Sunday, September 18, 2011

Evening projects!

In the evenings after whatever we've been doing during the day I usually sit for awhile and try to watch tv.  Starting a crochet project that keeps my hands busy, and not my brain!    I've been making these kitchen hand towels that hang on the stove handle.  Found some cute thick towels and have a bunch to make up to put a towel in with gifts.  I like to make my towels with the double thickness instead of cutting the towel in half like most people do, and I buy the good towels where the image is not just painted on.  Here's a few of what I've done.  I've already given some cute pumpkin ones away, forgetting to take a picture.  Have some other ones for Christmas that aren't included in the picture.  This will also keep me busy in the car on our trip this week.

The hardest part is to find the cute towels at a reasonable price.  But if you watch the sales you can pick them up for $3.00 a piece instead of $6.00. 

A drizzly Sunday morning here.  Yesterday I was cleaning out the area under our basement steps.  That is an area that has been a catch all of left over paint cans (so they don't freeze in the winter months) and luggage keeper, old toy catch all and storage area for seasonal clothes.  There was a big tub of Christmas stuff still there too.  Went through everything, and now the paint cans will be moved out to the heated garage, and the Christmas stuff I went through and tomorrow I'm taking a load in to be donated to our local business that accepts donated stuff for resale. 
It feels good to get down to the bare bones of that storage area.  Now I'm going to have Steve put in some permanent shelves instead of the metal shelving that's in there now.  We need to  reinsulate a little and put up sheetrock in one area by the fuse box to cover the insulation there.  Another project for when we get home from Jessica's. 
Tomorrow, (Monday) I'll be packing, as we're leaving for Louisiana on Tuesday for a week.  We're driving down, so should see some nice trees turning color.  I enjoy our two day drive.  We get a lot of talking done!!!  Have too, as we're both STUCK with each other for a full two days!  With no one to referee!   hee hee!

Have a blessed Sunday, Jo

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cars and Bad Guys!

Growing up as a child in a small town, we lived on the 600 block of Main Street.  My parents had a business in the first block of our towns' main business area.  We never had new cars that I remembered, but as I grew older, I remember one I especially liked.  We got this different newer car, because the car we had  was stolen.  It ended up on the reservation, having been taken at night from in front of our house.  It was wrecked by its joy riders and so the next day or so Dad brought home this little red and white car.  I loved that car.  It was so cute - red, with a white top, and a white wide stripe on the sides.  The seats were leather and this was a a big step up from the old one, even if it was a used car.  I'm thinking I must have been about ten years old at the time.  My sister will correct me if I'm wrong!

I had to go on line to find a picture ~ you'll have to visualize that on our car, the blue color is red, and the top and stripe over the back wheel is white like this one below.  I remember our car also having been a 2 door hard top like this one.  The seats were white leather!  Wow!   Made me feel rich even though we weren't.  I remember how smooth that leather was, running my fingers up and down each seam in the seat!  Sure do wish I had this car now.  Isn't it cute!!
Found this picture on line, for sale now for $23,000.00.  All redone and just
like new.  Wonder what this car sold for new in 1954?  I couldn't find any pictures
of us near this car in any of the pictures I have, so I suppose there
aren't any to be had.

The next memory I have of this car is that it was also stolen.  I remember my mother being especially upset, as it took the police several days to find the car, and it too ended up on the reservation.  This time tho, there were people hurt.  There had apparently been a fight with the chains that were in the trunk and some wrenches, as the windows were all broken out, and there was blood everywhere.  I remember seeing the car and the dried up blood ruining the little car I liked so much.  No more going for Saturday ice cream cones at the local DQ after taking the garbage to the dump in our red and white chevy.  The next car we got, must not have impressed me, as I don't even remember what it was or looked like.  I'm sure it was a Chevy tho, because I remember my mom always saying they got all their cars from Enfields in Osage! 

Hubby has been gone a few days to a national hog show, the Austin Barrow show in southern MN, and a neighbor comes over and does the farm chores in the mornings and late afternoons.  When he came on Monday, he asked me if I'd heard the news of the neighbors car being stolen!  In fact there were several vehicles stolen recently in this area, and I hadn't heard that.   Anyway one was stolen in broad daylight in our little bird of a town of Osage.  A young man was visiting his mom and dad before he was leaving at 3 in the afternoon to head to ND to the oil fields for work, and when he went out the door to leave, his pickup truck was gone.  The joy ride and ruin of the vehicle ended north and west of town, with the pickup demolished (that would be about 2 to 3 miles north of  us as the crow flys. Then shortly after, another vehicle was stolen from the yard of a neighbor.  They must have walked or been picked up and given a ride to this second place.  You can't see the house or garage from the road, so it makes you wonder how these people case out their victims.  This car ended up northwest on the prairie about 10 miles from here, also ruined.  

I have heard we have some young gangs in the area and this worries me.  Are we turning into victims of their gang initiations?  I hope not, but you never know.  Probably just out partying and one thing leads to another.  This can happen ANYWHERE.  You don't have to be in a big city.  Apparently these two vehicles aren't the only ones, as I've heard of another vehicle and 4 wheeler having been stolen within the last 2 weeks.

We live so close to the road that it kind of scares me.  While hubby was gone I locked everything up at night and even had Odda sleep in the house.  Just like the feeling of having her with me, as she would be alerted if there was something going on outside.  I would like to think that she'd growl or bark if something aroused her, and then that would alert me.  She's such a lover that I haven't seen a mean side of her, but you never know what your dog would do if confronted by complete strangers at the wrong time of day or night.   We've had other dogs that by their breed, you know they are protective, but Odda's is such a lover that she'd probably just lick the bad guys, giving them kisses, and then (as if she could) probably hand over the keys to them!  

As I write this hubby is now home and went to bed dead tired!  I bet a tornado wouldn't wake him up ~ wonder if I should go let Odda in again!

Until next time, hugs, jo

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

September already!

What a busy, busy time it is!  I've been enjoying our wonderful weather by getting the yard and garden ready to sleep for the winter.  Was in Omaha and Fremont Ne for Labor Day weekend, so put over 1000 miles on the car.  Sister in law Kathy and I went to the wedding in Omaha and had a great time visiting with relatives.  We traveled pretty well together too!  My sister and I had a birthday, and enjoyed BD cake together with Leah and family and now I'm going to get some sewing out again.  I have a valance to make for a nephew and wife, and then valances to make for the local Community Center building.  We have a new building, and the noise echos as the space is so big and noise bounces off the ceiling and walls.  I'm going to make valances for the 6 large windows, and hopefully the material will help to absorb the noise.  Have other projects to work on too, but this has to be done first.Steve and I are also planning on a trip to Louisiana, leaving Sept 20th, and will be gone for a week.  We're driving down this time.  Can't wait to see our little Renee!  We'll be watching some volleyball games while we're there.  Jessica coaches and has 3 games while we're there.  Floyd will be home on his 14 days off, and Renee will be staying with us during the day instead of going to the babysitter.  Steve and I are both anxious to be there and spoil our littlest granddaughter for a few days.
Sister and I sharing birthdays together.  Hers is Sept 6th and mine Sept 7th; two years apart, with me the oldest!  I have only one sister, no brothers.  Hubby has 6 brothers and sisters!  I remember as a kid, that I always had wanted a brother!!!!  But with my sisters name as Georgia and mine as JoLynn, we were always called George and Jo, so do you spose our parents really had wanted boys?!?!?  hee hee!!  Actually we were pretty much tom-boys as kids.

In getting our yard done for the winter I was trimming  my pumpkin plants back because I only had ONE pumpkin!!!  Will be doing things different next year!    Hubby told me to trim off the extra flowers, so I was doing that.  Then one day last week, he said I should cut the end of plant off after my one pumpkin!   Did that.  I had planted 4 plants, thinking I'd get several good sized pumpkins.  Not!  Anyway, we decided to cut off the other three plants that weren't doing anything, but growing longer!!!   So I was following the plant back through the tall grass, etc. and snip, snip!  BUT, I'd cut the plant off with the one and only pumpkin!!!!!  darn!!!!  If I'd successfully cut the correct plants, this one and only pumpkin would have grown larger!   I'd so wanted a big pumpkin.  So I picked my little pumpkin (green) off and put it under the step to see if it would turn color.   I figured if Mr Frost came, if it was unter the step and still able to get sunlite, it wouldn't freeze, and maybe still turn orange!
So here's my pumpkin - at least it turned orange!!  So much for growing my own! 
I thought I had some pictures to show you the vines, but can't find them.  Enough whining about my single pumpkin and I think I'll now get busy working on my sewing projects for today. 

Hope you all have a great Friday ~ and weekend coming up!     Hugs ~