Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8th, and Tired of Snow!

A year ago, hubby had a good start on his farming field work!  Not this year, and as things still look, I'm beginning to wonder if our growing season will be long enough for him to spend the money to plant.  Probably shouldn't think that way, as the money for seed corn is already spent and seed corn is here waiting to be planted!  He did change his order to seed that has a shorter growing season.  Now AFTER this snow melts and seed gets planted, we'll be thinking and worrying about when the first hard frost will come.  Is there never an end to worrying?

This is our yard late this afternoon on 4-8-13.  Snow hasn't melted fast enough.  Dogs, Odda and Putzer are tired of it too!   We still don't have patches of grass showing through except by the steps where we've shoveled.  Spose we could have plowed off the whole yard, but that wouldn't help the issue of the farm fields being any closer to ready for planting!

Just had to post a couple of pictures.   I can't wait to get out into my garden and get flowers going!

Looking toward the barns.  Where we've plowed to drive, it's good.  Muddy up by the barns, but close to the house the driveway is good.  Our dirt road is drying up nicely too.
Odda and Putzer just starting to get dirty feet.  With more rain, we'll have really dirty dogs, but I'm ready for that.  Anything to get green grass going!
From our deck, looking south toward Connie's house.  You'll see close to the road that the fence posts are now sticking up through the snow!  So quite a bit of melting needs to happen.

Have a great evening everyone!  Hope you're enjoying your weather where you're at.



Far Side of Fifty said...

I am tired of snow too..even if I do live south of you! Your big banks are shrinking! I wonder what the latest corn can be planted?? The ground is so cold right now with the cool weather nothing will germinate anyway:(

Sweet Tea said...

Oh my, those are dreary, snow pictures. Soon, very soon, Spring will arrive for you. Long winters are sooooooo very hard, but perhaps it makes Spring even sweeter. Hang tight!

Leah said...

Doesn't look like any more spam has been added and I am doing the addl word verification :) hopefully it will stop

West Side of Straight said...

Thanks Leah for helping me figure out how to stop the spam comments from coming in. Sorry friends for the additional step in getting comments in but no one wants spam and weird comments showing up on their blogs.

Anonymous said...

The snow is long gone, so is Spring, and Summer is here - I'm missing your blogging. I check every day to see what you are doing! Hope all is O.K..


classesncamps said...

i am tired of hot here in atlanta.....when will end this summer?

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