Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas --

Everywhere you go --

Love this frosty snowy weather!!!  Now we have a "little" snow cover, and the past couple of mornings and lasting throughout the day have been frosty and beautiful.  I did take some pictures, but somehow they don't do justice to the beauty around us.

Tomorrow  AM, getting up early to go shopping.  Taking camera with - may have slippery roads, and frosty snow laden trees.   We've had some mild weather, and now this weekend it is suppose to get cold.  Winter is now here!

Trying to get done with my shopping, and then need to finish up on baking!!! We're actually having kids home starting on the 27th, so get a couple of extra days than most of you to get ready. 

Hope you're all further along in your plans than I am!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Praying for all the broken hearts today!   What can we do to stop those with troubled hearts and minds  before more children and loved ones are killed? 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Another project done!

Just got done with oldest granddaughters gift.  She and TJ wanted a Christmas tree skirt, and I started it this past week.  Thought I'd better try it under our tree to see how it looked, so here we are sharing it with you!  Now I think I need to make our grandson one too, but maybe for next year.  Have some other projects that need to be finished first.   Boy Christmas is creeping up fast, and I won't be ready if I don't get some baking started, and house cleaning done!  Don't have any presents wrapped, and not sure if I'm all done with that either.   
Didn't use any pattern for this, other than it started out like some table toppers I've made in the past.  So when Amanda asked me to make one, she wanted to pick out the material.  I had no idea of how much to tell her to get.  So, after I started, I had to go buy more!  But I like how it turned out, and glad it's done.  I've always planned making some for my girls, but never did get that done.  I'll have to ask if they'd still like one too. 

We hardly got any snow out of the big storm that was suppose to hit.  It all went south of us, and we may have gotten just over an inch!  Now I'm sure we'll get the cold and wind that is to come.  I'm sure all the snowmobilers in the area are disappointed.  We really do need some more snow to insulate our homes and ground.

Now on to a new week - have a good one! 

Monday, December 3, 2012


Sunrise pictures!

These two pictures were two mornings a couple of weekends ago.   I stopped both mornings on my way to the craft show I was exhibiting in.


So it looks like this is going to work.  I finally found where I could change the size of the pictures, so did that manually to these two, and it's working!!!   
Thank you everyone for your help.     I did have a lot more written, but just don't feel like redoing that, so  here this is.  I got our Christmas tree up today, and ready to quilt Amanda's Christmas tree skirt.  I'll get a picture of that when done.  Lots of irons in the fire - and tomorrow and Thursday this week, I'll be at the elementary school volunteering time in getting ready for a Christmas shopping spree for the kids.  Will take pics, and explain it later.
Have a great evening!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

trouble posting new post

Having trouble posting a new post.  Can't publish here because won't take any more pictures, so tried thru Live Writer, and got it all typed, with pictures added, and when tried to post get error 403, forbidden!   dah!  don't know what I'm doing wrong.   do any of you have any suggestions!?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Jewelry Cleaner

 Found this recipe and have been wanting to try it.  Think I found it on Pinterest.  I do a lot of surfing on Pinterest - lots of good ideas.  Oh, it does say that the recipe is from wire-sculpture.com.

Like the person that posted it, I also couldn't believe how dirty my watch band and jewelry were.  You'll have to try it.  Here are also some before and after pictures.

Ingredients:  (we all have these on hand)
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon baking soda
1 tablespoon dish detergent (I used Dawn)
1 cup water
1 piece aluminum foil

1.  Heat water in the microwave for 1 or 2 minutes    (I did 2)
2.  Cut a piece of aluminum foil that roughly covers the bottom of a small bowl (cereal bowl)
3.  Pour hot water into the bowl.  Place salt, soda and dishwashing liquid into bowl.  Place jewelry in so it sits on top of the foil and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes.  (I used an old tooth brush and did around the stones of my rings and on the watch band).  Rinse jewelry in cool water and dry jewelry completely with soft cloth.  Discard solution after use and make a new batch next time.
4.  According to wire-sculpture.com, "this works well for gold-filled, brass, german (nickel) silver, and sterling silver.  I have even cleaned jewelry with freshwater pearls, shell cameos and mother of pearl with no problem.".

Before pictures:

Look how they all shine!!!!  My rings cleaned up so nice and I held my watch band into the water and used the tooth brush on that and it came out beautiful.  That was really dirty! 
So go ahead and clean your jewelry!!!
I also cleaned out my jewelry box and sorted some items to donate to the school.  We have a program where the elementary school give the kids paper money to shop for Christmas presents for their family members.  There are donated items for this shopping spree, and I have some new jewelry I've never worn that is going.  Also some good stuffed animals, etc.  This is an annual event at our elementary school and is so exciting for the kids.  Do you have something like this in your area?
Have a great Friday!  Jo

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A first!

Had a "first" happen to me today, and also learned from it!!!

No pictures, as I didn't have my camera with me.  Had played bells in church this morning, and before going home, I needed to get gas.  Decided when I was at the gas station to pay the extra and get the car washed, as I'm getting new tires tomorrow, and the car and under carriage is really dirty and muddy.  We've had rain, snow, and drizzle the past few days.  Thought I'd better take a somewhat clean car in when they have to work on it.  The car wash is my favorite in town.  It's a touchless, where no brushes touch the car, so it doesn't get scratched; and it cleans better than other car washes.  When paying your bill you get your number, then you drive around to the back of the station to enter your number, then like magic the garage door opens for you to enter.  Our temperature here this morning was in the 20's and I asked the clerk what is the cut off temperature when they don't have the car wash open.  She said they shut it down for winter when it is 10 degrees F.  So I'm sitting in the car and it goes through the wash cycle, rinse cycle, wax cycle, rinse cycle, and soft rinse cycle; and then the water etc. all shuts off and the drive out garage door ahead of you is suppose to open up and the blow dryers are suppose to come on and you're suppose to be able to pull ahead slowly through the dryers and out the door. - - - -  Well - the garage door didn't open up, nor did the blowers turn on.  I sat there a few minutes waiting, and then started to freak out, because I didn't remember putting my cell phone in my purse!!!!   I'm really bad at forgetting that darn phone at home.    You should have seen me pulling things out of my purse, because it was NOT in the usual pocket where it should be.    (remember - I was at a craft show yesterday - all day - and when I got home and after I unloaded the car and put stuff away, I was really tired!  So I had not used the cell phone last evening.  Anyway - did find it in the bottom of my purse - but it needed to be charged!!!  Lucky there was one little bar left showing how much battery life there was.  Not much, but enough for a couple of calls.  So then my next fear was how to I get ahold of the clerk inside the gas station.  I couldn't see a service door, (but I wasn't going to get out (yet) to look either!), so I found my gas receipt - thinking there would be a phone number by their name, etc. etc. --- NOT!  That's dumb! 
Then I had to decide who to call to get the gas station's phone number  -  Decided not to call the hubby, as he'd be out in the barn, would have to go to the house to get the number, he'd tease me, and it'd just take too long.  So I called daughter Leah and she found the number and didn't give me any crap.  The clerk came outside and went to the control room and got the door open, and got the blowers going.  So I once again was a happy girl and drove slowly through the dryers and out the door.  The next time I go in I'm going to suggest that they put their phone numbers on their receipts, and I'm going to ask them what I should do if this ever happens again and I don't have a cell with me!   Boy, I'd have filled my pants had my cell phone not been in my purse!!!

This is somewhat akin to being in an elevator when it stopped, and I was alone in it; in a strange city - Philly - and not knowing a sole!   That elevator was probably only stopped between floors for about 5 minutes before it started again.  I remember that vividly also.  I couldn't imagine being in one for any longer than that!

What I learned today is that I'm going to be more viligent about having my phone with me, in it's proper pocket, and fully charged!!!!   LOL  we'll see about that!   I'll try hard tho.  I don't like that helpless feeling.  I really was afraid to have opened the car door and step out for fear things would start up again and where do you go then!!!!   Visions of what ifs can be kind of funny!

Anyway - the craft show went fine,  pics tomorrow.  Will be doing another show next weekend.
I've been relaxing all day since I got home. 
Have a great week, Jo

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Putzer and Odda!

Goofy puppy!  He sure likes Odda, and doesn't leave her alone.  Here he is with a branch - HE is a Chewer!!!  We've never had a dog chew as much or as badly as he does!  Anything he can get his little mouth on!!!.   He has to balancethe branch on Odda and lean on her!  I'm sure she is trying to take a nap!!    Earlier this morning he had two of his dog bones laying on her back.

Pictures taken through the window.  My, they both look like drowned rats!  It's been raining here and is pretty sloppy out.  We had snow last night, but it must have warmed up during the night as it turned into rain, and is still coming down lightly.
Odda and I had company the other day - we had hunters here and their grandson came inside with me and Odda.  They had a good time.  Anyway, Blake did, Odda just accepted all his boyish antics and let him do whatever he wanted. 

I think Odda likes him too!!!
Both Steve and I voted this morning.  Now to see what happens.  Hope you all will be voting!
Have a great day! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

 Can't believe I've been gone so long.  Have been really busy crafting and getting ready for a craft show this coming weekend and the next.  I've taken a few pictures of things, but just haven't been in the mood to sit still long enough to post.  Thought I'd better let you know I'm still alive!!!

Have had my yearly check up with the doctor, and I'm doing great.  All blood work came out great.  Guess it was to my benefit to have lost a few pounds.  A few did creep back on, but I can still zip up my jacket, so I'm not too worried yet!   That sure is a terrible way to keep track of weight gain.  My scale is kaput - not working, so need to get a new one. 

Anyway here are some pictures:
Here are "boot cuffs" made out of faux fur.  Makes your boots look like you have muk-luks.  You can wear them with these Ugg style boots or any boots, even dressy boots.  Can be worn as leg warmers even with shoes!  Very messy to make.  When you cut into that fur material, there is stuff floating all over in the air! 
Then I've also been making more "endless scarves", long faux fur scarves and also painting and redoing some furniture pieces.
This is a planter.  Painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk paint and hand waxed it.  There are two of them.  One is not completely finished yet. 
My favorite of the endless scarves I've made.  This is grey knit with lace.  Have 20 plus other endless scarves that I've made out of various silks.  They are pretty too.
Here is the cream faux fur scarf, and there are black ones too!
I've been thinking I need to open an Etsy account and try to sell through there.  Have any of you had good luck with that?
Also have children's pillows and pillow cases.  They are cute too.  All packed up for Sat., so not digging them out to take another pic right now.  Will take some pics of the set up at the craft show for you. 
Glad I took a little break to write.  Should have done so sooner.  I need to get back into the swing of things and do some reading of blogs too.  Haven't even been good at that lately.  Altho, I have been following the news of the storm out east, praying for help for all in need.   Hope this finds all of you well and getting ready for winter to set in. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chalk Painting!

What you say?   Making chalk boards?   No  - - - - - -    Painting with a new paint by Annie Sloan from the UK.  It's called Chalk Paint and Leah and I went to Fargo for an evening class yesterday.  We each painted a picture frame, and learned about the paint.  It is water based and so easy to work with.  You can use this paint on anything without preparing the wood (no sanding of existing finish, etc.)  It can be used on metal, wood furniture, floors, walls, etc.  The paint is distributed in the US down in New Orleans in the French Quarter. 
All we needed to take to the class was a frame to paint.  I did the one on the left.  The base color is Primer Red, and it dries so quickly, that we had our frames done in less than 1 1/2 hours.  The second color is Duck Egg Blue.  After the second coat dried, we then sanded it lightly.  Leah's base color I believe is called Cocoa, and the top coat of paint is a white, but I can't remember the exact name.  After it's sanded, you use a wax paste, rubbed all over.  Left to dry overnight, and then polished with a soft cloth.  So easy.
   Katie and Leah, with Leah's finished frame.

Our great instructor Katie was so fun to talk to.  Leah and I were the only two in the class last night.  There was suppose to be more, but they didn't show; so that made it easier to really visit with Katie.   She and her hubby moved here from Georgia a few months ago.  She is anxiously waiting to experience a Fargo winter. I would say Katie is probably about Jessica's age, and in visiting with her, we also found out she is a Doula.  I did not know what that was, so we learned about her becoming a doula, what they do, etc. and she will be flying home to Georgia to be with her best friend when her 3rd baby is born in November.  

Here at the Eco Chic Boutique, there are many eco-friendly items for sale besides the paint and painting supplies.  There are baby cloths and accessories; eco-friendly cleaning supplies;  furniture already painted and upholstered; and jewelry; old luggage, some  already fancied up and some  ready for  you to do yourself. There are eco-friendly things for your pets too.   Leah and I are also going over to Fargo on Saturday to Eco Chic's sponsored Junk Market on Sept 22nd.  It is from 10 am to 4 pm.  Should be another fun day!

I've already started some other projects with the paint I purchased.  I'll show you as I get further along with that project!    

I hope you're all enjoying this cooler fall weather we've been having.  I know I am, except I'm tired of this very windy dry weather we're having.  Our fall colors won't be so pretty, as it is so dry here.  I'm enjoying the cooler evenings and being able to wear a sweat shirt once in awhile!  The only thing I dislike about autumn, is that winter is now right around the corner!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Straw bales!

It's that time of the year again!  Love late summer and going into fall when we get the combining done, and bale straw; when evenings cool off a little and days are still warm.   Preparing for another year with oats in the bin to be used this next season to mix with the peas and minerals, grinding up for hog feed each week.  We still had some oats in the bin, and the corn bin will be almost empty by the time the corn is ready.  Wish we'd get a little more rain.  Our yield on the corn is hurting now, with the cobs just not filling up well because of the heat and no rain.  Maybe we'll get some rain this weekend.

Last evening granddaughter Amanda and fiancee TJ, son-in-law Steven were here to bale hay.  Amanda and TJ are getting married in August 2013 and will be having an outdoor wedding.  She wants straw bales for everyone to sit on.  So they did the work.  Hubby Steve drove tractor.   After the straw was baled, Steve and Leah took it to their place to keep in the barn for the wedding.   Spose we could have waited until next year to bale it, but the wedding is in early August, so that brings it pretty close to their date, and they don't need to have that to worry about doing, so close to the wedding date.

 These pictures brings back memories of all us, our three girls, out there helping bale hay and straw to feed their horses and straw for bedding for them.  It was always fun, and of course as our girls got older and the boys were hanging around, there was extra help.  No one ever complained - it was expected that they helped and with everyone working together, and a big meal afterwards we all had a good time.  Ended up dusty and dirty, but a good bath cleaned you up just fine.  Always sat around and visited afterwards, just as we did last night.  We ended the evening with yummy pork burgers and fresh corn on the cob!  TJ had a bottomless pit - counted 3 pork burgers and several corn on the cob!!!  Oh to be young and to be able to eat as much as you want!   Love cooking when food is enjoyed!

Just starting out!

They each took turns - filled two hay racks, and then the rest of the straw will be make into the big round bales.

Of course, you can't bale straw without the twine breaking a few times!!!!   Look at the bird in the sky in this picture.  There were hundreds of black bird or crows in our row of trees and they scared them out.   Next picture shows "some" of them.  They've been getting fat on the oats that were on the ground and before combining.

Makes for a weird picture.  With all the different flying patterns!

Odda waits patiently for me and always by my side when I'm outside.  We've let her in the house many days this summer because of the heat.  She had hot spots, and I had to cut her hair around those spots, so they'd heal up.  Now the hair is coming back, and we've been keeping her cool, and she was on some meds also so she would leave the sores alone.  They itched so bad, that she was constantly biting and chewing at them.  I felt so bad for her - but now she is doing good.

Here's our pup Putzer!  He is now about 6 months old.  Still pesters Odda all the time, that's why I can't seem to get a good picture of them together just sitting.  That doesn't seem to happen.  Putz is always wanting to play. 

Thanks for stopping by, and hope you're having a good week. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hungry babies!

Daily I've been checking one of the bird houses that wrens have made a home in and have some (don't know how many) babies.  They are now getting bigger, and also stick their heads out when food is coming.  It is hard to tell if  Momma is in there with them.   I've been busy trying to get my weeding caught up and have enjoyed watching them.  They are noisey little things!

Have a great day!  It's a beautiful warm day here today. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Jo

Sunday, July 8, 2012

More pictures of Renee - Trip to Minnesota and on the way home, stop at Auntie Steph and Cullen's.  Renee got to help on her little farm, and ride horses!
Her own little hay ride with Spotty.  Steph and Cullen enjoyed having company for a few days. 

I'm sure I can hear her say, "I can do it!" 
Renee and Steph on a trail ride.  Look at the "new" cowboy boots Renee got from her Auntie and Uncle!

Isn't that just the cutest! 

While at Steph's, they went two days on trail rides.  Bet Jess and Floyd were pretty sore after two days of riding!  Now that is all that Renee talks about - every horse she sees now, is named "Skoal", or "Fatboy"! 
Here she is at our house with Jessica's old horse "Jack"  now 25 years old.  Looks as spry as ever!  He now is other Amanda's (other granddaughter) horse and when Jessica is home, he comes to stay here for a few days. 

Lots of green pasture for Jack, and see the two beef cows in the background.  Now also have two new calves.  I haven't been close to them yet.
See how Jack's ears are listening to her, she is pulling the reins a little and saying "back" "back".  telling him to back up.  Wish Jack could live another 20 years to teach this little girl all the basics of riding.  He is such a good horse.  We'll see, maybe he can live another 6-8 years. That will surely be a very tough time when he goes to horse heaven.  He has been such a great part of the girls lives.

Got to talk to Renee this morning on the phone.  At least she said a few words to me.  Most of the time she doesn't like to talk.  But today she said she loved me "more", when I told her I loved her!
Sure do miss them - a whole bunch!  Wish they lived closer.

A busy week here.  Hubby, Steve has been working every day at the county fair at the pork producers booth.  They sell pork burgers, taco in a bag and hot dogs, pop, and chips.  They have been there every day, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat and now Sunday.  He is one very tired guy.  The pork producers use the money they make to put back into 4-H'ers pockets.  At the livestock auction, they buy the premium for kids pig projects.  That way, the kids get a reward for their year's project and have money for next years project.  They support 3 county fairs with the proceeds from their pork booth.
Hard work, but something he enjoys doing.  Gets to visit with a lot of folks.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We got some badly needed rain early Monday evening.  After 100 degree weather during the day, we had a storm come in, loosing power for just over a 1/2 hour; hard rain and wind.  The sunset sky after the storm was very pretty.  Then I checked my garden, and had to set up the chairs that the wind blew off the deck.  Spose tomorrow will also be hot and muggy.  Is that the kind of weather you have been experiencing also?
Checking out the garden earlier today.  Still have birds in the houses.  I'm not sure what kind of bird this is.
The daiseys were standing up pretty good before the storm.
Almost flat.  The ones standing have something in from of them! Oh well, that's what weather does.  No worse than the dogs stomping in through the garden.
I noticed the pretty sunset when I put the dogs in the kennel for the night.  Then walked out west past everything, to the open field to get some more pictures.
Don't think I've seen such a pretty sunset in awhile. 

Good night Sun!

Today was Renee's Birthday. She is 3 years old!   We did celebrate when they were here too, but they celebrated this evening with other grandparents in Louisiana tonight.  Mommy and Daddy got her a little Mustang Barbie car - a two seater so a friend can ride along!  She's going to love this little car.  Sure am missing her.

Off to bed I go - another late night.  Had charlie horses last night  that woke me up.  They hurt so darn bad.  Made sure I drank a lot of water today, and took two  potassium pills instead of one today.  So lets see how tonight goes.  I think if I ever have an attack of some sort and scream out in the night, Steve would sleep through that too.  I'm sure I moaned last night because it hurts so bad, and I can't get them rubbed out.  Had them in my thigh on one leg, and the calf on the other at the same time!  I try pushing my heel, etc. but that just didn't work.  Almost makes me not want to think of going to bed.   Plus I have about 10 canker sores on my tongue that hurt like H...   Had to go to the dentist today to get regular check up and teeth cleaned, etc.  The doc noticed, as well as the hygeniest and said they had something to give me.  But as I was leaving, everybody, including myself, forgot about getting it.  I'm on the down hill of the canker sores, so will just keep doing what I have been.  Salt water rinses, glyoxide rinses and another tube of goop for canker sores that I've been using that make them hurt like H... for awhile after I put it on.  Oh, then the dentist found a cavity (been having trouble w/hot and cold on the left upper back side.  But couldn't pin point to what tooth was the problem.  The xray today did tho, and the dentist wants me to go to an Orthodontist to have it pulled, as there is no tooth on the bottom , and she says it's useless.  So will have to check into that too.  yuk.  Hate going to the dentist!
Well Good night everyone - have a good Tuesday!