Sunday, September 18, 2011

Evening projects!

In the evenings after whatever we've been doing during the day I usually sit for awhile and try to watch tv.  Starting a crochet project that keeps my hands busy, and not my brain!    I've been making these kitchen hand towels that hang on the stove handle.  Found some cute thick towels and have a bunch to make up to put a towel in with gifts.  I like to make my towels with the double thickness instead of cutting the towel in half like most people do, and I buy the good towels where the image is not just painted on.  Here's a few of what I've done.  I've already given some cute pumpkin ones away, forgetting to take a picture.  Have some other ones for Christmas that aren't included in the picture.  This will also keep me busy in the car on our trip this week.

The hardest part is to find the cute towels at a reasonable price.  But if you watch the sales you can pick them up for $3.00 a piece instead of $6.00. 

A drizzly Sunday morning here.  Yesterday I was cleaning out the area under our basement steps.  That is an area that has been a catch all of left over paint cans (so they don't freeze in the winter months) and luggage keeper, old toy catch all and storage area for seasonal clothes.  There was a big tub of Christmas stuff still there too.  Went through everything, and now the paint cans will be moved out to the heated garage, and the Christmas stuff I went through and tomorrow I'm taking a load in to be donated to our local business that accepts donated stuff for resale. 
It feels good to get down to the bare bones of that storage area.  Now I'm going to have Steve put in some permanent shelves instead of the metal shelving that's in there now.  We need to  reinsulate a little and put up sheetrock in one area by the fuse box to cover the insulation there.  Another project for when we get home from Jessica's. 
Tomorrow, (Monday) I'll be packing, as we're leaving for Louisiana on Tuesday for a week.  We're driving down, so should see some nice trees turning color.  I enjoy our two day drive.  We get a lot of talking done!!!  Have too, as we're both STUCK with each other for a full two days!  With no one to referee!   hee hee!

Have a blessed Sunday, Jo


Loretta said...

Those kitchen towels are really adorable. Hope your trip here in Louisiana be a safe one. Some fires are still trying to start up again in the west. Enjoy your time together! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I love the towels - I wish that I had learned to crochet or knit when I was younger!
Hope you have a safe and wonderful trip; take lots of pics to share!

Country Gal said...

Love the kitchen towels ! I think we all have a catch all place in our homes lol know we do ! Looking forward to your trip I bet, Have a safe and fun trip cant wait for a post of it all ! Have a wonderful eve.

Lynda said...

We started listening to audio books on trips a couple of years ago. So far, we have only listened to Christian books. It does make the trip go faster.
Good for you with the cleaning when you didn't have to - - or were forced to. You are fortunate to have such a handyman husband.

Far Side of Fifty said...

When you get back I hope there are still some garage sales to go you can collect more stuff! Have a good trip..we have Odda on our calendar. Travel safely:)

Sweet Tea said...

Did you see me wave as you came into Louisiana?
I ordered up some milder weather for your visit - you can thank me later. ;-)

Nezzy said...

How preciously cute your evenin' projects turned out. Love those sweet towels sweetie.

You have a fun, safe trip girl.

God bless ya and have a fantastic fall weekend!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Your header pic is fantastic...I love my towel...