Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We got some badly needed rain early Monday evening.  After 100 degree weather during the day, we had a storm come in, loosing power for just over a 1/2 hour; hard rain and wind.  The sunset sky after the storm was very pretty.  Then I checked my garden, and had to set up the chairs that the wind blew off the deck.  Spose tomorrow will also be hot and muggy.  Is that the kind of weather you have been experiencing also?
Checking out the garden earlier today.  Still have birds in the houses.  I'm not sure what kind of bird this is.
The daiseys were standing up pretty good before the storm.
Almost flat.  The ones standing have something in from of them! Oh well, that's what weather does.  No worse than the dogs stomping in through the garden.
I noticed the pretty sunset when I put the dogs in the kennel for the night.  Then walked out west past everything, to the open field to get some more pictures.
Don't think I've seen such a pretty sunset in awhile. 

Good night Sun!

Today was Renee's Birthday. She is 3 years old!   We did celebrate when they were here too, but they celebrated this evening with other grandparents in Louisiana tonight.  Mommy and Daddy got her a little Mustang Barbie car - a two seater so a friend can ride along!  She's going to love this little car.  Sure am missing her.

Off to bed I go - another late night.  Had charlie horses last night  that woke me up.  They hurt so darn bad.  Made sure I drank a lot of water today, and took two  potassium pills instead of one today.  So lets see how tonight goes.  I think if I ever have an attack of some sort and scream out in the night, Steve would sleep through that too.  I'm sure I moaned last night because it hurts so bad, and I can't get them rubbed out.  Had them in my thigh on one leg, and the calf on the other at the same time!  I try pushing my heel, etc. but that just didn't work.  Almost makes me not want to think of going to bed.   Plus I have about 10 canker sores on my tongue that hurt like H...   Had to go to the dentist today to get regular check up and teeth cleaned, etc.  The doc noticed, as well as the hygeniest and said they had something to give me.  But as I was leaving, everybody, including myself, forgot about getting it.  I'm on the down hill of the canker sores, so will just keep doing what I have been.  Salt water rinses, glyoxide rinses and another tube of goop for canker sores that I've been using that make them hurt like H... for awhile after I put it on.  Oh, then the dentist found a cavity (been having trouble w/hot and cold on the left upper back side.  But couldn't pin point to what tooth was the problem.  The xray today did tho, and the dentist wants me to go to an Orthodontist to have it pulled, as there is no tooth on the bottom , and she says it's useless.  So will have to check into that too.  yuk.  Hate going to the dentist!
Well Good night everyone - have a good Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Oh mom ouch, I feel for u, so sorry u can't look forward to going to sleep. I hope takin that second potassium pill helped. Glad to hear u got rain. Love steph

Far Side of Fifty said...

I think you need calcium..try a couple of tums as they have calcium in them..when you get a charley horse point your toes to your nose..that sometimes works for me. You sound like a wreck..:(

Sharon said...

I am happy to hear that you got some much needed rain. We could sure use some here also.'
I know what you mean about the charlie horses at night. I have been having them also and they sure do hurt.
Have a safe 4th

West Side of Straight said...

YA, i think i'm a wreck too! I do point my toes toward my nose! I do take a lot of calicum too.

Sweet Tea said...

Those cramps are the WORST! I haven't had them in years, but I remember what they feel like...Loved the photo of the bird at the birdhouse. The only thing that nests in my birdhouses are wasps! YUK!