Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Was Teary Eyed!

Grandma Jo and Renee!

I got to hold baby Renee today! Of course you know me - I welled up with tears! Can't help it. She is such a little sweet pea! Held her for a few minutes. She knew someone different had her. Got a tiny smile, but other wise, she just had her little lips all tensed up into a little "o". She was getting hungry, and I passed her to Jessica for that. By the next time I get to hold her she will be so much bigger! Leah went back to see her after I held her. Only 2 people can be there at a time.

Pretty in Yellow!

Her feeding tube was moved from her mouth to her nose, so she can practice nursing and sucking on the bottle better. Of course, she doesn't get enough on her own, so the feeding tube still necessary for awhile. Jessica and Floyd just back and said they are going to move her into an open air bed either tonight or tomorrow. Then Jessica and Floyd will be giving her baths, changing her diaper, etc., every time they go to the hospital. She only had one episode where she forgot to breathe today when we were there - so that is improving. She comes out of it herself, and just moving her or rubbing her does the trick too.

Leah and I are on our way home tomorrow - see you later baby Renee! Lotsa love, G Jo


Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh you got to hold her..finally!! Wonderful!! :)

g said...

I don't believe that you cried! Hey, you're a grandma to bR, you have earned the right to cry with joy-Renee is very lucky to have such a loving, generous grandma like you. She will have grandpa Steve wrapped around her little finger the minute he meets her. She is truly a blessing and a beautiful little girl. She is a big girl now in a big girl crib; getting stronger every day. We all love you Renee!
Love ya, Jo...g