Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4 Celebrating!

This was the best weather we have had on the 4th for years! Nice day for a parade. The guys didn't want to go to the parade, so Leah and I went, met up with childhood friends that lived in the house next to me when we were kids. We sat and visited with them and had a great time at the parade.

Got pictures of some of the parade entries. Gene and Connie and Chance were in the yellow Mustang with a sign on the side to remind people of the "all class reunion" that will be held next summer.

Then after the parade we walked uptown to the candy store to get Leahs hubby some fresh taffy. Of course he shared with everyone, so that by the end of the fire work display, his candy bag was not so full!

Sat at the beach very early to get a choice spot. We ordered pizza (famous "Rockys" pizza) so it would be ready by 6:30 pm. They guys got there just before pizza came. Roger and Barb visited with us before they had to play with the Community Band, and later Gene and Connie joined us. Amanda (grand daughter) and her boyfriend Luke were with us awhile. Then left to go to the rodeo dance.

Took alot of pictures. Not all turned out. Some look like drawings like that of a small child; with colorful wiggles!

Now we'll wait for another year to go by, and hope that more family members can be with us next year at this time.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Cute photo of the yellow Mustang..gosh that GUY is handsome! Thanks for saving us a spot at the fireworks! One more day of activities and we can stay home for a few days..:)

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Stopping by through Far Side's blog. Enjoy seeing the fireworks shots! I have a few too on Peace Garden Mama (Far Side has me on her blog list).

TechnoBabe said...

Sounds like you had a great 4th of July weekend.
Family and friends and food and fireworks.

Jennifer said...

Great photos!