Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flower pics before the weather ruins them!

Flowers in my gardens are starting to bloom, and my "grandma" peonies are beautiful this year.  They haven't bloomed since I planted them 3 years ago, but I'll have many flowers this year.  I seperated my bulbs when I planted them, so they're in different places throughout the yard.  They're just starting to open up, so I hope the rainy weather we're suppose to get these next 3 days doesn't beat them up. 
They're such a pretty pink!

Very fragrant hybred lilac bushes.  These two bushes were planted years ago, and never did grow much.  But the flowers are a soft lavendar color, and almost white.  They don't sucker out like the older variety of lilacs, and they bloom late, as my other lilacs, pictured below are all done blooming.  My allergies are acting up this year with the lilac strong smell.  A bad spring for allergies!

Odda's spot where she lays down to watch me work!  She love cool days.  I've been combing and brushing her every other day, filling up a grocery bag each time with loose winter hair!  She is shedding all her winter undercoating hair that keeps her warm in really cold weather. 

This is part of my new project!  Friends (you know her - Connie (Far Side of Fifty) gave us her old swing, as it needs a new canopy and covered cushions.  She decided to get a new one and the framework is just to good to throw away.  So since its raining out today, I think this project will get started today!  I'll keep you up to date how that is going - hope it won't be too difficult to do.

And like several others, pictures of the Showy Ladyslipper.  They are so pretty.

A close up of inside the slipper - isn't it pretty!  I think I need to find some yellow flowers, and I also know where the white ladyslippers are! 

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!  Plans are already in the making for this upcoming weekend, as there is a craft show in our town, so NEED to attend that just to see what everyone is doing.  Don't really need to buy anything!  On Father's Day we went visiting with Steve's sister and brother to visit the Nebraska cousin that was vacationing near Brainerd MN.  Had fun looking a old family pictures and just had a relaxing day.

As I'm typing this, the rain has started to come down hard.  So I will probably have to mow again on the next sunny day = love summer!
Til next time,


shannon i olson said...

gorgeous flowers, I picked a bunch of peonies to have in the house at least...since the rain is here too! I still have never seen a lady slipper in person, really must go on a hike some day.

Anonymous said...

Your peonies are so big and full - they remind me of pink crepe paper! Just beautiful.

I don't think I've ever seen lilacs so nice. I bet the smell is very strong as they are blooming so well. I've had allergies this spring too.

I love to visit craft shows and usually find something that I just can't live without. Have fun.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

The peonies are beautiful - mine have not opened up yet.... but there will be many.... the light pink lilac bush is pretty - I would like to find a white one....

Sharon said...

Those are beautiful flowers.
I love that Lilac bush. I can almost smell them.
The storms last night did a real number on my flowers.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Adda looks like a great supervisor and love those lady slippers! we're gearing up for another rain storm; I hear thunder in the distance.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of your flowers!
I have a feeling although, that all the rain will ruin the peonies. Mine haven't started to bloom yet, they don't get enough sun, I'm thinking.
Enjoy your swing project, when you get it done, we will stop in and swing with you.
Phyl P.

Cyndi said...

All of your flowers are lovely, Jo, but honestly, those peonies are gorgeous! I love peonies, but hubby hates them so I don't grow any myself...I have to enjoy my neighbor's! Good luck with the swing...you'll do a fantastic job on the cushions and canopy and I can't wait for you to show them to us! And...Odda looks so cute under "her" tree!



Far Side of Fifty said...

That swing actually looks pretty good in your yard..I am sure you will make it look better than new!
Your peonies are beautiful such a pretty color:)

Kathy said...

I think I like peonies better than roses... Yours are wonderful. I can almost smell them.

Sybil said...

I do love the colour of your peonies. I have very old ones that are a very dark red colour but they only bloom for a very short time which is sad..
Your garden sure is looking good.
Loe Sybil x

Anonymous said...

Jo, Nancy and I are trying to get to Lake George Friday the 29th to put a quilt in their show, 1: to 6:.. Hope we can both get their in time. Would be a giggle if you had something to bring over. Open show, $5.00 entry, at 10:00. Glad you had so much fun with your family. We got pretty busy with relatives also. Hope to see you next time up North. Joan M.