Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Sept Renee Visit!

First picture after we got there, with Renee and the little pumpkin I grew.  Growing conditions were the greatest, and this is the ONLY pumpkin that grew!  But Renee didn't care!  She likes her pumpkin!
I'm so far behind on blogging that I don't even know where to start!?!?!  We had a wonderful trip south to see the kids and Renee and now have been home over a week and I haven't blogged yet ~ what's with me?  We've been so busy.  Steve is busy combining corn and working on  fall clean up, getting barns ready for winter, fixing ceilings and walls in one barn, and I've been busy too, but it doesn't seem like it has been such important stuff going on for me.  Cleaning house, washing floors; fall cleaning instead of what should have been done in the spring.  Only I know I've done some of this stuff more than once or twice this summer!  It's been so windy that it gets really dusty in the house ~ so it seems like I'm dusting all the time.  Have been out in the garden, putting decorations away, picking flower seed pods and still need to get the peonies ready for winter and dig the canna lilies.

From our trip I have some great pics of Renee that I'll share, and we came home a different way this time, drove East through Baton Rouge and up through Mississippi, to Memphis.  We stopped at Graceland on our way through Memphis, and spent 3 hours there.  A wonderful tour that we both enjoyed very much.  Elvis was such a musical icon to both of us and we still enjoy his music.  Stayed just north of St Louis that night and then got home the next evening.  Over 1400 miles in 2 days.

Renee helping Grandpa put together the antique 5 legged table that we brought with us for them.
They had a glass dinning table, and that now will be out.  It wasn't very kid proof.   This table has 3 12 inch leafs to make it larger for company, and will serve them good for many years to come.  The table is over 100 years old.

She is such great help!  Grandpa loved it!

We spent a lot of time watching volleyball, with Jessica coaching. 
We went to several Sugar Cane Festival events.  The livestock show to watch 4-H kids show their pigs.  Checked out all of the other animals there too.  Renee like the goats best.
We also went to the Friday night street dance and caught the tail end of the boat parade, saw the fireworks, and listened to great music for several hours that evening.  Jess and Floyd saw a lot of people they knew.  There were a LOT of people there.  Also went to the parade on Sunday afternoon, and then Sunday evening went to Mama and Papa's for supper and also cut out pumpkins early, so we could all be a part of having fun with pumpkins and Renee!  She sure liked the pumpkins!

Mommy and Renee did this one!
She sure loves the pumpkins!
I'm sure these are probably rotten by now, and they'll have to cut new ones when it gets closer to Halloween!

More trip pictures on next post. 
I need to get some crocheting done.  Have orders for hats and need to get them done.  Also working on getting some things done for a small craft show coming up.  Had not planned on doing any craft shows this fall, but this one came up and couldn't turn it down.  So now will be busier than I had planned on .  Oh well.  My plate seems to be getting bigger!!!!  Pile it on!!!!
I'm going to southern MN this week to send a couple of days with Stephani.  She is having a thyroid biopsy done on a growth on Wednesday.  Her thyroid counts have been all wacko, and hopefully they are getting things regulated so that she feels better.  She hasn't felt good for quite awhile.  But that hasn't kept her from the horse shows.  They are busy with them every weekend.  Talked to her yesterday and she did very well this weekend.    Hope you all have a great week and it's great to be back!   love ya, jo


Lynda said...

I am so sorry to hear about the thyroid biopsy. Those are supposed to be quite uncomfortable.
But what a wonderful trip you had. When so much is going on, aren't you glad you took pictures so you could remember it all? When we have whirlwind times like that, it seems like it was just a dream when it is over.
I LOVE the heritage of the table. That is super special.

Loretta said...

Seemingly, your trip has gone well. The table was a nice gift... and there were a lot of hands putting it together! LOL! Pics are gerat...thanks for sharing! Hugs

Buttercup said...

Prayers for Stephani. I have a wacky thyroid, too, so I am very sympathetic. You've had a busy, busy time and that can keep a person from blogging. But so glad you did. I love the pumpkin pictures!

Anonymous said...

What a great story....!g
All thinking of S.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I love that photo of Renee saying cheese! Too cute!
Give Steph a hug from me..tell her I am thinking of her.
It is good to have you back!:)

Darcie said...

I know sometimes when we get behind blogging it does make it tricky to catch up. Thanks for sharing this post and pictures with us. Smiled thinking of you passing this through our stomping grounds. We actually lived in Memphis for 5 years awhile back too. Graceland was always a must see when family and friends came to visit. Thanks for updating, and hope you can enjoy this lovely season called autumn.

Sybil said...

Renee is such a gorgeous wee girl..I love her to bits..thanks for sharing her !!
Glad that you had such a great time visiting and now I expect you will be getting things organised for fall ad winter that will soon be with us all..when is your craft fair ? Looking forward to your next lot of pictures.
Love Sybil xx

Nezzy said...

Oh how precious little Renee is!!! She's grown so much since I last saw her. She's a cute little pumpkin herself sweetie!!!

I'm thrill you had a great trip.

God bless ya and enjoy this beautiful weekend!!! :o)

Sweet Tea said...

Yes Ma'am, you do have a lot on your plate. Your little Renee is adorable and I KNOW you had a great time getting to do all those fun things with her in tow...Best of luck to your daughter as she has her biopsy.

Welcome home!

Jennifer said...

She's getting so big! I would tell Jess to stop feeding her, but I've tried that with my boys and they still grow so when I figure out what makes them grow backward I will pass on the secret!

Anonymous said...

Renee is just a delight! She is growing so fast. I am behind on reading blogs and just saw the update on Stephani. So thankful for the test results.