Sunday, September 26, 2010

Won a giveaway and a good day - The Sun is Out!

I won a give away from Ginny Diesel at That Creative Place and received this in the mail this weekend!  Isn't it cute.  Canvas is painted and with a poly pumpkin.  How did she know that I like Halloween.  Even    
got some M & M's!  Thank you so much Ginny. 
I also finished my Halloween throw (or it can be a tablecloth) this past week.  I started it last year, but had not finished the binding or cutting and tieing all the threads.  At this time of the year, I miss having the girls around.  We used to decorate so much more - fall and Halloween yard stuff, etc.  So my new gift and quilt will be the extent of my Halloween decorating this year.  Until Oct 31, when I MAY put on my witch costume for the trick or treaters!

Took some pictures of Steve going out to the barn.  Odda always stands below the steps while he puts on his rubber boots over his boots.   Barks at him, telling him to hurry up!   Then she jumps all over - just like when someone comes to visit.  She is so happy to have company. 

Then you have to stop to pet and rub her back or she'll keep jumping.  Ya, I know I need to stop this habit.

Then she gets some lovin! 

Then she's ok to go! ! ! !

Today the sun is out.  Think if things dry up, I need to mow again or maybe go for another drive today!
I read my friends blog, and read that she is a bit cranky, so think we need to go for a ride by ourselves! 
Have a great Sunday! 


misslynda said...

Our pets have trained us well. Did I tell you we have a cat who sits by the water dish and stares at us until we put some ice cubes in there? I think she likes the movement more than the cold because she tries to pick them up with her paws like they are fish. Your dog is so pretty and seems like great company.

Betty said...

When I come home from work, our little Nico needs some lovin´ too. You portrayed it well here. I love your fall throw! Looks really great!

Anonymous said...

Odda is so sweet! She likes that lovin' I see! Hope you and Connie got to ride around enjoying the fall colors again. Hope you have a nice week. I love the thoughtful gift you won and the throw/tablecloth is so festive. I need to get busy and decorate!

shannon i olson said...

nice job on the throw. love your pup! I will have to go check out Ms Cranky, I see her post here on the side bar. I just read another ladies post and she said she had a case of verbal diarrhea, maybe something is going around? lol

Far Side of Fifty said...

Nice throw/ got it done! I probably should borrow that witch costume..for an occasional witchy day! :)

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Your giveaway sure is cute....suppose I should start thinking about decorating and take the time to do it this year! -- Your halloween throw is beautiful!