Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chalk Painting!

What you say?   Making chalk boards?   No  - - - - - -    Painting with a new paint by Annie Sloan from the UK.  It's called Chalk Paint and Leah and I went to Fargo for an evening class yesterday.  We each painted a picture frame, and learned about the paint.  It is water based and so easy to work with.  You can use this paint on anything without preparing the wood (no sanding of existing finish, etc.)  It can be used on metal, wood furniture, floors, walls, etc.  The paint is distributed in the US down in New Orleans in the French Quarter. 
All we needed to take to the class was a frame to paint.  I did the one on the left.  The base color is Primer Red, and it dries so quickly, that we had our frames done in less than 1 1/2 hours.  The second color is Duck Egg Blue.  After the second coat dried, we then sanded it lightly.  Leah's base color I believe is called Cocoa, and the top coat of paint is a white, but I can't remember the exact name.  After it's sanded, you use a wax paste, rubbed all over.  Left to dry overnight, and then polished with a soft cloth.  So easy.
   Katie and Leah, with Leah's finished frame.

Our great instructor Katie was so fun to talk to.  Leah and I were the only two in the class last night.  There was suppose to be more, but they didn't show; so that made it easier to really visit with Katie.   She and her hubby moved here from Georgia a few months ago.  She is anxiously waiting to experience a Fargo winter. I would say Katie is probably about Jessica's age, and in visiting with her, we also found out she is a Doula.  I did not know what that was, so we learned about her becoming a doula, what they do, etc. and she will be flying home to Georgia to be with her best friend when her 3rd baby is born in November.  

Here at the Eco Chic Boutique, there are many eco-friendly items for sale besides the paint and painting supplies.  There are baby cloths and accessories; eco-friendly cleaning supplies;  furniture already painted and upholstered; and jewelry; old luggage, some  already fancied up and some  ready for  you to do yourself. There are eco-friendly things for your pets too.   Leah and I are also going over to Fargo on Saturday to Eco Chic's sponsored Junk Market on Sept 22nd.  It is from 10 am to 4 pm.  Should be another fun day!

I've already started some other projects with the paint I purchased.  I'll show you as I get further along with that project!    

I hope you're all enjoying this cooler fall weather we've been having.  I know I am, except I'm tired of this very windy dry weather we're having.  Our fall colors won't be so pretty, as it is so dry here.  I'm enjoying the cooler evenings and being able to wear a sweat shirt once in awhile!  The only thing I dislike about autumn, is that winter is now right around the corner!