Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fun Evening

Got a call the other evening from a close friend; "I got a deal today!" she says.  "You need to see what I got for a really good price!  I'll be right over to show you!"

OK - they were cheap!  Very cheap, and she bought all they had!  There were nine of them!  ha, ha!     It must have been about 8 pm - very dark!   I put on my jacket, and away we went -  first stopped at the neighbors driveway - One right by their name sign and flowers.  They are actually small, so I don't know how many people have actually noticed these new little additions to their garden; end of driveway; or 911 signs! 

Of course, she didn't bring her camera, so I got a few pictures when she put a few out.  I put some out too, and we sure had fun!  I didn't mean to cut her face off - but since it happened - you can keep guessing who it is!!!  Felt like a little kid being naughty; except this wasn't such a terrible naughty thing!   One neighbor was getting in his car to go to the firemens meeting that night, so we quickly backed out of that driveway until later.  I'm sure he saw HER car (she's his aunt) - and wondered what SHE was doing! Since SHE was driving, I probably won't be blamed!  ha!  We laughed so hard I had tears going down my leg!

A good guessing game for those that have noticed them!!!!!   See how dark it was!  So now since I've posted this and giving myself up, my partner in crime was - can you guess - Far Side.

Living It Up Country  thought she knew who did this!  Check her blog out!   She is still waiting for her Dad to write a comment on one of her earlier posts about some pictures she took of our old barn - and I've been told that HE IS NOT GOING TO DO IT!     So maybe she won't have a "give-away".  I'll keep trying to work on him!  We all want a "give-away" - right?!


Anonymous said...

You two girls are a hoot... I think it took me a few days to find that cute little scarecrow! Thanks!
-From Your Neigbor (the one with the little yellow "slow man" that is pictured as evidence! :) )

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

It is a hoot -- your grandson is coming sometime this weekend to get a haircut and he will be telling you that he and his Uncle burned the voodoo dolls that somebody put on our driveways! Ha! -- Bad trick to get you to talk!

I'm glad you had fun you two!

Rae said...

Before you said who it was, I knew it had to be Far Side. Sounds like it was fun. I can just picture the two of you sneaking around. I bet it didn't take long for everyone to figure out who the mischievous duo was. Glad you had a good time.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You ratted us out! My Nephew figured it out..they were thinking some weirdo was in their driveway a really long time. I had to admit it was time you will have to make sure you go potty first..and read your camera instructions. I have not laughed that much in a long time:)

City girl turned Country Girl said...

That is hilarious!!! You guys are a hoot!!! I did read that on LIUP's blog LOL!!!