Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pup sitting!

Daughter, Leah  and Steve, along with his brother Bill are snowmobiling this weekend out at Deadwood,  South Dakota in the Black Hills!  While they are there having fun, we got to puppy sit while Amanda was in school on Thursday and Friday.  I went over to their place (about 3 miles from us) to let the three dogs out for awhile and then brought new puppy over to our house to play with our dogs and us for a couple of hours in the afternoon.   She is growing so fast and is  already bigger than Hooch.  I got a few pictures, but not the best, as she was real busy and didn't sit still for me!!!!
She is so friendly and calm.  Hooch and Odda like her.  She and Hooch play "bitie face" for awhile, and then she went to play with Odda's tail!   She got a hold of her big fluffy tail and just shook it.  The look on Odda's face was so funny.  She then pulled her self and tail away from the pup "Kodi" and laid down.  It was pretty funny.

Her cute face, so dark you can't see her eyes unless you are really close to her!  She loves the snow!

Take you time snowmobiling Leah - dogs are fine!!!!!!!  I've called and talked to Amanda several times.  She is fine also! 

Wishing everyone a great weekend.  We're suppose to get about 5 inches of snow today, and further south in MN it is forcast over a foot of new snow!!!!    What's happened to our few days of spring!?!?


Far Side of Fifty said...

She is really cute..I love the way her tail curls over her back! :)

Country Gal said...

What a cutie ! Love you header photo ! Our Miggy is now home from her surgery ! Have a great day !

Lynda said...

She is adorable!!! You can see how sturdy she is even at her young age. Don't you love the sheer joy of discovery with a pup - - any baby, actually.

Dogert said...

Oh Akitas make the most beautiful adult dogs, but are such cute puppies too. Lovely!

Rae said...

You have a very cute granddog. It would be fun watching her play with Hooch and Odda. She's gonna a be a big girl. Odda will have met her match.

Anonymous said...


Sharon said...

What a cute pup to babysit sit with.
They are beautiful dogs.
Enjoy your time.