Thursday, December 30, 2010

Give a Kid a Box!

Boxes can entertain a child for hours.  That plus a dog and some cereal treats can go a long way!

One for You~

And One for Me~

This is how Renee, Hooch and I spent part of the afternoon when  Mommy and Daddy went to town.

Kids are now gone, and we are getting snow.  Had rain or drizzle this early morning when the temp was over 32 degrees.  The temp has been falling all morning and now at just after 2 PM it is 17 degrees F and we're getting the start of the predicted snow storm.  Here is a picture of Odda.  She doesn't mind the snow and cool temperatures.
I had wanted the picture taken with her a snuggled up tight sleeping, but she heard me walk down the hallway, and perked her head up to look at the window.  I took this from inside, and she perked up to look at me!  Then she got up - shook off the snow and walked over to the window!


Sharon said...

Your weather is doing what ours is doing.
It was 44 at 7:00am and by 10 it had droped to 29 and it is still dropping.
I love the photos of gd and hooch.
My gs does that with their big dog while eating his snacks.
Have a safe and warm weekend.
Happy New Year

Rae said...

Adorable photos of Hooch and Renee. Makes you wonder why we spend so much time buying toys for them to play with when boxes do the trick.
After 4 weeks of snow covering everything here, the temps are up and it is finally melting. We are expecting rain - so it will be one big muddy mess now.

Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures today! They brought a big smile to my face. Take care in the weather and I wish you a happy new year.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Great pictures - fun fun! --- We are bundled in for the weather....

misslynda said...

It's amazing to me how some dogs are energized by snow. We saw that with a neighbor's elderly dog.
Those pictures of the girl and pup are too, too adorable - - - especially the expression on the dog's face - - - such an intent stare - - like "my eye will never leave the treat in her hand" - - and the one with them both looking in the box - - - it could win a contest!

Country Whispers said...

Empty boxes can entertain better than any store-bought toy. My kids, even at the ages of 14,10 & 7 will play for hours in them. Especially nice big stove or refrigerator boxes.
I know that Odda isn't cold out there in the snow but that picture sure makes me cold.
Stay warm!

Far Side of Fifty said...

It is a blizzard for sure..we are staying you are too. Loved the photos of Hooch and Renee..and Odda ..yup she looks snowy alright! I wonder when it will stop..Saturday or Sunday? Good thing that Jess and Family got out of here before the storm:)

gayle said...

I love your pictures!! Love the one of the little bottoms!