Monday, August 22, 2011

Saturday Girls Day!

 Mothers, daughters, grandmothers!   We met at a local tourist shopping complex called Summerhill Farm, about 9 miles north of Park Rapids.  There are several buildings to shop in, from gardening and antiques, to another building with rugs, wind chimes, and other yard art, to a couple of clothing shops, one that has wonderful new ideas for the kitchen, with wines, accessories, cook books, ice cream bowls, scoops, etc.;  one of the buildings had many new roosters, and other collectibles; a gazebo area with seating for lunch, and indoor area for dining.  There was one with the best candles I've seen in a long time.  They smelled great.  They were made in New York state somewhere.  They were in beautiful glass and came inside a stylish black satin box.  Price wasn't bad either.  Might need one of those on another trip!
For lunch I had a wonderful spinach salad.  Always so much better when someone else makes it!  The others had sandwiches and soup, or salad.  It all looked so good. 
I had made a couple of autumn table runners, and gave to the two young daughters.  Looks like they like them!   The middle of the runner is patterned with dogs and pumpkins, fall colors.  Amanda on the left is my granddaughter, and Dena is my grandsons girlfriend. 
From top left, Amanda; Dena; Leah (Amanda's mom & my daughter); Edie (Leah's MIL); me and Jeri (Dena's mom).  A new outing that we will for certain do again!

I bought a few things, mostly for gifting, except I did buy a lightwight hoodie that was on sale.
These shops will be closing for the winter after Labor Day, and they have really good sales on Labor Day weekend.  I'll be out of town that weekend and will miss this years sales.  In past years I have bought some great gifts that I've given for Christmas.  Always love a good sale, ya know!

Sunday was a nice relaxing day.  I cleaned the inside of my SUV out really good.  Put the third seat up and got the car ready for Steve to take to the cities this week.  He and 5 others are going down for the 4-H swine livestock show on Friday.  I'm staying home!  Just don't want to go that far for the day.  However, I've been known to do just that~drive 200 miles one way for a short day outing and then drive another 200 miles home!  Later in the afternoon, we visited Steve's brother Don and wife Loretta; played Pinochle and ate supper with them.  Then when we got home, Steve did his farm chores, and we relaxed.    So another weekend done and gone!
Hope you all have a great week too!  Jo


Sharon said...

That sounds like an outting that was fun and I can see why you what to continue with it.
I really like your new header.
Have a nice day.

Country Gal said...

Sounds like a perfect day with the gals! Love the pattern of the table runners ! Wonderful photos and post, Have a good day !

Darcie said...

How fun to see a picture of you! I think sometimes us bloggers forget to get behind the camera(I know I do). Sounds like you had a wonderful outing...happy for you all.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

It was a fun day.... it was pretty spontaneous - yes we will have to do it again...

Maple Lane said...
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Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds like a fun day! It must have been a car cleaning out weekend! Great photo of everyone! Those table runners are beautiful!:)

Lynda said...

You deserve some girl time and some relaxing time with friends. You are a busy lady the majority of the time. I'll bet you feel refreshed after all the fun.