Thursday, August 4, 2011

A walk around the farm!

The last several days we have had great weather, and last evening, Odda and I (and the camera) took a little walk.
Around the farm yard 009 
We walked west through what I call the machinery parking lot!   The cows are laying in the shade just watching us.  They don’t get up to check us out-it’s too hot!
Around the farm yard 003Here’s the old combine that is for sale.  We put it on Craig’s List and have had many calls on it.  A young man came today to buy it, and drove it back to his house taking all the back roads.  He had about 85 miles to go.  I don’t know how fast he could go, but it was going to take awhile.  His mom came with and then followed him home.  He refurbishes machinery, and was excited to get it home.  When Steve found out he redid tractors and machinery, he had him look at one of his tractors that he wants to get redone.
Around the farm yard 005This is the tractor that he wants to have repainted and all fixed up.  I guess Farmall didn’t make many of the 504’s.  As it is now, it works great, but not so pretty!  I think that Steve would like to show it at a tractor show someday when it’s all fixed up!
Around the farm yard 012                                  “Cat” and “Sophie” followed us on our walk too.  The little yellow one never was named, so just “Cat”!  They ran in and out checking for field mice!
              Around the farm yard 015               The peas were cut and swathed the other day.  I opened up a couple for you.
               Around the farm yard 017          Aren’t the little peas cute?  I put one in my mouth.  Hard as rocks!  They’re ready to be combined and stored.  Then mixed in when hubby grinds corn and peas together with other stuff for pig feed.
               Around the farm yard 018               The windrows are so big and fluffy.  There are vines and also weeds.  The weeds need to dry before he combines.  This afternoon he did make a couple of rounds with the newer combine.  It is a 1980’s model and it works like a charm.    He’s having fun ~ it has air conditioning, it’s quiet, and even has a radio!   A boy and his new TOY!  Now he can combine, and not even get dirty!
combine peas 052The combine lifts up the windrow and shakes the peas out.  They go up a wide belt into the hopper (middle of the combine) while the vines and weeds are chewed up and spit out the back.    Then when Steve fills up the hopper, he drives back into the yard and swings out the shoot and the peas are checked for dryness and put into the bin.  The dryness count was 13, and that is good.  He’ll still have a fan running in the bin in case some peas aren’t as dry.  combine peas 054
Around the farm yard 022Here’s Odda on our walk.  We didn’t use a leash, and she was just a little ahead of me.  If I called her came right back.
Around the farm yard 032By the time we were headed back to the house, her tongue was hanging out!  She got pretty warm ~ her black hair just soaks up the hot sun. 
Well, this is my first time using Windows Live Writer.  Connie had to talk me through starting.  I  going to have to use this, as I can’t post pictures anymore when I write in the blogger dashboard.  I even had paid for more storage, and couldn’t get it to work.
Another nice evening, so I better get outside to enjoy a little bit of it.   More soon, have a grat Friday tomorrow, Jo


Lynda said...

Odda looks good with the summer haircut!
Windrows - - - I did not know that was the name for the rows of cut hay, etc. Grandpa baled a lot of hay on his dairy farm in upstate NY. I remember the rows - - but now I know they have a name.
The peas - - - never saw white ones before. Are they supposed to stay white and hard? Are they different from regular English peas? Grandpa had field corn for the cows that was different than yellow corn for the table.
How wonderful about the equipment - - getting to sell one piece and hopefully fix another!

Lynda said...

P.S. On the picture thing - - - have you thought about saving your old blogs to a file on your computer or printing them or putting them on a disk or flash drive? Then you could delete the old blogs and gain more picture space. Just a thought.

Country Gal said...

What a wonderful walk thanx for taking us along ! I have always used live writer for my blogs I prefer it, they have different ones the one I use is 2011 version ! Have a wonderful day !

Country Whispers said...

Thanks for taking us on your walk.
I enjoyed the country pics of farm equipment and animals.
I haven't run out of space yet on my blog but I have already a 2nd one set up for when that day happens. Then I'll have Country Whispers I & II.

Sweet Tea said...

I LOVE seeing the Farm! I know lots of people enjoy beach photos but I think my favorites are of greenery and farm and prarie land. Those peas looked like PEARLS. You need to make yourself a Pea Necklace!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey, You published!! You can make your photos can pick what size you like and which border you want. You can play around in live writer til you get used to it..and you will never go back to that old blogger to write again.
The peas look great and the hogs will love them. Odda looks warm..curse of the black dog.
I enjoyed all the photos:)

Sharon said...

What a great walk you took us on.
I too, have never saw white peas.
My hub would drool over that old tractor, because of his health he had to quit doing that stuff but he sure does enjoy looking at old tractors.
Have a great weekend.

Mildred said...

Hi Jo, I enjoyed the walk! Don't you love to sell something to someone who is so excited about it? Sounds like you, Odda and kitty had a great time and I enjoyed seeing/hearing about the equipment. My best friend from college days lived on a huge south GA farm and I always enjoyed visiting with her. Have a good weekend.