow after Leah and I get back from the airport.  If we get back in late afternoon, it'll probably wait until Thursday morning.  I'm ready to take a day off to just sit and relax!  We're suppose to be getting more company on Friday for New Years.  Steve's brother and wife Sue are suppose to come for the weekend, from Wisconsin; but maybe bad weather will change these plans.  We are suppose to get more snow and rain in two storm fronts coming through, starting tomorrow night.  Hooch is more than happy to be able to re-claim the sofa as his, and sit snuggled up to me at the end.  His nose really gets out of joint when there are four people sitting on the couch and he can't claim is favorite spot!   It's actually pretty funny to see - but I feel bad for him because you can see how upset he gets.  He is getting older, and just a little more grumpy.


Sharon said...

She is such a cutie and growing up so fast.
It looks like you had one great time with family over the holiday. I hope that you do get some rest before you do it again.
Have a Happy New Year.

"B" said...

Glad you had some quality time with those precious granddaughters. They grow up toooooo fast! Great pictures to remember all the good times, too. Happy New Year!

Jennifer said...

Wonderful pictures! I really like the one of her in her dress on the chair.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great photos! She has grown so much..and is such a pretty little thing! It sounds like you had a wonderful time..next week after you are rested up and de decorated maybe we can play cards one evening. Far Guy is feeling a little better..still not 100 percent but much better:)

Country Whispers said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas with family all around.
I love the drum and those antlers.

misslynda said...

That baby has the prettiest eyes! She looks older than 17 months. I love her Christmas dress - - - definitely beautiful. It looks and sounds like everyone had a wonderful Christmas! - - - and do relax a day. We have enjoyed ours.

gayle said...

Love your pictures!! She is such a little doll!

Sybil said...

Renee really is the cutest wee one I have seen in a long while. No wonder you are so proud of her. She looks gorgeous whatever she is wearing. I am so glad you had this time to be with the family. Now you will be home and like us over here waiting the arrival of 2011..only 4 hours to go. I will be in bed I'm afraid..another differnt New Year for us all..
wishing you and al those you Love a very blessed Year full of good health and happiness.
Much Love dear friend,
from Sybil xx