Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A busy Wednesday!

A great end of year give away at  Melissa's  Creating From the Heart blog.  Check it out.  I would love to win, as part of the giveaway is a great gift card for Michael's.  Who doesn't like to shop at Michaels and get all you need for the next craft you're going to work on!

The giveaway is Jan 1st!  So be sure to visit her blog!

A little warmer here today in northern Minnesota!  We need snow badly to cover our cold cold ground! 
I'd sure like a white Christmas again this year.  Our Louisiana kids will be home for Christmas, and daughter and hubby and dogs from southern Minnesota will be here too.  With Leah and her family and their kids home, we'll have great fun.  I'm now feeling better (but still can't hear out of my right ear!).  Hope no one else gets sick for the holidays.  Little Renee is just getting over a bug too.  She threw up last night, so Jess stayed home today with her.  Our neighbors have been sick too, and I visited with Connie tonight on the phone.  They've had a lot going on too.  So we got caught up on each others doings, and hope we're all on the mend and stay well the rest of winter.

I'm not ready with my gifts yet either.  Still sewing some and have more to do.  I've been making Chai Tea Mix for gifts.  Love that mix, it is so good.    Kind of expensive to make, but once you have the supplies, it is fun to make.  Leah and I have our last craft show on Saturday.  Then maybe I can get our tree up and get the house ready for company and Christmas!

Hope you're all well ~ take care, Jo

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November almost gone!

At the gulf of the Mississippi!
I was excited to get a picture here, as in Minnesota, we live about 25 miles from the source of the Mississipi River.  It is within a Minnesota State Park visited by thousands every year. 

I think I've lost a month!  I've got loads of things to get done before Christmas, and the month of November is usally when I'm getting things all finished ~ in a normal year.  Not this year.  Since October I've been busy crocheting and doing some small crafting for a couple of little craft shows that Leah and I are a part of.  I should be done ~ but I'm not.
I was in Louisiana with Jessica from the 11th through the 15th to help take care of Renee during volleyball tournaments.  We were in New Orleans for a couple of days.  The team that Jessica coaches won the state tournament last year, and made it back again this year, but didn't get past their first game.  Jess had felt that they could do it again, but that particular day just didn't work for the girls.  You know so much pressure is put on kids, that we have to remember - they're still kids!  Even though they didn't move up in the state tournament, they still had a wonderful year!   Just to make it to be able to play at the state tournament is something great!  Great season girls! 
Jessica telling the server where to serve the ball.

Since our stay was cut short in New Orleans we went to the French Quarter one morning, planning on spending the whole day!  I was very impressed.  Nice and clean and so fresh.  People very friendly and not overly crowded.  So in my book, this would be a great time to visit there.  We went on a horse and buggy narrated tour of the French Quarter.  Very interesting.  Renee loved the ride, but then got a little tired of sitting still and played under the blanket covering our legs!

 Then we walked and toured the Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis Kind of France.  It was founded in 1718, established as a parish in 1720 and designated a Basilica in 1964.  It is beautiful inside and out!!!!  Went into some shops and bought a few things, and then started to enter the area of the Open Market.  I wanted to spend some time there to see everything.
Standing outside the Cathedral looking up!

It's hard to believe how this could have been built in 1718! 

 Stopped to run and play and eat an ice cream bar in the church garden.

I now wish I would have bought this cute hat!  We had fun trying them on!

Renee was getting tired by then, so we stopped to get some food and each of us girls, Jess, friend Molly and me, were going to get a drink.  They were so pretty!!!!  Well, I don't drink, and instead of ordering a non-alcohol drink, I was going all the way and ordered a Strawberry Marguarita.  It tasted very good.  I had taken 3 sipps!   (really should have a picture of this, but don't)  And then my elbow bumped the drink and it fell off the table - right on me!!!!!!    I had been helping Renee with her chili, and guess it wasn't meant for me to finish my drink!  I had hot pink ice and drink all over my shirt, down the front, and in my lap and both legs!   It was cold and  so wet!!!  I was very mad at myself, because this was going to cause our day trip to be cut off SHORT!!!!!   We wiped stuff up the best we could, and started to walk back to our car, that was parked quite a ways off.  Back to the area close to the Mississippi river walker area.  I looked pretty silly - all wet and still PINK!  When we got to the car, thank goodness we had luggage and extra clothes, so I could change.  I didn't care who saw, I stood inside the open door way and changed out of wet clothes to something dry.  The girls thought this was pretty funny!
So our day was cut short at the French Quarter.  I do want to go back, and see more.
I have more pictures and will share them later.  Since I've been home I was busy that first week back with crafting, making a mess and then I got sick on Tuesday the 21st!  Spent the first 3 days in bed, not getting up to lay on the couch or anything.  So that's sick for me!   Totally missed Thanksgiving
and still sick.  Went to the doctor yesterday and I am now taking meds for my bad ear ache (very bad ear infection) and a cough that I sometimes just can't catch my breath or stop.  So strong cough liquid med for that.  It started out as a sinus infection.  Throughout the years I would get this a couple of times a year as I was growing up and usually yearly as an adult, except I haven't been this bad for several years.  I think the plane ride may have contributed a little.  My ears gave me fits when I was flying.  Seems kind of bad for an old lady to have an ear infection!!!!  hee hee!
Anyway, I now hope I'm on the mend.  Have a craft show on Saturday and need to get some stuff finished! 

After we got back to New Iberia, we dropped Molly off at her home, and Renee got to meet her pet chicken.  She sure liked her.
A really trained chicken to put up with a little girl holding it!

Well, now back to the recliner for awhile.  I takes awhile to do this, and this old lady still not up to par, so think I'll go rest a little.  I'll write more again this week.  Hope you all STAY healthy during the holidays and enjoy yourself.  I'm not going to worry about what doesn't get done either.  We'll all be together for Christmas so will need to get a little baking done, but if it doesn't happen, oh well.
Talk to you all later.  Jo

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sore back and apples!

Have been busy, and just haven't been in here writting.  My neck has been hurting and I have big knots in my shoulders!  Stephani had tried to work them out when I was down to see her, but they are stubborn, and think coming from a neck issue.  Yep - and now have had two appointments with the chiropractor.  Xrays of neck aren't good.  Instead of a curve to my neck, my vertebraes are straight and show that arthritis is present too.  I can't turn my head to the right at all, and little to the left, and the xrays also show that a couple of vertebraes are protruding out to the left side.  Ugh. So now we are going to take care of the problem, and not just the symptoms.   I was having trouble all the way down in my left leg.  Amazing how one thing can affect another area.  The adjustments have helped and I'm not in as much pain, but it will take awhile.  I can't remember the name/term that he told me and explained what I have.  Makes me mad that I didn't write it down, so now wait for next week when I go back to do that.  My pain level is a lot better, and that does help as I've been able to sleep pretty good that last couple of nights.
I've been busy sewing and crocheting and spose all that sitting and reaching forward hasn't helped.  But I have to be busy.
Saturday I even make some applesauce!  Had been given a bag of apples from a neice and they needed to be used.  The house smelled so good when I was doing that!!!!   Wish I could have bottled that smell up to use again later!
I wish I would have taken pictures of my whole process.  The apples were smaller, but a little larger than the crab apples.  The apples were kind of sour, so this turned out really good. 
Crockpot Applesauce
3# apples - you can mix the types of apples you use.  Peel and quarter.
1/2 c sugar
1 cinnamon stick (I used 3)
2 TBSP lemmon juice
2 TBSP unsalted butter (I didn't have, so used salted butter)  (seems to have worked okey)

Place apples, sugar, lemon juice and cinnamon stick in small crockpot.  Cover and cook on high until apples are very tender; about 3-4 hours.  Keep checking, and stirring, because some apples are done sooner than others.  (mine only took 2 hours).

Remove cinnamon stick.  Mash any lumps with a potato masher.  Pour into storage container or containers.  Add butter and stirr.  Let cool and store in refrigerator.

(I hadn't read my directions carefully, and added the butter to the crockpot after making sure all the lumps were mashed up.- think worked out better, as I put my applesauce in small jars.  I think it would even taste good on toast!!!)

I had seen this recipe somewhere, and then in looking up homemade applesauce on line, other recipes added more spices.  I just know I'll do this again.  Really easy!

Monday, October 17, 2011

A quick note!

Steph's biopsy came back okey - benign!  Whoopee!!!  So now the doctor will watch to see if the nodule or growth grows.  They took nine samples and she was pretty tired after the biopsy was done.  She was to have given a horse riding lesson to a young girl that she canceled out of - she thought she'd feel better than she did.   She has been on medication and that seems to be helping so she isn't so tired.  Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers!  

It's getting chilly here in Minnesota!!!!  I've had to dig out my lightweight winter jacket!  Can't complain tho - we've had a very warm fall.   More later.   

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nite out with Walter and the crew!

 Awhile ago, daughter Leah and Steve were over one everning, and they gave us a Christmas Letter saying:

Christmas is coming early this year.....

Do you need a hint:

How about ~

Any guesses?
Well - we figured it out right away!  I was so excited! 
 When the kids were over with the invite, we had to guess where we were going!  We figured it out, because with the puppets named above, you know right away that our early Christmas present was tickets to a Jeff Dunham show.  He came to Bemidji MN (about an hour away from us).  The kids and us went on Thursday evening.  It was a GREAT show and we laughed till our cheeks hurt.
We were in the perfect spot, the eleventh row, right in the middle!     Thank you Leah and Steve for a pizza supper and a great evening!!!!!!!!!

Leah and Steve - I had my flash turned off, and took a lot of pictures before the show.  You weren't suppose to take pictures during the show.  The following pic was up on the big screen before the actual show started.  I took over 90 pictures!

Oh, and Leah is such a funny planner and thinks of everything.  Dad and I each got a goody bag with
"Care Package" written on the outside!  Inside was some candy, a small package of kleenex, and an adult diaper!!!!!!!!   In case you laughed so hard that you pee your pants!!!!!!!     Funny Leah ~ she had such a great time planning our night out! 
Here's Jeff with "Peanut"  and in front of Peanut is a new puppet in the image of Jeff, and in his other hand, a little hand puppet in the image of a smaller Peanut.  That was Jeff's  last act for the evening.  I thought one picture wouldn't hurt!  Jeff is one talented ventriloquist!  His preshow was about him growing up and his love of his puppets.  That was very interesting.   He's been doing this since he was 8 years old!

Thank you Leah and Steve for a great evening!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Sept Renee Visit!

First picture after we got there, with Renee and the little pumpkin I grew.  Growing conditions were the greatest, and this is the ONLY pumpkin that grew!  But Renee didn't care!  She likes her pumpkin!
I'm so far behind on blogging that I don't even know where to start!?!?!  We had a wonderful trip south to see the kids and Renee and now have been home over a week and I haven't blogged yet ~ what's with me?  We've been so busy.  Steve is busy combining corn and working on  fall clean up, getting barns ready for winter, fixing ceilings and walls in one barn, and I've been busy too, but it doesn't seem like it has been such important stuff going on for me.  Cleaning house, washing floors; fall cleaning instead of what should have been done in the spring.  Only I know I've done some of this stuff more than once or twice this summer!  It's been so windy that it gets really dusty in the house ~ so it seems like I'm dusting all the time.  Have been out in the garden, putting decorations away, picking flower seed pods and still need to get the peonies ready for winter and dig the canna lilies.

From our trip I have some great pics of Renee that I'll share, and we came home a different way this time, drove East through Baton Rouge and up through Mississippi, to Memphis.  We stopped at Graceland on our way through Memphis, and spent 3 hours there.  A wonderful tour that we both enjoyed very much.  Elvis was such a musical icon to both of us and we still enjoy his music.  Stayed just north of St Louis that night and then got home the next evening.  Over 1400 miles in 2 days.

Renee helping Grandpa put together the antique 5 legged table that we brought with us for them.
They had a glass dinning table, and that now will be out.  It wasn't very kid proof.   This table has 3 12 inch leafs to make it larger for company, and will serve them good for many years to come.  The table is over 100 years old.

She is such great help!  Grandpa loved it!

We spent a lot of time watching volleyball, with Jessica coaching. 
We went to several Sugar Cane Festival events.  The livestock show to watch 4-H kids show their pigs.  Checked out all of the other animals there too.  Renee like the goats best.
We also went to the Friday night street dance and caught the tail end of the boat parade, saw the fireworks, and listened to great music for several hours that evening.  Jess and Floyd saw a lot of people they knew.  There were a LOT of people there.  Also went to the parade on Sunday afternoon, and then Sunday evening went to Mama and Papa's for supper and also cut out pumpkins early, so we could all be a part of having fun with pumpkins and Renee!  She sure liked the pumpkins!

Mommy and Renee did this one!
She sure loves the pumpkins!
I'm sure these are probably rotten by now, and they'll have to cut new ones when it gets closer to Halloween!

More trip pictures on next post. 
I need to get some crocheting done.  Have orders for hats and need to get them done.  Also working on getting some things done for a small craft show coming up.  Had not planned on doing any craft shows this fall, but this one came up and couldn't turn it down.  So now will be busier than I had planned on .  Oh well.  My plate seems to be getting bigger!!!!  Pile it on!!!!
I'm going to southern MN this week to send a couple of days with Stephani.  She is having a thyroid biopsy done on a growth on Wednesday.  Her thyroid counts have been all wacko, and hopefully they are getting things regulated so that she feels better.  She hasn't felt good for quite awhile.  But that hasn't kept her from the horse shows.  They are busy with them every weekend.  Talked to her yesterday and she did very well this weekend.    Hope you all have a great week and it's great to be back!   love ya, jo

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Evening projects!

In the evenings after whatever we've been doing during the day I usually sit for awhile and try to watch tv.  Starting a crochet project that keeps my hands busy, and not my brain!    I've been making these kitchen hand towels that hang on the stove handle.  Found some cute thick towels and have a bunch to make up to put a towel in with gifts.  I like to make my towels with the double thickness instead of cutting the towel in half like most people do, and I buy the good towels where the image is not just painted on.  Here's a few of what I've done.  I've already given some cute pumpkin ones away, forgetting to take a picture.  Have some other ones for Christmas that aren't included in the picture.  This will also keep me busy in the car on our trip this week.

The hardest part is to find the cute towels at a reasonable price.  But if you watch the sales you can pick them up for $3.00 a piece instead of $6.00. 

A drizzly Sunday morning here.  Yesterday I was cleaning out the area under our basement steps.  That is an area that has been a catch all of left over paint cans (so they don't freeze in the winter months) and luggage keeper, old toy catch all and storage area for seasonal clothes.  There was a big tub of Christmas stuff still there too.  Went through everything, and now the paint cans will be moved out to the heated garage, and the Christmas stuff I went through and tomorrow I'm taking a load in to be donated to our local business that accepts donated stuff for resale. 
It feels good to get down to the bare bones of that storage area.  Now I'm going to have Steve put in some permanent shelves instead of the metal shelving that's in there now.  We need to  reinsulate a little and put up sheetrock in one area by the fuse box to cover the insulation there.  Another project for when we get home from Jessica's. 
Tomorrow, (Monday) I'll be packing, as we're leaving for Louisiana on Tuesday for a week.  We're driving down, so should see some nice trees turning color.  I enjoy our two day drive.  We get a lot of talking done!!!  Have too, as we're both STUCK with each other for a full two days!  With no one to referee!   hee hee!

Have a blessed Sunday, Jo

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cars and Bad Guys!

Growing up as a child in a small town, we lived on the 600 block of Main Street.  My parents had a business in the first block of our towns' main business area.  We never had new cars that I remembered, but as I grew older, I remember one I especially liked.  We got this different newer car, because the car we had  was stolen.  It ended up on the reservation, having been taken at night from in front of our house.  It was wrecked by its joy riders and so the next day or so Dad brought home this little red and white car.  I loved that car.  It was so cute - red, with a white top, and a white wide stripe on the sides.  The seats were leather and this was a a big step up from the old one, even if it was a used car.  I'm thinking I must have been about ten years old at the time.  My sister will correct me if I'm wrong!

I had to go on line to find a picture ~ you'll have to visualize that on our car, the blue color is red, and the top and stripe over the back wheel is white like this one below.  I remember our car also having been a 2 door hard top like this one.  The seats were white leather!  Wow!   Made me feel rich even though we weren't.  I remember how smooth that leather was, running my fingers up and down each seam in the seat!  Sure do wish I had this car now.  Isn't it cute!!
Found this picture on line, for sale now for $23,000.00.  All redone and just
like new.  Wonder what this car sold for new in 1954?  I couldn't find any pictures
of us near this car in any of the pictures I have, so I suppose there
aren't any to be had.

The next memory I have of this car is that it was also stolen.  I remember my mother being especially upset, as it took the police several days to find the car, and it too ended up on the reservation.  This time tho, there were people hurt.  There had apparently been a fight with the chains that were in the trunk and some wrenches, as the windows were all broken out, and there was blood everywhere.  I remember seeing the car and the dried up blood ruining the little car I liked so much.  No more going for Saturday ice cream cones at the local DQ after taking the garbage to the dump in our red and white chevy.  The next car we got, must not have impressed me, as I don't even remember what it was or looked like.  I'm sure it was a Chevy tho, because I remember my mom always saying they got all their cars from Enfields in Osage! 

Hubby has been gone a few days to a national hog show, the Austin Barrow show in southern MN, and a neighbor comes over and does the farm chores in the mornings and late afternoons.  When he came on Monday, he asked me if I'd heard the news of the neighbors car being stolen!  In fact there were several vehicles stolen recently in this area, and I hadn't heard that.   Anyway one was stolen in broad daylight in our little bird of a town of Osage.  A young man was visiting his mom and dad before he was leaving at 3 in the afternoon to head to ND to the oil fields for work, and when he went out the door to leave, his pickup truck was gone.  The joy ride and ruin of the vehicle ended north and west of town, with the pickup demolished (that would be about 2 to 3 miles north of  us as the crow flys. Then shortly after, another vehicle was stolen from the yard of a neighbor.  They must have walked or been picked up and given a ride to this second place.  You can't see the house or garage from the road, so it makes you wonder how these people case out their victims.  This car ended up northwest on the prairie about 10 miles from here, also ruined.  

I have heard we have some young gangs in the area and this worries me.  Are we turning into victims of their gang initiations?  I hope not, but you never know.  Probably just out partying and one thing leads to another.  This can happen ANYWHERE.  You don't have to be in a big city.  Apparently these two vehicles aren't the only ones, as I've heard of another vehicle and 4 wheeler having been stolen within the last 2 weeks.

We live so close to the road that it kind of scares me.  While hubby was gone I locked everything up at night and even had Odda sleep in the house.  Just like the feeling of having her with me, as she would be alerted if there was something going on outside.  I would like to think that she'd growl or bark if something aroused her, and then that would alert me.  She's such a lover that I haven't seen a mean side of her, but you never know what your dog would do if confronted by complete strangers at the wrong time of day or night.   We've had other dogs that by their breed, you know they are protective, but Odda's is such a lover that she'd probably just lick the bad guys, giving them kisses, and then (as if she could) probably hand over the keys to them!  

As I write this hubby is now home and went to bed dead tired!  I bet a tornado wouldn't wake him up ~ wonder if I should go let Odda in again!

Until next time, hugs, jo

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

September already!

What a busy, busy time it is!  I've been enjoying our wonderful weather by getting the yard and garden ready to sleep for the winter.  Was in Omaha and Fremont Ne for Labor Day weekend, so put over 1000 miles on the car.  Sister in law Kathy and I went to the wedding in Omaha and had a great time visiting with relatives.  We traveled pretty well together too!  My sister and I had a birthday, and enjoyed BD cake together with Leah and family and now I'm going to get some sewing out again.  I have a valance to make for a nephew and wife, and then valances to make for the local Community Center building.  We have a new building, and the noise echos as the space is so big and noise bounces off the ceiling and walls.  I'm going to make valances for the 6 large windows, and hopefully the material will help to absorb the noise.  Have other projects to work on too, but this has to be done first.Steve and I are also planning on a trip to Louisiana, leaving Sept 20th, and will be gone for a week.  We're driving down this time.  Can't wait to see our little Renee!  We'll be watching some volleyball games while we're there.  Jessica coaches and has 3 games while we're there.  Floyd will be home on his 14 days off, and Renee will be staying with us during the day instead of going to the babysitter.  Steve and I are both anxious to be there and spoil our littlest granddaughter for a few days.
Sister and I sharing birthdays together.  Hers is Sept 6th and mine Sept 7th; two years apart, with me the oldest!  I have only one sister, no brothers.  Hubby has 6 brothers and sisters!  I remember as a kid, that I always had wanted a brother!!!!  But with my sisters name as Georgia and mine as JoLynn, we were always called George and Jo, so do you spose our parents really had wanted boys?!?!?  hee hee!!  Actually we were pretty much tom-boys as kids.

In getting our yard done for the winter I was trimming  my pumpkin plants back because I only had ONE pumpkin!!!  Will be doing things different next year!    Hubby told me to trim off the extra flowers, so I was doing that.  Then one day last week, he said I should cut the end of plant off after my one pumpkin!   Did that.  I had planted 4 plants, thinking I'd get several good sized pumpkins.  Not!  Anyway, we decided to cut off the other three plants that weren't doing anything, but growing longer!!!   So I was following the plant back through the tall grass, etc. and snip, snip!  BUT, I'd cut the plant off with the one and only pumpkin!!!!!  darn!!!!  If I'd successfully cut the correct plants, this one and only pumpkin would have grown larger!   I'd so wanted a big pumpkin.  So I picked my little pumpkin (green) off and put it under the step to see if it would turn color.   I figured if Mr Frost came, if it was unter the step and still able to get sunlite, it wouldn't freeze, and maybe still turn orange!
So here's my pumpkin - at least it turned orange!!  So much for growing my own! 
I thought I had some pictures to show you the vines, but can't find them.  Enough whining about my single pumpkin and I think I'll now get busy working on my sewing projects for today. 

Hope you all have a great Friday ~ and weekend coming up!     Hugs ~

Monday, August 29, 2011

By Myself a Few Days!

A busy week last week as usual getting ready for hubby to go to the State Fair.  He was there on Friday for the 4-H livestock show, and now left again last night for the State Fair with some pigs to show in the open classes.  He'll be get home late Thursday.  So I have a few days to get some things done by myself.  Don't have to cook for anyone but me - so that means I can eat when and what I want!!!!!  

Every evening he has been letting those pigs out to walk (actually it is called "driving" your pigs).  He uses the small black pvc plastic  stick to tap them on the top of the shoulder to "drive" them where he wants them to go.  The idea is that you work with your pigs every day; he does it in the cooler of the evening, on the East side of the 70' barn in the shade.  The pig then learns to walk at a calm pace and you drive your pig back and forth in front of the judge.  You don't slap your pig on the back "ham" area, or the rib area - as you don't want to damage the good meat areas.  Another little spot you can tap your pig is in the area behind the front legs.  It actually is quite an art to "showing" a pig.  You see alot of kids just letting their pigs out and they RUN all over, with the kids Running after them.  That doesn't happen here. 

We have had many workshops on getting your pigs ready for the fair and "Showing"!  Our girls did an awesome job of showmanship throughout the years.  We have been very proud of them.  They learned from their DAD! 
Have had this on our wall in our back entryway/office.  Stephani, Leah and Jessica each won Showmanship Overall at our Becker County Fair many times throughout their 4-Y years.  The trophy Leah is holding was the "traveling" trophy they each won several times.   This picture was taken in 1997.  They learned well from their DAD!  Like him, they were always "cool ~ calm ~ and collected" out in the showring.  It was so fun watching them.  I really miss those days!  Now Leah and Steve are also at the end of their watching Blake and Amanda showing.  We figured it out one day this summer, that this was the "first" time in 50 years that we didn't have a "Nilson" showing a pig at our county fair.  That is really something.  It started with hubby and his brothers and sisters and through them and our kids, and his brother Don's kids showing right along side of our kids, that we had many years of hard work and enjoyed them all. 

Well, that took me on the wayside of what I'm going to get done this week.  Plans are to get the deck stained - hopefully without Odda getting paw prints all over.  Spose I'll have to tie her up for a few hours.  Also have more sewing to get done, and want to start painting the old pump house.  Brother in law is also coming out one day to help me cut out dead branches of some trees.  So I have another busy week ahead of me before the weekend when I'll be heading to Omaha for a family wedding.
Steve comes home Thursday night, but won't be going to the wedding, as he'll have too much to do when he gets home.  It will be just sister in law and I going. 
Have a great week everyone!  


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Old, but New for Someone!

Our daughter in Louisiana has mentioned that she wants to replace her glass dinning table with a wood one.  She has long admired my 5 legged table, and I found a 5 legged table for her!  We are driving to see them in September, and it fits in our SUV, so south it will be traveling.I am in the process of cleaning and polishing it all up. 
It measures 42" x 36" and there are three 12" leaves for it.  I had stopped at an antique shop and the owner refinishes furniture.  He said all I should do with this is use Howards  on it to clean and polish it up.  I also got 2 chairs for the kids, but they'll have to find other chairs down there.  I'm sure there are a lot of antique or used stores there too.  The antique store owner said an eighty year old fellow brought this table in, and said it had been his mothers table; so it is well over 100 years old.  I'm sure he hated to part with it, but a young family will enjoy it for many years.  
Here's the two chairs I bought.  They need a little cleaning too!  Very well built.
Here's my table: You have to excuse my sewing stuff on it, but I wanted to show you the legs.  I love them!  The sewing stuff on the table are the bean bags I'm making for my brother in law.  Sorry the picture is a little dark.
Here is the sunset almost done, as I was feeding Odda and putting her in her kennel tonight.
The sky looks like you had taken a brush and painted it.  Click on it to see it larger, and it looks like a painting! 
The evening is almost over, so I'll wish you a good day tomorrow!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Saturday Girls Day!

 Mothers, daughters, grandmothers!   We met at a local tourist shopping complex called Summerhill Farm, about 9 miles north of Park Rapids.  There are several buildings to shop in, from gardening and antiques, to another building with rugs, wind chimes, and other yard art, to a couple of clothing shops, one that has wonderful new ideas for the kitchen, with wines, accessories, cook books, ice cream bowls, scoops, etc.;  one of the buildings had many new roosters, and other collectibles; a gazebo area with seating for lunch, and indoor area for dining.  There was one with the best candles I've seen in a long time.  They smelled great.  They were made in New York state somewhere.  They were in beautiful glass and came inside a stylish black satin box.  Price wasn't bad either.  Might need one of those on another trip!
For lunch I had a wonderful spinach salad.  Always so much better when someone else makes it!  The others had sandwiches and soup, or salad.  It all looked so good. 
I had made a couple of autumn table runners, and gave to the two young daughters.  Looks like they like them!   The middle of the runner is patterned with dogs and pumpkins, fall colors.  Amanda on the left is my granddaughter, and Dena is my grandsons girlfriend. 
From top left, Amanda; Dena; Leah (Amanda's mom & my daughter); Edie (Leah's MIL); me and Jeri (Dena's mom).  A new outing that we will for certain do again!

I bought a few things, mostly for gifting, except I did buy a lightwight hoodie that was on sale.
These shops will be closing for the winter after Labor Day, and they have really good sales on Labor Day weekend.  I'll be out of town that weekend and will miss this years sales.  In past years I have bought some great gifts that I've given for Christmas.  Always love a good sale, ya know!

Sunday was a nice relaxing day.  I cleaned the inside of my SUV out really good.  Put the third seat up and got the car ready for Steve to take to the cities this week.  He and 5 others are going down for the 4-H swine livestock show on Friday.  I'm staying home!  Just don't want to go that far for the day.  However, I've been known to do just that~drive 200 miles one way for a short day outing and then drive another 200 miles home!  Later in the afternoon, we visited Steve's brother Don and wife Loretta; played Pinochle and ate supper with them.  Then when we got home, Steve did his farm chores, and we relaxed.    So another weekend done and gone!
Hope you all have a great week too!  Jo

Thursday, August 18, 2011

ANOTHER busy week!

Try as I might; I just don't seem to be getting it right and posting daily!   This has been another busy week; with after my yearly checkup earlier this month, all the hosp. testing was scheduled this week.  Monday I had a colonoscopy, so that shot that day, as after getting home I slept off and on the rest of the afternoon; Tuesday had a dental appointment and got my teeth cleaned and checked; and then yesterday had my titties pinched!  Mamogram done for another year; and today I'm off to town to sit with Connie's husband Gene at a booth for the historical society/museum at our town's opening of our new main street renovation.  We'll have a booth with pictures and stuff of what our town has looked like throughout the years.  Will be there all afternoon, and then this evening husband Steve will drive to town, and we'll visit with friends and listen to music.  There will be music all afternoon, and evening.  Should be another fun, interesting day.  I'll take pictures and post about it.  Then tomorrow, Friday, I go weigh in.  That's another story that I haven't told ya all.  Been on a good, good diet.  Losing good, and will need to write about that too.    The weather has been great here, cooling off a little, and feeling a lot like fall coming.  (Love this time of year!~except it doesn't last long enough!)
Picture of my father and his brother probably in the late 30's or early 40's before wartime, in the dry cleaning shop they owned on Park Rapids main street.  It was in bussiness from when their family came in early 1900's to 1966.  Sister and I grew up on main street, knowing all store owners.
Think we were called "main street brats"  (not really!)  I remember getting quarters for standing up on the counter and singing!   he he!

Gene just called, and picking me up in 20 minutes, so til later. Jo

Monday, August 15, 2011

A new Flower in My Bed!

Threw some seeds in the dirt this spring - and this is what grew!  Connie told me early on they were a "poppy", but when it flowered, I wasn't so sure!  But they are poppies!  So pretty I think!
They are little fluff balls!  So soft!
I love 'em!
Pink Feathers Papaver Poppies
The only pink in my August garden!
Says they're an annual, so I'll save some seed pods in case nothing comes up next spring.
When I looked on line, there are pink and white, and other varieties.  Think I'll have to do some seed ordering for next year.  These grew with no trouble!  I got the seed from a girlfriend, and after planting I wasn't sure what I'd planted where!  These grew, but the other seeds didn't.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Calf!

Another busy week over, and beginning another.  I was in southern Minnesota this last week visitng Stephani and Cullen.  Left Steve home to do field work - he is now done until the corn is ready.  Yesterday we had a new calf born.  They are so cute.  This little one likes to hide in the tall weeds - to keep away from the flys. 

Then as we were getting done watching the cow and calf, we heard the noise of the geese coming in to land for the evening.

The noise of the fall season beginning!   Cooler evenings (turned the air conditioner off finally) and shorter days!  I have one big pumpkin growing, and hope more develop!  Love the fall season best! 

Have a great Sunday! 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kitty Friends

Around the farm yard 041
Sophie and Cat keeping cool in the garden!
My rhubarb leaf bird bath is tucked away there in between the tall grasses.  Think I ‘ll need to move it out to the open.  I used a pvc pipe for the pedistal, rather than have it sit on the ground.
Keep smiling! 
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pumpkin Plants and Flowers!

Around the farm yard 068
I planted 4 pumpkin seeds at the end of my flower bed.  Knowing full well what could happen, and it is happening!  They’re taking over my yard area in the back.  Okey, so I don’t need to mow there!!  I hope I get a few pumpkins for decorating. We had so much rain, that I got the seeds in a little late.  In fact everything I planted was a little late.  If I don’t get any pumpkins, I’ll re-try next year.
Here’s more pictures of some flowers.
Around the farm yard 044
Around the farm yard 052
My header picture was taken the same day as these this week.  The lilies in my header were transplanted in the 1970’s from my mothers house.  So they’re very old!  They get really tall, and I almost have to be on the ground looking up to take a picture of them.
Around the farm yard 062
Around the farm yard 064
Around the farm yard 056
Around the farm yard 048
One lone sunflower seed grew!  Just getting ready to open up!
Around the farm yard 066
The day lilies will soon be done.  They’re so pretty too and easy keepers!
I’m going to be traveling a few days.  On my way to Minneapolis tomorrow Saturday morning to attend a wedding of a great nephew in the afternoon.  Minneapolis is a good 4 hour drive from here.  Steve is staying home because of farm work needing to be done.  Since he won’t be with, after the wedding I am going to drive to Stephani’s in SW Minnesota.  Spose that’s another 5 hours from where the wedding is.  I’m going to stay with her until Tuesday.  I’ve been bad, and haven’t been there all summer.  So really need to spend some time with her and Cullen.  Steph is taking Monday off work, so we’ll be in Sioux Falls SD most of the day.  Gotta shop you know!
Have a great day!  jo