Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New snow!!

We got a beautiful coating of fluffy snow to cover our dirty snow.  Like Connie (Far Side) says "Snirt"!    I measured here when I went out to shovel off the deck.  We have 11 inches in the front yard. 
The sun was trying to come up, and the sky was so pretty in pink!  It is cloudy so can't see the sun at all.   Our temperature isn't bad, we have 30 degrees F, but the temps is suppose to drop later today and we are to have some chilly and windy weather the next couple of days.

 Looking north  - now the shoveling is done, but Steve is still out on the skidsteer plowing and pushing snow!  When we get this much snow, it's an all day job for him.

Steph's Rat Pak  
Spotty, Louie & Jack
I made Stephani's three dogs double layered fleece coats.  Used the serger on one, but wasn't that impressed, so just did a zigzag around the edges of two, and that works great too.  Fleece doesn't ravel, so they'll be just fine.   Didn't change the serger thread as that is such a pain.  I have an old serger, and it goofs up every time I change thread.  Does anyone else have that problem?  I've finished sewing on the velcro and they're in the car ready to get to Steph.  Today I think I'll work some more on Amanda's curtains for her new house  (granddaughter).    I have the living room ones ready to hem and need to remake some for her extra bedroom. 

Take care everyone, stay healthy!  So far knock on wood - we've been healthy all fall and winter.


Loretta Thomas said...

Oh, I don't envy you at all...but it is sooo pretty! Keep warm...

Country Whispers said...

Wow I can't believe how much Renee has grown!
Beautiful snowy pics.
I love the snow but I'm also so enjoying temps. today in the 60's.
Makes me want spring to arrive and soon.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great photos of the pink sky..you are further North than us so you got more snow!! The Rat Pack will look stylin' in those new coats:)

Anonymous said...

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