Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Open Class Grand Champions!!!!!

While I'm home trying to hold down the fort, husband is at the MN State Fair showing his Durocs in Open Classes. He won Grand Champion Duroc Boar, and ----- Grand Champion Duroc Gilt (Amanda's gilt)! I'm so happy for him. I think that Grandpa Carl is in Heaven with a big smile today!

Husband Steve in plaid shirt - son-in-law Steven in t-shirt and his brother Bill during the 4-H show on Friday.

I think Steve is having a better time there than I am here. Plugged up toilet, pigs farrowing, me doing chores and aching from Odda taking me out at the knees last night when I was carrying stuff from one barn to another! I laid on the ground and both dogs came over and kissed me to make sure I was still alive. I hurt like heck! Had to check my wrist to make sure I could still move it, and my left hip burned. But I'm alright - just achey now!

Had to go to town this morning and get a new plunger. That did the trick! Yesterday I had to clean up water on the floor twice, as I'd try flushing every time I went past the bathroom! Our old plunger (must be old fashioned) didn't work at all. Funny thing was, I don't know why it was plugged and wouldn't flush right. I hadn't even used it. Maybe I should blame it on Steve. Let's see, he left on Sunday night and yesterday was Monday. Ya - could have been his fault!!!!!!!!

Can't wait til Steve is back home. Thursday some time. Tomorrow, Wed. is the hog sale, and I'm praying that he will get good money for this boar and gilt. He also has a pen of barrows there. I forgot to ask how they did, as I was so excited for him that he did well with the breeding stock. The last time we had both Grand Champ Duroc Boar and Gilt was in 1987. His brothers, sisters and kids have been calling him to congratulate him. That's good. Thanks y'all.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Way to go! So glad Open Class went well! We are home now..you can call us.. anytime..we have a plunger.
Odda took you out..darn that hurts..I am glad you are okay..did ya holler at her??:)

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

The barrows show on Wednesday - with the sale Wed. night! Great job Dad! It is exciting!

g said...

Congrats Steve...job well done and g l with the sale.

WTG....we're happy for you...

Anonymous said...

congrats steve i'm really happy for you--i know you love the whole pig showing process-great to see you get rewarded for all the hard work!!!!! vern

Jane said...

I've always like Durac hogs. That tree is beautiful. What is Jessica's last name - I'd like to add her as a friend on Face book.