Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm still Here!

About Time I Do Something!   I know it's been so o o o  long since I've posted.  Seems like yard work had called me, and the whole month of June was very busy, but that is no excuse, as I didn't write much in May either!   So Sorry. 

The kids have come and gone, and are now on their way home.  They left our house on Wed, and stayed the night at grandson's Blake and Dena's, and then Thursday went further south to our middle daughter Stephani and Cullens.  They will leaving tomorrow (Sat.) to head back to Louisiana.  I know they'll stop another night, but I'm not sure where that will be.  Traveling with  Renee, they will stop and have a little fun, I'm sure.
We did have a good time here.  (Renee would have said in her little voice "I surely did have fun!")  She has incorporated the word, sure and surely into her sentences quite appropriately.  She talks so grown up - but of course why not!  No baby talk there. 

Busy time we had.  Had all the local relatives out one night for a potluck and early birthday party for Renee.  It rained that evening, so we were all in the garage.  That was the only really cold evening we had.  The temps were nice every day and coolish every evening for good sleeping.  Sure beats the HOT Louisiana summer temps.
Went to Duluth MN and up the North Shore visint Split Rock Lighthouse, Gooseberry Falls, Cascade River Falls, and on up to Grand Marais MN.   We were not far from the Canadian border, but all of us were too weary to drive ANY further!  Got some great pictures.   Saw some road damage from the extensive rains and flooding that the Duluth area had and where the rushing water on the rivers carried trees and mud out to Lake Superior.  There were even bridges washed out and a few detours.  But we got to our cabin on Lake Superior.  Stayed at Dodges Log Lodges with the best view.   We even built a little fire at night right below our cabin on the big rocks of the shoreline.  Beautiful views and so relaxing.
Here's some pictures of our trip.
Renee on the deck at the cabin.  Getting so big.  She will be 3 on July 2nd.
Jess, Floyd and Renee on the rocks - we had a fire and roasted marshmallows.
Renee with us oldies!  Can't believe how stiff and sore I was from all the walking and climbing we did sightseeing.  After sitting there on the rocks, it was hard for us both to get UP!  hee hee! 

Didn't get this posted earlier as I pushed enter, and everything disappeared.  We were gone for awhile this evening getting things cleaned up at the fair for the pork booth, where the club sells Pork Burgers,  Taco's in a Bag, and Hot Dogs.  So now I've sat at the computer again and searched and found that what I'd started had not disappeared entirely!

A couple of weeks ago I had major computer problems and it locked up.  After debating what to do about the computer, I waited until we were inbetween company, and called the toll free number  of my virus protector for the computer.  They were a lot of help, and said that that particular week and weekend, they'd gotten calls from all over the world.  Some crazy stuff was happening, and the guy (and he could speak english very well) walked me through changing some settings, and now our computer is a-o-key!.  I will definately call them again when things start slowing down.

Grandpa and I with Renee below the Splitrock Light House on the shore of Lake Superior.  This was built in 1909/1910 and no roads to get there, so supplies and building materials, etc. were pulled up the cliff from boats to the area where they built the lighthouse and keepers homes.  It is a very interesting history.  Later years, there was a dock in the area where we are sitting and then they built a trolley up the side.  I'll show you pics of the area.
The steps that take visitors now down to the lake.  The remains of the pillars that supported the trolley up the hill is where Renee is sitting.

Our little fire and roasting marshmallows our last evening there.

 I have many more pictures of our trip, and the 10 days they were here.  So  I'll be posting more often!!!!

I need to get back into the swing of things, and read friends blogs too.  We'll have an empty house again now for awhile, so I can get caught up on some crafting and blogging.  Have a lot of things to get caught up on.   Hope you're all having a great weekend.  Happy Summer to you!


Lynda said...

Time with family is precious and it is right you dropped everything to spend each minute with them! The pics show what a great time you had in a beautiful, beautiful part of God's World. It's hard to imagine needing a jacket at night. We are just praying to get below 100 degrees during the day right now in TN.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You still can blog!! So glad to see Renee and Jess when they were here..what a doll! I hope you are all rested up! :)

Anonymous said...

What a great post, after you took a break for a while. Love the pictures. Rest up, take care, & have a Happy 4th!!
Phyl P.

Khristina aka Khris said...

Looks like a lovely place...I must google where this is...hubby and I are heading to the States for a 12 week road trip later this year and I am still googling places that might be along our track to visit...hugs Khris