Monday, July 2, 2012

Jess, Floyd and Renee made it home safe and sound about 6 pm today (Sunday).  She said it is very hot there too!  I'm sure getting home and being able to sleep in their own bed will feel great tonight.  I'm about ready to go to bed here too.  Have a lot of picture to share with you, so here a few more.
 My header picture is of one of the kites we flew one windy afternoon here on the farm.  Jess and Renee were flying this one, and the one I tried to keep in the air was sure a dud!  It'd stay up a little while and then take a dive!  Can't believe how bad I was at flying it - don't usually have that kind of trouble!  Consequently I don't have a picture of that kite!

Fish and Turtle Kite!

I watched Renee one afternoon while everyone else was gone, and she helped me in the garden. We picked some flowers and these were the last of the peonies. 4 nice big fluffy pink ones. I didn't have as many peonies this year. Must have been due to the dry fall and no snow this past winter.  I'm glad they lasted a long time in the vase. Rene also picked some daiseys that were just starting to flower. Here are pictures of their demise.

After picking some daisies, she tried to pick/snap off a marigold.  That just ended up with her pulling up the "whole" plant.  So after replanting the marigold she was content to quit with just the daisies.
She put them in her own little container.  Didn't want to leave them alone, so I let her continue!
Some of her flowers didn't have very long stems, and she just pulled the flowers off the stem!
So then she starts suffing her hand into the little vase, pushing the flowers into the water.  She was having fun.
TaDa!  All nicely stuffed into the glass!!!   Then she wanted to start in on the peonies, but I wouldn't let her.  I wanted to enjoy them a little longer!  So we kept her flowers on the table the rest of the day so she could show everyone what she picked!
Later that evening, granddaughter Amanda and TJ came by.  We had been waiting for them, as other family members were already here, and we were sitting out by the garage wondering why they were so late.  But they came and had special news for us all.  TJ had just proposed to Amanda and she sure wasn't expecting it.  He'd told her he had wanted to stop at the lake and jump in for a short while to cool off.  They were at the dock and Amanda was sitting on the dock w/feet in the water, and he kept asking her to stand up, and she wouldn't.  So finally he just asked her, and as she was telling us the story, she said she jumped up and told him to re-ask her so he could get down on his knee!  It was a cute story, and they are so happy.  Her ring is beautiful.  That evening she just couldn't stop smiling, and even had a tummy ache.  Think her nerves were catching up!
Proud and happy Mom and Dad.  TJ had talked to them previously, but they hadn't known when he was going to ask Amanda.  Now the fun begins of planning a wedding.    
We ended that evening by playing a few games of bean bag pitching.  I think Amanda and Jessica came out the winners.
Hope all my Canadian friends enjoyed "their" day today, and we will have a busy week and also celebrate on Wednesday the 4th!

Have a great week everyone!  


Muffy's Marks said...

Granddaughter, flowers and an engagement, what a wonderful weekend you had.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You have had a busy few weeks! Congrats to the happy will be a great year! :)