Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pumpkin Plants and Flowers!

Around the farm yard 068
I planted 4 pumpkin seeds at the end of my flower bed.  Knowing full well what could happen, and it is happening!  They’re taking over my yard area in the back.  Okey, so I don’t need to mow there!!  I hope I get a few pumpkins for decorating. We had so much rain, that I got the seeds in a little late.  In fact everything I planted was a little late.  If I don’t get any pumpkins, I’ll re-try next year.
Here’s more pictures of some flowers.
Around the farm yard 044
Around the farm yard 052
My header picture was taken the same day as these this week.  The lilies in my header were transplanted in the 1970’s from my mothers house.  So they’re very old!  They get really tall, and I almost have to be on the ground looking up to take a picture of them.
Around the farm yard 062
Around the farm yard 064
Around the farm yard 056
Around the farm yard 048
One lone sunflower seed grew!  Just getting ready to open up!
Around the farm yard 066
The day lilies will soon be done.  They’re so pretty too and easy keepers!
I’m going to be traveling a few days.  On my way to Minneapolis tomorrow Saturday morning to attend a wedding of a great nephew in the afternoon.  Minneapolis is a good 4 hour drive from here.  Steve is staying home because of farm work needing to be done.  Since he won’t be with, after the wedding I am going to drive to Stephani’s in SW Minnesota.  Spose that’s another 5 hours from where the wedding is.  I’m going to stay with her until Tuesday.  I’ve been bad, and haven’t been there all summer.  So really need to spend some time with her and Cullen.  Steph is taking Monday off work, so we’ll be in Sioux Falls SD most of the day.  Gotta shop you know!
Have a great day!  jo


Anonymous said...

I hope you get some pretty pumpkins from your vines! I love daylilies and yours are so pretty. How nice that you have some of your mom's plants. They are so pretty, especially against the blue sky. Have safe travel and fun!

Country Gal said...

Hope you get pumpkins ! Your flowers are lovely ! Have a nice time at the wedding !

Sweet Tea said...

Your yard is sooo pretty, much different than ours right now. I continually water but everything is frying in these *109 temps. Bummer! Enjoy your time away for the wedding and the SHOPPING!

Lynda said...

You have had a busy summer so it is understandable you have not been to visit her. You did a good thing by making a deliberate date on your calendar to do that. I sure hope you have an audio book in your car to help pass the time while driving.
Your flowers are beautiful.

Sybil said...

Hope that you are having a lovely few days away and that the wedding went well... Your yard looks so lovely and the colour of the Lillies is so bright...imagine them lasting so long, don't think I can keep them that long...
Love for now Sybil xx