Friday, August 28, 2009

Great MN Get Together!

Yes that is the MN State Fair! We got up at 2 AM and left the house at 2:50 AM! Got to St Paul to the fair grounds about 7 AM, and beat the rain. It rain about 8 AM and then it got muggy!!!!! But then it usually gets hot in the barns because there are so many bodies!!! It quit raining after a short shower and turned into a very nice day.

Amanda got first place in her class and a purple ribbon. But when she went back for the championship drive, she didn't win. But that was ok. The judge is one opinion, and Amanda's gilt will be staying at the fair through the 4-H show, and then for the open class showing when Steve will show her next week. We'll see how the gilt does then. There are a lot of breeders looking at her, saying how good she is! Of course next week more breeders are there and there is a sale for breeding stock.

"Miss Piggy" content to lay quietly in her pen on clean shavings!

Showmanship Contest

Carl and Edie, and Bill were there to watch the show, as well as Karleen and Karlie. It is always nice to have extra family there. Later in the day Karen and Tom (Dan B's sister) stopped and also Debbie, Cody and Kyle. Cody and Kyle are really growing, and typical boys, Kyle wanted to get on to something else. Visiting with grown ups was pretty boring for a soon to be 7 year old and a 4 year old when there are so many things to see at the fair! But I got my hugs!!!!

Karleen, Karlie, me, Leah and Amanda

After Amanda was done showing and we watched other county kids show, Amanda and I went to the booth that sells Farm Girl / Boy clothing. I get her something new there every year, and this year she picked out a cute hooded Farm Girl sweat shirt. Then Leah, Steven; and Steve and I went for lunch and sat for awhile listening to country music. After lunch Steve went back to the barn and I went exploring. Leah and Steven also went back to watch more county kids show. I was on a mission to get Odda and Hooch new dog tags - I get new ones every year. At the commercial building, there is a booth that you can pick out whatever color, size and type of tag you want and wait while it is engraved. So much easier than ordering and paying postage! We crammed alot in today, and it was a long day. Today we discussed that Steve has only missed about 2 state fairs since they started showing in 1957, and when we got married in 1970, I haven't missed either. We figured we could count on one hand the times we have missed a state fair - that's pretty incredible! Of course, most of the time, we don't go all over the fair grounds. You can bet that you will find us in the HOG BARN! A pretty good place to stay and not fight the crowds. You can do a lot of people watching there in the hog barn!!!

"Too Many People You Say!!!"


Jewel said...

My husband, grandson, and I went to the Idaho State fair tonight...I had free tickets,but there was so many people, and the parking was crazy and we are old and we thought the crowds for the corn dogs would be long and, well we went out for Mexican food and then went home, maybe we will try again on Sunday, or maybe not.

g said...

Sounds like a great, productive day. Interesting.