Friday, August 5, 2011

Farm Photo Friday

Now that I’m able to post pictures again, I thought I’d join in on Fresh from the FARM ~ Farmchick’s Farm Photo Friday!   Boy, this old body/brain is learning new ways around the computer~after I was very comfortable doing it the other way!  But it will get easier I’m sure.  Now also trying to figure out how to change my header pictures and pics on the side. 
Our love of horses has been a love affair since we were married.  Have had quite a few horses on the place, but there are always “very special” ones that remain in your hearts forever.
jack jess renee - Copy
This is “Jack”.  He now belongs to our granddaughter Amanda, but Jessica grew up with Jack.  She bought him as a yearling colt when she was about 11 with her money she’d saved from 4-H winnings.  They had a special bond, and when Jessica comes home in the summer and rides him again, it’s like he remembers her.  It is so special that Jessica’s little girl Renee is able to ride him.  A wonderful horse friend to Amanda and Jessica.
Renee and wren
This new filly is at Stephani’s farm in southern Minnesota.  Her name is “Wren”.  Stephani breeds quarter horses, and started out riding a pony when she was 5.  Her first experience on a pony wasn’t a good one, and she started riding the big horses right away.
Renee & Steph Skoal
This is Skoal.  He has been around for a long time too.  Stephani’s first horse of her own has been gone for a long time now, and Skoal is now the “old guy”! 
Quilt show & Art in Park  Bemidji 032
Here is “Jack” and “Ace”.  Leah, Jessica and Renee had a good ride when Jessica was home.  Look at that smile on Renee’s face ~ she really likes to ride the “horseys”.
renee steph walking skoal
Isn’t this cute!!!!!!!!!
Amanda & Jack 2007
Amanda on Jack back in 2007 at a 4-H horse show.
Steph & TinkerBell
Here is Stephani on Leah’s first pony “Tinkerbell”.  The pony would stand there while Steph would take a running jump to get on!   It was so funny ~  we’d watch and laugh so hard, because her running jump came to a complete stop before she would jump!  I have an old movie of it somewhere.  Should get the old projector out some time to watch and get it copied.    Leah was given this pony when she was 5 years old as a Christmas present from her babysitters family.  That was the beginning of horses for the kids.
Steph and Leah
Leah’s first bigger horse, a POA named “CurleyJo”.  Here Leah is close by in case Steph needs help.
Leah & CurlyJo in field
I am so happy that our girls grew up with their best friends ~ their horses.  That love affair still goes on today as adults with their own families! 

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Have a great Friday and weekend. 


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed these photos. Renee has the happiest smile!!!

I have never ridden a horse before!

Farmchick said...

THANKS so much for linking up! I enjoyed your pictures and post. :)

Country Gal said...

Awesome photos ! Yup I remember my child hood pony, I have a pic of us on the side of my blog ! I use live writer as well but for the pics and font on the side of the blog I still use the blog template ! Love your header photo ! Have a wonderful day ! PS Miggy says hi to Odda !

Rural Revival said...

So fortunate for your children to be raised with horses. They do a world of good for the heart. : )


Far Side of Fifty said...

That Jack is something else...a wonderful old guy! It is good to see Renee smiling..she had a blast! Cute photo of her and Steph leading the horse too!

You still need to go to your dashboard to change your header photos and sidebars...but you have probably figured that out by now. You will really like Live Writer once you get used to it:)

Nicole said...

Horses truly are a gift in my opinion. I grew up on the back of one so you can never change my opinion! I love the photo of the mother/daughter (i assume) walking the horse away from the camera! Super cute!!!

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I sure enjoyed the horse pictures. I have rarely had an opportunity to be around them much, but love to talk to them and look into their eyes. They are so soleful. Renee's a darling.

Lynda said...

I did not grow up with horses and the few times I rode, I was a bit scared of the height. However, I love seeing them and petting them. What wonderful memories your children have in these great friends.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful post! Nice Pics, nice stories of kids and their horses. Very nice header pic too of the lilies....lots of memories of such flowers.

Love the pics of your family with the horses....
g and v