Saturday, April 28, 2012

A dogs life!

 Took the dogs to Steph's this past weekend.  A long ride, but they do well.  Stopped twice to let them out and for a little walk.  Hate having two on a leash, especially when Puttzer (the pup); even though he is good on the leash, goes every way buy straight ahead!  Have to be careful not to trip on him.   Soon will be working more with him on the leash.  He does really well with sit and stay.  When I walk out to get the mail, I have them sit and stay on the deck and they do wonderful!  They both do well, if I'm around and remind them to sit and stay on the deck or next to it when someone drives into the driveway.  Wonder if it'll ever get to be a habit for them. 

Odda sleeping using a rock for a pillow!!!!    She was pooped ~ playing with Steph's 5 dogs and Puttzer!  I tried to get all the dogs cornered for a group picture, but didn't have help at the time, and it didn't happen!
Neighbors Gene and Connie came to visit after we got home, and Odda was so happy to play with Gene!  She's so happy!!!
Yes, I need to take more pictures of the pup~

We have our yearly Project Pig Sale tomorrow at a town about 70 miles away, so a busy time!  It will be a long day tomorrow.  I do the clerking for the auction and daughter and others help.  Then after the sale, figure the expenses, and get everything deposited and figure out how much each seller gets, etc. etc.  So I'll be glad when I'm all done.
A chilly day here today, with just a little warmer tomorrow.   I started on yard work the other day, but now it's just too chilly.  Trees are trying to open up their leaves, but things just are at a standstill I think.  Need some nice warm rain and sunshine again.
Have a great weekend!   Jo

Friday, April 27, 2012

Steph's 40th Birthday!

Our daughter Stephani had her 40th birthday on Sunday!  Leah and I were busy Saturday with a small craft show, so Steve and I left for Steph's after I got hone late Sat. afternoon.  It is a 5 hour drive to Steph and Cullen's in southern Minnesota.  They live about 6 miles south of Pipestone on an 11 acre little farm.  Their is house is very old and needs a lot of work, but is very comfortable.  They have quarter horses, and she and Cullen are busy ALL of the time with their horses, and attending gaming and  team penning events.  She also trains horses, breeds quarter horses and give riding lessons.  This is on top of holding down a full time job in Sioux Falls SD.  Both ride together to work, she at Excel Energy and Cullen is a diesel mechanic just down the road from where Steph works. 

They have done so much to this little farmstead since they've been married (4 years come May).  They have installed new fencing, tore down rotten out buildings, fixed horse stalls and made a nice riding area.  Now this spring they've had the chicken coop removed, and cleared out trees from the grove to start building an indoor riding arena. 

                                                At the  Pipestone National Monument 
Pipestone - a soft quarried stone that peace pipes are carved and sanded from.  The art work made of pipestone is beautiful and when polished is a deep dark red.  We watched an artisan work on one, and he is so proficient it only takes him 3 hours to make a plain pipe.  He was working on one with a buffalo head.  I didn't dare ask if I could take his picture - should have.   There was beautiful turtles carved and all kinds of pipes from little to big. 

Sunday afternoon we visited the Pipestone National Monument.  (this week all National Parks are open for early visitors for a free week)  Steph and Cullen had not yet visited this park either, so we had a good afternoon learning about how this area was used by Native Americans from all over the US coming to this area to quarry for pipestone to make their peace and ceremonial pipes.  The area is still quarried, but only by Indians, and all by hand.  Just like their ancestors used to quarry pipestone.  Pipestone is a soft stone many layers deep in the earth, and the documentry movie we watched first was so informative.  Then we walked the Circle Trail.  There are numbered markers along the trail and if you're smart enough to have picked up the little trail booklet describine features at each of the markers you'll learn more about the area!  Of course we didn't see the booklets, and met up with others that had one.  That family said they'd been there 4 different times, and this was the first time they'd used the booklet.  It was great information!  I picked up the booklet AFTER the walk and we intend to go back another time to check things out closer!  Early spring here and the trees just starting to bud. 
Stephani on the walkway below the falls.  This is Winnewissa Falls.  An 1870 view of the falls in the booklet shows two levels of falls, but in the early 1900's the falls were lowered about 8 feet by blasting the rim, creating 18 additional acres of tillable land for an Indian School at that time.
Steph and Cullen on the top trail.
A flooded quarry that won't dry out until late summer.  Visitors are not allowed to go into the areas that are being quarried now.  Spring snow run off fills the quarries, so most of them aren't being quarried until late summer and into the fall.  It takes many years digging off the top soil, the layers of quartzite.  The vein of pipestone that we saw in one quarry was only about 12 inches, with overlying Sioux quartzite.  Chopping and cutting through that is very hard.
There were some pictorial markers along the way.  This was Cullens first time here too, and he is part Indian.  His uncle is one of the carvers that here, and he didn't even know that!  I think he was very moved by this big of history that he wasn't all that familiar with.  The prairie land around the quarry is considered sacred ground, and years ago when different Indian tribes came to quarry the pipestone, they camped on higher ground to the west and north and only entered the quarry area for the obtaining pipestone.  The general belief held by many Americn Indians is that the stone was formed from the flesh and blood of their ancestors.  Pipestone National Monument is the only location where Indians have quarried the red pipestone and still quarry today.  There are several ceremonies held here yearly when Indians come from all over. 

So we all enjoyed our afternoon walk at this park.  Driving by, you wouldn't even know it is there.  Prairie land around and I can't wait to go back some time this summer to see the different colors of the grasses and with the trees all with leaves, it should look a little different.

Sunday evening then we went out to supper and Mad Mary's in Flandreau SD.  Yum, the food is so good there.  Then Steph wanted to go to the casino there to the Birthday Booth.  She won $42.00 to use there and with her money left from last year, she had over $70.00 to play with.  Of course, none of us won anything!  But we had a good time.   (It's not very often that we go to a casino-too hard to lose hard worked for money!)

So we had a great time with Steph for her birthday!  I'll post more pictures another day.  It's not letting me do any more here now.

Have to go to the doc today to hear my blood test results - will share that with you too.
Hope you're all having a great day!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Odda & Putzer pic!

Think they are now both content with each other!  Whoopee!

We have a red tennis ball that was Hooch's, and puppy is going to be another dog that will fetch!  Already is going after the red ball and bringing it back.  This morning when I was out with both dogs, Odda now decided that she will also chase the red ball!   Did it several times.  I think she didn't really want to share it with Putzer, so decided she better get in the game!    Took this picture after playing awhile.

When I walked out to the mail box, Odda sat and stayed on one command, and it took about 4-5 to get puppy to sit and STAY, but he did!   Twas so proud of both of them!

Won't be long and puppy will be sleeping in the outside kennel with Odda.   His hair is growing so long, and he is growing.  Will weigh him on Monday again.  Need to take to the vet for shots too.  So will be taking a trip to the vet next week.

With this early spring, Steve has is peas in the ground already!   So hard to believe!  Makes one wonder what our summer is going to be like.  Afraid it's going to be a dry one, but praying for nice rains to come yet this spring, and summer.

Have a great Easter weekend everyone!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Great Babysitter!

 Odda is now filling in as the "Great Babysitter".  She has now taken a liking to little Putzer, and is his guardian.  I am now happy!    The first 2 weeks was rough for Odda.  She was running away every day for a week, and we'd have to go find her.  Well, now puppy is big enough to pester her and they play a little and both lay around relaxing.  Sometimes tho, Putzer takes a walk on his own, and ends up out of sight.  Yesterday he was on the other side of the driveway and behind the old pump house, just snooping and have a great time.  By the time I'd walked over there, I was getting a little frightened!  There are big hawks and eagles in our area, and this little pup would be a choice meal.   That thought just makes me nervous!  Odda was still laying on the deck, not too worried.

Here are some new pictures.
Of course, I'm having to take pictures through the door window!  If either one sees me, the picture taking doesn't happen.  They're up and coming to me!  So my pictures won't be the best quality, as my windows haven't been washed yet this spring.
Putzer's little paw isn't as big as one of Odda's toe pads!

A nice spring day here in Minnesota!  Soon I'm going need to be out raking and in the flower garden.  Lots of work to do.  We get a lot of little rocks in the yard, after Steve moves snow in the winter.  That is the biggest pain of all, getting rid of those rocks before we have to start mowing.
Happy Spring!!!!!!