Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February - The Month of Love!

I remember getting ready for Valentine's Day as a child.  So fun to make a Valentine box out of an old shoe box.   Sometimes a Kleenex box.  We'd use red and white crepe paper - construction paper.  I wish I had one of my boxes now.  But can't save everything!  Every kid had a Valentine box, and we made or used store bought cards like I have in my header picture.  We'd take our box and cards to school and the box would go up in the front of the class room.  We'd take turns putting all our cards into a box for each and every child.  We didn't just give to our special friends. 
In cleaning (boy the things I've found!) I brought out an old paper sack to the kitchen table and Far Side and Gene, and hubby and I looked through all the old cards and post cards that was inside.  There were these Valentine cards.  I think these may have been from the 50' or 60's.   There is one little "puppy" valentine (actually there are 3 of those cards, that I'm going to be sending to Granddaughter Renee. 

Click to enlarge picture.  The wording on the mail boy card is cute!
I think these cards are so cute.  When I tried to find a card the other day in the drug store, I had a terrible time picking one out.  Got so frustrated, that I decided I was going to use some of these cards.  Might as well, they just sitting in the brown sack and would probably be thrown out some day later when someone else would have to go through things! 
Hope you're all warm and snuggly inside.  Sounds like that snow storm is hitting a lot of my blogging friends!
We're having a chilly, but very sunny day.  No new snow here.  Minneapolis/St.Paul is 4 hours south of us, and they got about 4 inches.  Our snow settled a little after last week when we were in the mid-30's for a couple of days.
Keep warm, Jo


Rae said...

Your new header is cute. Those look like some of the Valentines from my childhood. They are much nicer than the ones they make now. The ones now are superhero or Spongebob Squarepants type stuff. It just doesn't have the same sentiment. Guess I am showing my age. Nice post Jo.

In the Heart of Happy said...

Those are stinking cute cards!! I would use those, too...very "in".

We are getting crappy rain...I think we already got our snow on December 26th.


Cute header photo!
Reading your post brought back those memories of a kid giving and recieving Valentines thanx for that. We are awaiting the huge snow storm that has been all over the weather news it is to hit here at 8:30 this evening about and hour from now they are predicting 2 feet YIKES !
Have a good day !

Far Side of Fifty said...

It was fun to see all the old valentines..they are treasures and yes you should mail one to Renee for sure! They just don't make valentines like that anymore:)

Darcie said...

I remember making Valentine Boxes too! They were so much fun, and the anticipation of opening each and every one of the cards. Special memories.

shannon i olson said...

I remember making Valentine boxes too. My favorite was I made one like a CB radio- does that date me? You have great treasures there! My dad has some of my Grandmother's oldies that had gold overlay on them. Great memory you shared!

Sharon said...

Love the header you have.
I remember making a Valentine box at school with Kleenex boxes.
I loved the story about your dog opening the door.
Have a great day.

Sybil said...

we learn something every day...I have never even heard of a valatine box. I guess Valantines day was not something we ever really thought about at least as childern !!!
Sorry I have been missing few days..not been feeling 100% !!!
Spring has started to arrive over here...so fingers crossed that we do not get a late winter storm ! snowdrops are out and looking lovely as are the tiny cyclamen flowers...bds are appearing on all the bushes and on my hanging willow tree the little cotton oussy willows are showing...
Love Sybil xx

Nezzy said...

Yep, I remember we would take a shoe box to school and decorate it for our Valentines. Sometimes we would have a contest to see who's box was the best. I adore your vintage Valentines.

I too buy 'em for my grandkiddos and Kid's Church but today's version is just not the same. Gees, am I soundin' old or what!!!!

Love your header! :o)

God bless and have a terrific day!!!