Sunday, July 8, 2012

More pictures of Renee - Trip to Minnesota and on the way home, stop at Auntie Steph and Cullen's.  Renee got to help on her little farm, and ride horses!
Her own little hay ride with Spotty.  Steph and Cullen enjoyed having company for a few days. 

I'm sure I can hear her say, "I can do it!" 
Renee and Steph on a trail ride.  Look at the "new" cowboy boots Renee got from her Auntie and Uncle!

Isn't that just the cutest! 

While at Steph's, they went two days on trail rides.  Bet Jess and Floyd were pretty sore after two days of riding!  Now that is all that Renee talks about - every horse she sees now, is named "Skoal", or "Fatboy"! 
Here she is at our house with Jessica's old horse "Jack"  now 25 years old.  Looks as spry as ever!  He now is other Amanda's (other granddaughter) horse and when Jessica is home, he comes to stay here for a few days. 

Lots of green pasture for Jack, and see the two beef cows in the background.  Now also have two new calves.  I haven't been close to them yet.
See how Jack's ears are listening to her, she is pulling the reins a little and saying "back" "back".  telling him to back up.  Wish Jack could live another 20 years to teach this little girl all the basics of riding.  He is such a good horse.  We'll see, maybe he can live another 6-8 years. That will surely be a very tough time when he goes to horse heaven.  He has been such a great part of the girls lives.

Got to talk to Renee this morning on the phone.  At least she said a few words to me.  Most of the time she doesn't like to talk.  But today she said she loved me "more", when I told her I loved her!
Sure do miss them - a whole bunch!  Wish they lived closer.

A busy week here.  Hubby, Steve has been working every day at the county fair at the pork producers booth.  They sell pork burgers, taco in a bag and hot dogs, pop, and chips.  They have been there every day, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat and now Sunday.  He is one very tired guy.  The pork producers use the money they make to put back into 4-H'ers pockets.  At the livestock auction, they buy the premium for kids pig projects.  That way, the kids get a reward for their year's project and have money for next years project.  They support 3 county fairs with the proceeds from their pork booth.
Hard work, but something he enjoys doing.  Gets to visit with a lot of folks.

Have a great Sunday everyone.


Country Gal said...

Lovely photos ! Reminds me of when I was that age on our hobby farm . A great way to grow and learn is on a farm ! Hubby sounds busy but bet in the long run he enjoys it , makes it worth his while ! Have a great day !

Country Whispers said...

Looks like Renee had a great visit!
She's one lucky lil' girl to have the horses. I would have loved to have grown up around farm.

Sweet Tea said...

Cute little cowgirl in the making.
Great photos!

Lynda said...

What a great hubby helping out those 4-H kids. In our church library, we helped a girl going to Washington earn money by selling the handmade greeting cards she created.
That Renee looks so small on top of that big horse - - - but she also looks so big, too, compared to past pictures.