Sunday, November 25, 2012

trouble posting new post

Having trouble posting a new post.  Can't publish here because won't take any more pictures, so tried thru Live Writer, and got it all typed, with pictures added, and when tried to post get error 403, forbidden!   dah!  don't know what I'm doing wrong.   do any of you have any suggestions!?


Muffy's Marks said...

Don't get me started. The same thing happened to me. Except I can pay $2.50 a month to google and/or picasa to be able to post pictures. I'm still steaming, but will do it, because I love to blog. Except today, my internet is so darn slow, I can't get the pay thingy to load up. Hopefully tomorrow, we'll have less interference with the satellite.

Country Gal said...

I have no idea . I use live writer and so far had no probs I also use firefox . I am sorry I cant help here but I do hope you can get it figured out . I have heard some bloggers have to pay for photo space whilst others that have been blogging for many years are not paying . It maybe with who and what is being used for a browser . If it ever did come for me to pay for any reason I would cause I enjoy blogging.

Far Side of Fifty said...

you are getting a 403 error while trying to create a post on blogger, with the posts containing images, cross check whether you have a ‘Windows Live Writer’ album on your picasa account. If not, add manually and retry. It should work fine.

I found the above for you.

You have a Picassa account wether you want one or was created when you started your blog.
Can you publish from Live Writer without using a photo? Do you get the error message then?

Sharon said...

I can't help but I don't have a problem right now. It might be coming as you never know from post to post.
Hope you get it figured out soon enjoy hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

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Cyn said...

Sometimes Blogger just "hiccups". Try again a few hours later and bingo it usually works. It's a puzzle. Hope you get it worked out. Oh... are you making your pictures "smaller"? You know, fewer pixels? You might be at the top of what they allow. That happened to me and after I started reducing my pics all was well and I had no more trouble. HTHs

Anonymous said...

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