Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Thanksgiving trip to Louisiana!

A few pictures of Renee and some with Grandpa.  It was so great to play with her, as she is now learning so fast and starting to talk. She likes to put the wooden puzzles together with a little help, but it won't be long until she really does it all by herself.

A package came from Auntie Georgia to Jessica and lots of popit sheets inside the box.  Renee wasn't strong enough to make them pop, bu had to have Grandpa to it.
She loves balls!   Of any kind!  The making of perhaps a Volleyball player or Basketball player?
Picture of great grand "papa" and Renee.  He is 101 years old, and his birthday is the same day as Renee's.  He always puts his gold cross on her when she sits with him .  She can't sit on his lap too long, but long enough for a picture.  He can't speak any English, but sure loves Renee!
Very interesting their history of coming to the US early during the VietNam conflict.  A fishing family that had all they owned in a little boat, then the camps they had to live in.  I need to hear the story again before I could tell it correctly.  A very brave family.  Floyd's stepdad was a boy when they came. 

Steve and Jessica went on a tour of a sugar cane mill.  Only two could go, so I stayed home and watched Renee.  A highlight of Steve's visit!  He always is interested in other ag businesses! 


While Steve and Jess were gone, Renee showed me that she could turn this on, and dance to the music.  
Oh so heavy!  lol


Outfit I made her is a little big, but she'll grow into it.  The pants a little long.

It's nice and warm, and will be good for her to wear all winter down there.

More pictures tomorrow!


steph said...

Oh mom I love the pictures, its so amazing how fast she's growing

misslynda said...

Renee is really, really beautiful. She is prettier than many who are in baby commercials and ads. Your outfit looks great on her.
We have a friend who came to the U.S. with her parents during the Vietnam conflict. The dad and mom split the children and took two different routes because they were not sure which was the safest. They hoped traveling that way would insure safety for some of the family - - - but they all made it. A church in Chattanooga sponsored them. They are precious, strong Christians who have gotten good educations and hold great jobs. Love them! - - - and maybe I already told you that story - - - - sorry if it's a repeat.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Renee is so cute in that outfit! She has grown..and getting cuter by the day! What fun for you to be able to spoil her for a little bit anyway! :)

Cyndi said...

Jo, Renee is absolutely beautiful. You all must be so proud! And I think the outfit you made is really cute on her!



Country Whispers said...

Looks like you had a great visit!
That outfit is darling on her.

Sybil said...

Thank you for sharing Renee with us again. She is such a gorgeous wee girl. what a lovely photo to of her G.Grandad..and a lovely story to go with it obviously his cross is important to him..
I also jusy love the way you change these "plates" etc into something even more useful.. I woudl just love to be at your craft fairs.
much Love Sybil xx