Saturday, April 28, 2012

A dogs life!

 Took the dogs to Steph's this past weekend.  A long ride, but they do well.  Stopped twice to let them out and for a little walk.  Hate having two on a leash, especially when Puttzer (the pup); even though he is good on the leash, goes every way buy straight ahead!  Have to be careful not to trip on him.   Soon will be working more with him on the leash.  He does really well with sit and stay.  When I walk out to get the mail, I have them sit and stay on the deck and they do wonderful!  They both do well, if I'm around and remind them to sit and stay on the deck or next to it when someone drives into the driveway.  Wonder if it'll ever get to be a habit for them. 

Odda sleeping using a rock for a pillow!!!!    She was pooped ~ playing with Steph's 5 dogs and Puttzer!  I tried to get all the dogs cornered for a group picture, but didn't have help at the time, and it didn't happen!
Neighbors Gene and Connie came to visit after we got home, and Odda was so happy to play with Gene!  She's so happy!!!
Yes, I need to take more pictures of the pup~

We have our yearly Project Pig Sale tomorrow at a town about 70 miles away, so a busy time!  It will be a long day tomorrow.  I do the clerking for the auction and daughter and others help.  Then after the sale, figure the expenses, and get everything deposited and figure out how much each seller gets, etc. etc.  So I'll be glad when I'm all done.
A chilly day here today, with just a little warmer tomorrow.   I started on yard work the other day, but now it's just too chilly.  Trees are trying to open up their leaves, but things just are at a standstill I think.  Need some nice warm rain and sunshine again.
Have a great weekend!   Jo


Lynda said...

Odda is such a beautiful dog and from what you have written, also has a fantastic personality.
Our weather has everything in bloom. In fact, the A/C cut on this afternoon due to the warmer temps.
Hope everyone does well financially tomorrow and it's a great time of fellowship with friends, too.

West Side of Straight said...

Thanks Lynda! Nice to hear from you, and I have gotten so bad at blogging, but haven't forgotten you wonderful friends! Ya, love Odda to pieces. She is a big lover, and loves attention. When I sit down, she comes and bugs me, making sure I pet her!! Have a great weekend and yes,we'll have a good Sunday too. jo

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good photo..yes you know we love your dogs almost as much as you do! Have a good sale tomorrow! :)

Nezzy said...

Oh Miss Jo, that picture of Odda zonked out on that rock was a hoot. She must of been 'really' tired!

That's kinda the way I felt at the end of the day yesterday! Heeehehehe!

I can't for the life of me get Pepper Nipper to 'stay' but I'm workin'!

God bless ya sweetie and have yourself one beautiful day! :o)

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