Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where's Summer Going?

Can't believe how fast time goes!  Have been so busy, that I guess I also took a blogger break!  Have been busy in the yard, working on county fair auction stuff till late into the night and haven't even been into blogger for a week or so.  Shame on me, and I will try to get better at checking out blogs and writing.  Seems like I've said it before, just need to get back into the routine!
We've had a very warm, muggy summer.  The heat is doing a number on our yard.  Have a lot of brown patches now, so that also means a little less mowing, and that fall is just around the corner. 

This is the quilt that our friends little girl made for the county fair.  She is 10 years old and did it all by herself.  I showed her how to do the binding. Amazing work for a 10 year old! 

Sally got Reserve Champion on her quilt~great job!

Her sister, Samantha, made two teacup pincushions for creative arts.
The girls also showed pigs, sheep and one also showed her goat.  They had photography entries and really did a good job on all of their projects. 
Sally and Sam are the two girls in the middle with black jeans on. 
The judge asking Sam some questions during the showmanship contest.
Sally walking out with Grand Champion Jr Showmanhip trophy.
Sam in the middle showing her goat.

Another year done with our County Fair, and now these two girls will be busy soon deciding what projects to start for next year, and finding a place in their rooms to exhibit all of their trophies and ribbons!   

I'm making them a slide show, as I took quite a few pictures of them showing their animal projects, as I know how hard it is as a parent to get pictures when you're busy helping them and other kids to get their animals into the show ring at the right time, etc. 
Granddaughter Amanda didn't show this year, and she missed it.  Her friends at the fair from other towns asked if she was going to be there.  Amanda and her boyfriend went in the evening and I hope she got to see some of her friends that had asked if she was going to be there.  A great thing about
4-H is making great friends from all over.  These friendships last forever.      
We sell a lot of pigs to 4-H families, and hubby Steve goes to all the area county fairs to watch the swine shows to see how the kids do that bought pigs from us.  These families sure appreciate that he does that, and he is always available to answer questions that they have during the summer months before the fair.  A lot of the kids have done very well this year in exhibiting the animals they've bought from us.

Have a great day everyone!


Country Gal said...

Most of the fairs here are in the fall ! Looks like a great time though,nice photos, yes the weather here is dreadful as well soo hot and humid! Hey we get busy with stuff and dont always have time to blog about it thats the way it goes ! Have a good day !

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey! You blogged! Sally did a great job with that quilt..I am impressed..as I wouldn't be able to do anything that challenging. Great photos..I enjoyed them!:)

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

The girls did great -

Sharon said...

How wonderful that the girls did such a great job on all of their projects.
It is also great to have a dear friend like you they can come to.
It is nice that your hubs supports them also.

Sweet Tea said...

That quilt is beautiful - what a talented young Gal she is...I think it's wonderful that you and your husband encourage the young participants. Mentoring comes in all shapes, sizes, and people. What a great job you guys do.
You get an "excused absence" from Blogging since you've been doing such important things...Come back when time allows, OK? *smile

Lynda said...

Wow! A year has passed by already. I think I was reading your blog last year because I remember you talking about the fair. 4-H is great, Our library staff is helping sell homemade - beautiful - greeting cards to help a 4-H friend go to Washington.

Sybil said...

What a wondeful time you all seem to have had. The quilt is wonderful..did she do the sewing by hand ? or machine ? It is great that the young folks are so good at showing. (Many many years ago I went with my Father to a ll the Agr. shows in Scotland as we showed prize poultry, how I loved these days..)
Don't think I know what 4-H is ?
have a lovely week,
love Sybil x