Thursday, June 16, 2011

A new first for Odda and I on Saturday ~ attending a Dog Expo!  We had a great day.  It is put on by volunteers to raise money for our local Animal Shelter.  We did the dog walk for part of the way, visited with new people with interesting dogs, met up with old friends, visited with all the vendors, and Odda even got her nails trimmed and her coat brushed out by Deana from Dogs Paw (for a donation that went to the Shelter).  We were even asked to be one of the "Meet The Breed" dogs for next year.  There was a booth that was micro-chipping pets for a reduced fee, and a pet chiropractor at another booth. 
Odda - Happy and all ready to go!

Deana (on the right) and her crew.  They were busy clipping nails and brushing dogs for donations for the shelter.

This is Fletcher.  He was homeless, and our daughter Stephani had him for several years.  Our nephew and his wife Jenny got him from Steph after they got married and moved into a rural home.  He is now Jenny's pal, and is so happy.  He likes to be the only dog! 

Odda met new dogs friends.  This dog is a Komodor.  I don't remember his name, but he sure was a nice dog.

We're pretty much wearing the same colors!  Ha!
It was a great day to be out with your pet.  This is the 3rd year, but the first sunny day they've had.  The past 2 years it was raining and wet, but they still had the expo and walk.

Now it's already late in the week, and we're getting ready for another weekend!
Happy Tails - opps!, I mean Happy Trails!



shannon i olson said...

what a fun day! a pet chiropractor hmmmm that is interesting.

Sharon said...

Odda looks like he was enjoying his getting pampered.
Glad that it was a nice day for you and that you raised lots of money for our sweet fur pals.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun and how grand that it did not rain this year. John and I went to something similar last Autumn. They had a dog fashion show that was fun to watch!

Have a great evening.

Country Gal said...

What a fun day for you and Odda ! Ya both look great ! Awesome photos ! Have a wonderful day ! Miggy says hi to Odda and sends doggy kisses !

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Jo, Looks like a fun day, I would have liked to have gone..maybe next year. Odda looks great:)

Loretta said...

You guys have all the fun! Odda was sure pampered, wasn't he? LOL. Thanks for sharing these great photos! Hugs!

Lynda said...

Both you and Odda look like you had a very enjoyable day! Odda is smiling in ALL the pictures. Praise God for your beautiful weather.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Looks like fun - I've wanted to go each year but something family always comes up - next year I am going!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

what a fun stopping by

Anonymous said...

Oops left my comment on the wrong story, wow Mom u loook great!!! And odda too, love Steph