Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DoGs N HaTs

Once had a wonderful HaT! Story of HaT started out with my acquiring it from treasures that were divided up after my husbands parents passed away this past year. This HaT was worn by my mother-in-law when she was outside gardening. She had several HaTs, and one of our daughters got one and I got another. A week or two ago, I'd given it to my friend Connie to wear to a Fancy HaT Tea Party, as I had been unable to go. Requirement was to come to the party with a HaT you had decorated. Connie decorated it so nice - and won first prize! It turned out beautiful, with roses, packets of flower seeds, tule, and star garland!

Our Berner puppy "Odda" has been such a good girl lately, and even tho she isn't an "inside" dog, I've been letting her inside to lay on the cool floors during the heat of the day. She has behaved very well, playing awhile with "Hooch" and then both of them resting for an hour or two.

I've been busy trying to get some quilt sewing done, and didn't pay any mind to the dogs that day. I was in my sewing room and they were in the living room playing. I could hear them and then a short while later, Hooch was sitting next to me --- looking up a me! Darn, I should have guessed something wasn't quite right, but didn't pay too much attention to him, until I realized that it was awfully quiet. So I tip toed to the living room, and here is what I found!!!!!

Look at that face!!!!

Well, as you can see, there wasn't much left of HaT that was salvageable! Did keep the seed packets, but had to throw the rest away. Odda knew she was a bad puppy when I got to the living room and she saw me!!! Actually, I'm at fault. I'd hung the HaT up on the coat hooks on the wall, but it had fallen to the bench below, and I'd left it there. Something as enticing as tule and red roses can't be left alone.
I can just imagine how much fun she had tearing into
that HaT!!!!!
Flinging HaT up in the air!
Shaking HaT to death!
Slobbering the red roses to pieces!
Ripping into the flimsy, floppy staw brim!
Then I had to come and ruin her fun!!!!

So now I won't have a pretty HaT to wear to a tea party - if I ever get invited again.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Funny it survived intact in your house..until I decorated it..just too tempting for a pup..she did a great job of destroying it:(

Feelin' the wind! said...

That is too funny mom! Odda is huge!

g said...

Pretty funny...how well do we know what pups think is great snacking...like house siding...when we saw what happened to the siding, V blew up...I stood there and laughed and laughed...why not chew something nice that you dont have and that might mean something more to someone else than to you? So, I guess in doggie language they say...GO FOR IT FIDDO< ENJOY. Funny story, Jo...yes, the haT sure WAS cute. Hooch and Odda II - what a pair, what a hoot!