Monday, October 19, 2009

Quilted tablecloth project!

Hoping to get this done before Halloween!!!! Took these pictures tonight as I'm working on the last border. This will be the first time I'm making mitered corners, so I hope as I sew them together it will turn out. Almost like it without that 5th border, but then it wouldn't be big enough. I did change the pattern a little as I cut off over 10 inches off the first center square, because my square table is smaller than normal, and I didn't want a big overhang. Now it will be just the 4th and 5th rows that will overhang. I hope that when I start the quilting, that it will go okey. I'm nervous about quilting the big center. Don't want any material to bunch up; but if I pin it good, I should be okey.

While I was sewing today, I started a veggie, beef stew! I just use what I have, so it usually is a little different every time I make it. The stew makes the house smell good if you like it; but if you don't (like my husband), the smell isn't inviting! It has beef stew meat - browned, beef stock and water as needed, cabbage, rutabega, (spell check isn't working), sweet potato, onion, carrots, and celery. Steve doesn't like the smell of the cooking cabbage. The carrots and sweet potato lend a sweet taste to the stew, and I do shake a little Watkins Soup Seasoning in also. I use my big Griswold roasting pot that I inherited from my mom and dad. Couldn't do without it!

All the ingredients fill the whole pot, but after slow cooking a couple of hours, it settles down. These pictures are after we've eaten supper, and the bowl, is a second-or is it a third helping! It is a good meal for those of us on diets - in fact, this is similar to a weight watcher veggie stew!!!!!

To feed Steve, I'll just pick out the beef and boil up some white potatoes for him tonight. He likes cottage cheese, and if he wants some other vegetable warmed up, I can do that. So it looks like I'll have a couple of lunches with this beef-veggie stew!


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Amazing -- I could smell it at my house! I remember that big heavy pot and the roasts, potatoes & carrots -- mmmmmm that smells good too!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your tablecloth looks great, I love the torquoise in it..that color really punches it up a notch! The stew looks great too..Gene doesn't like the smell of Cabbage cooking either..Oh well:)

City girl turned Country Girl said...

The tablecloth looks great!! Maybe I will have to try that stew!! It'll have to be on a Hubby's out of town night! He hates cabbage and most other things LOL!!