Sunday, November 11, 2012

A first!

Had a "first" happen to me today, and also learned from it!!!

No pictures, as I didn't have my camera with me.  Had played bells in church this morning, and before going home, I needed to get gas.  Decided when I was at the gas station to pay the extra and get the car washed, as I'm getting new tires tomorrow, and the car and under carriage is really dirty and muddy.  We've had rain, snow, and drizzle the past few days.  Thought I'd better take a somewhat clean car in when they have to work on it.  The car wash is my favorite in town.  It's a touchless, where no brushes touch the car, so it doesn't get scratched; and it cleans better than other car washes.  When paying your bill you get your number, then you drive around to the back of the station to enter your number, then like magic the garage door opens for you to enter.  Our temperature here this morning was in the 20's and I asked the clerk what is the cut off temperature when they don't have the car wash open.  She said they shut it down for winter when it is 10 degrees F.  So I'm sitting in the car and it goes through the wash cycle, rinse cycle, wax cycle, rinse cycle, and soft rinse cycle; and then the water etc. all shuts off and the drive out garage door ahead of you is suppose to open up and the blow dryers are suppose to come on and you're suppose to be able to pull ahead slowly through the dryers and out the door. - - - -  Well - the garage door didn't open up, nor did the blowers turn on.  I sat there a few minutes waiting, and then started to freak out, because I didn't remember putting my cell phone in my purse!!!!   I'm really bad at forgetting that darn phone at home.    You should have seen me pulling things out of my purse, because it was NOT in the usual pocket where it should be.    (remember - I was at a craft show yesterday - all day - and when I got home and after I unloaded the car and put stuff away, I was really tired!  So I had not used the cell phone last evening.  Anyway - did find it in the bottom of my purse - but it needed to be charged!!!  Lucky there was one little bar left showing how much battery life there was.  Not much, but enough for a couple of calls.  So then my next fear was how to I get ahold of the clerk inside the gas station.  I couldn't see a service door, (but I wasn't going to get out (yet) to look either!), so I found my gas receipt - thinking there would be a phone number by their name, etc. etc. --- NOT!  That's dumb! 
Then I had to decide who to call to get the gas station's phone number  -  Decided not to call the hubby, as he'd be out in the barn, would have to go to the house to get the number, he'd tease me, and it'd just take too long.  So I called daughter Leah and she found the number and didn't give me any crap.  The clerk came outside and went to the control room and got the door open, and got the blowers going.  So I once again was a happy girl and drove slowly through the dryers and out the door.  The next time I go in I'm going to suggest that they put their phone numbers on their receipts, and I'm going to ask them what I should do if this ever happens again and I don't have a cell with me!   Boy, I'd have filled my pants had my cell phone not been in my purse!!!

This is somewhat akin to being in an elevator when it stopped, and I was alone in it; in a strange city - Philly - and not knowing a sole!   That elevator was probably only stopped between floors for about 5 minutes before it started again.  I remember that vividly also.  I couldn't imagine being in one for any longer than that!

What I learned today is that I'm going to be more viligent about having my phone with me, in it's proper pocket, and fully charged!!!!   LOL  we'll see about that!   I'll try hard tho.  I don't like that helpless feeling.  I really was afraid to have opened the car door and step out for fear things would start up again and where do you go then!!!!   Visions of what ifs can be kind of funny!

Anyway - the craft show went fine,  pics tomorrow.  Will be doing another show next weekend.
I've been relaxing all day since I got home. 
Have a great week, Jo


Country Gal said...

Holly molly that must of been scary ! I am glad all went ok . I am always making sure I have my phone with me and it is charged for fear of being stuck some where . I do like your header photo ! Hope you have a good and safe evening after all that !

Far Side of Fifty said...

Awe stuck in the big bad car wash!! Sorry you made me laugh..I wouldn't have called your husband either:)

shannon i olson said...

I always worry about getting stuck in a car wash, just has a horror show ring to it! And I agree with you, every store should put their number on the receipt that is how it used to be! Not so much anymore I have looked for many numbers on receipts and it seems they rarely do it any more.

Muffy's Marks said...

That very same thing happened to me, but no cell phone with me... I ended up backing out of the car wash, and that wasn't easy, as the windows and mirrors were all steamed up. I too was afraid to get out, for the same reason you were. Had my shower earlier in the morning. I did end up scratching my car as it scrapped along the brick tower that houses the money deposit. Here I thought only those kind of things happen to me. I'm so glad I'm not alone!!!

West Side of Straight said...

Oh Muffy - I wouldn't have been able to back out, because there was a garage door closed behind me too!!! Glad you could back out, since no phone with you. Bummer about scratching the car! This probably happens quite often I'm thinking.

Anonymous said...

oh mom.......funny story,,i can see u freakin out too lol..............and the thought of u getting out and it sarting up again lmassoff!!!! from steph